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Get Rid of Your Fear of Mathematics Homework with Efficient Study Method

By Michelle Johnson
23 Jun, 2016

Just as kids get scared of the story of selfish giant, teenagers are presumably kept under pressure with the fear of mathematics. Yes, although an inanimate object, poor mathematics, is unaware of such a development. Surely, we all agree that chunks of coal are transformed to diamond when put under pressure. But it is undeniable, on the contrary, that loving the subject would ignite smouldering link between you and the subject itself. Now, the choice is one individual’s whether to be amiable with the subject and hug it tight, or run away from it.
Assuming that the formerly mentioned mode is the easiest and the most reliable one, we will discuss few of the methodologies to shake off the fear of the mathematics ghost.
Mathematics is no ghost
It is a myth that has been passed from generations to generations that mathematics lessons are a tough nut to crack. When children aren’t able to secure good grades in the subject, they devise a reason and that is ‘Mathematics is hard’. See all the seeds in the forest do not germinate, but does that make the nature cruel?
Didn’t we all hear the old saying, ‘grapes are sour’, and the situation is analogous to this. When one doesn’t achieve the desired goal, they spread rumours out of frustration. First and foremost deactivate the fear mode for the subject.
Numbers never lie
Indeed true! It is totally natural, to be weak in certain arena. But successful are the ones who turn reverse their flaws. Practise makes a man perfect. When you aren’t perfecting your stride, do practice it again. In case, you don’t excel the second time, go for more turns. Go on and on, until the target is achieved. Be adamant to finish to the end. See the more you practice, the more you will understand. Ultimately it will help you know the topics well, and grab a command over it.
It is my personal experience. I had faced a lot of trouble, I couldn’t deal with calculus. Each problem in the chapter seemed to drive me crazy. Thankfully, I refused to give in, I fought back with vigour. I counted the number of times; I practised, for I was confident that number under no circumstances lie.
Bid adieu to step jumping
How quickly you solve a problem, and how correctly you are able to do, so are poles apart. Your target must be the former one. Once you have a grip on that, you can shift your focus to do sums quickly. Look if a differentiation problem, involves five steps taking into account the minute steps as well, do it in all five steps. Don’t jump steps. This deviates your focus from the mainstream flow of the solutions and the probability of the solution going wrong is high. And while your tutor of the teacher at school is explaining the ways to reach the solution, listen attentively and ensure that you understand every bit of it.
Google: one stop solution
Online education is popping up of late, and amusingly it is reliable. There exist many online websites that offer best online tutorials. The video presentations are so efficient that they explain the concepts as if someone is totally new to them. Premium tutorials are there and are well within one’s means. There are previews to the tutorials, you may purchase them only if you like them. The use of multimedia and animations has transformed even the most uninteresting lectures into lovable ones.
Easy ones first, teething troubles next
Planning is essential, for any of the approaches. Business executives always plan their work and works out their plan. At the start of the academic session, go through the syllabi carefully. Post that prioritises the schedule as per the weightage, you put to each of the chapters. Once that’s done, divide your task work into smaller parts. Remember to go slow and steady, i.e. to be continuous and consistent. And also ensure that their subdivisions are worked out properly. The cool formula to reach the target is switch to the easier ones first and then solves the harder problems.
Now, we have come across few of the mantras to tackle with the universal fear for mathematics homework. These principles are applicable to mathematics exclusively, but there are few general issues that deal to be dealt with special care and given due attention. They are enlisted below, and in this context, I feel that you must breeze through-

  • Your outcome of your work is proportional to your attitude towards that task. This is analogous to what the famous scientist sir Isaac Newton had remarked- every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
  • Mind your approach and see the magic it brings. Love the subject dearly, the subject loves you back dearly.
  • There is no substitute for hard work. It is the key to success. There are ways and means using which you can spice up your practise sessions of maths, but the effort that you must put has no substitute.
  • Often it is advisable to remain crazy. The ones who dare to remain crazy and insane are the geniuses who have gone a long way.
  • Seek for the application. Your topics- the theories and formulae that you learn in the lessons must be correlated to its applications. In those cases, it would seem more real, and shall arouse your interest.

Mathematics is no tough nut to crack. It has gifted us great people like Ramanujan, seeks the inspiration, be ready to perspire to conquer the world.

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