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Choosing the Right Persuasive Essay Topic for College

by Aug 21, 2018Essay

Are you in college? Has your teacher asked you to submit a persuasive essay as an assignment?Well, don’t worry! I had recently written a persuasive essay for my final college grades and guess what? I nailed the required grade! Do you want to know the secret of my success?
Before even giving out my secret, let me first explain what a persuasive essay is.  Persuasive essays are one which should persuade or convince the reader to accept the writer’s point of view. Mostly college, middle and high school students write such essays.  Nowadays, with the busy college schedule, many students find it stressful even to get a topic to write on. They are unable to focus on other subjects properly.
A persuasive essay topic for college should be on a subject that the student is interested in and also capture the attention of their teacher or lecturer for higher grades. Now, let me share some secrets of choosing the right persuasive essay topic for college students.

  1. Select a topic that you are familiar with

Many students choose topics, but are unsure of the content of that essay. The key to writing a persuasive essay is to select a topic that the student can write about. They should have knowledge of the subject matter of that topic. They can choose from a variety of genres like science, technology, home and lifestyle, environment, etc…provided they are familiar with it. The topic can also be from a past or present experience of that student or a current situation with which the student is concerned about. Familiar persuasive essay topic for college will arouse the student’s interest to write on it and help them get good grades.

  1. Acknowledge and accept the opposing points

One of the keys to choosing a persuasive essay topic for college assignment is to make the reader accept and acknowledge the writer’s point of view.  The teacher or professor must agree to what the student has written and graded the essay accordingly. The essay should catch the teacher’s eye and persuade him to give the students a good grade. Not only that, even the student must be able to acknowledge the reader’s opinion and write an essay balancing the difference of both the reader and the writer.

  1. Steps in choosing a suitable persuasive essay topic

Choosing a suitable persuasive essay topic for college students is time consuming and complicated task especially with their busy academic schedule and vast curriculum. However thanks to virtual and real libraries, this task has simplified academic life for the students. The internet has become a popular hub in the virtual world for helping students by providing online references and resources for their persuasive essay. If the student is in a place with no internet facilities he or she can always go through the old fashioned way of using the local public library for help. The public library will provide a large collection of book, journals, age-old newspapers, etc…for reference and research. Last but not the least, students can always take help from specialized subject experts or ask for ideas from family and friends.

  1. Decide your target readers

Another point for an excellent persuasive essay topic for college is to decide who you are writing for. The target readers decide writer’s personality based on the essay they write. So, the writer must select a topic that captures the reader’s attention and involves them in the discussion. Also, the title must be attractive and catchy.

  1. Research various topics before writing the essay

When the students have decided on a topic, they should do some research work on the subject matter and familiarize themselves with it. A good persuasive essay topic for college should appeal to the student’s eyes and they should be able to write an essay on the topic freely with a flow.
Reasons to select a good persuasive essay topic for college assignment
Having shared my secrets of choosing a suitable persuasive essay topic for college let me go on to list the various reason why the persuasive essay topic should be good.

  • High grades –

Writing a persuasive essay is an essential part of college curriculum and one of the most obvious reasons for a good persuasive essay topic for college students is to getting a good grade to graduate with flying colors.

  • Enables critical analysis –

By choosing a suitable persuasive essay topic, college students get a better insight into the subject matter in discussion. This will enhance their critical and analytical and students will be able to gain knowledge.

  • Attracting reader’s attention –

The topic of the persuasive essay must actually persuade the readers to accept the writer’s point of view. Many people quickly scan the headlines alone. So, a creative title should arouse the reader’s interest and make them read the entire essay.

  • Enhancing creative thinking –

The process of choosing a persuasive essay topic for college students might enhance the creative thinking of the student and get them involved in the current world affairs. This will make their dull and busy academic life into an exciting feature.
Hence, before choosing a good persuasive essay for college students must decide what issue to write and discuss about and how to persuade their readers like teachers and professors to accept their point of view of that subject matter. They can take online help like online professional writing services, online tutors, Google, etc. Apart from this, they can also enlist help from their family and classmates or friends to give them an idea for a persuasive topic.
Whatever the topic and subject matter in discussion, the students must make sure to create a catchy title so as to get the reader’s attention and score good grades in college. Having said these, I would like students to gain knowledge and utilize the tips I have shared with them. All these will be the result of a good persuasive essay topic for college students to write about.
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