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Guide to Writing Persuasive Research Paper Topics Without Any Hassles

by Aug 21, 2018Writing

Do you have a research paper to prepare? Are you out of topics to write on? Well, for starters, preparing a research paper is not only a complex and time-consuming process but also an important part of a student’s curriculum for getting a top grade. Last year, I had submitted my research paper and got a good feedback and result. I agree it was time-consuming but I was able to complete my persuasive research paper topics as I had organized my work and had the materials beforehand.
Writing persuasive research paper topics is an interesting task for a student to be engaged in especially when it comes to scoring top grades. However, many students struggle to find a good topic to write a persuasive paper. So, some strategies might help students to find persuasive research paper topics to prepare.But first, one should know what persuasive writing is and how to convince the reader of an argument?
Like the name suggests, persuasive writing is to convince readers a particular point of view. It is a type of academic writing assigned to students for their thesis or projects. Also known as argumentative writing, it is expected that the writer argues a certain point from his point of view.
Now, let me share some strategies and guidelines for writing persuasive research paper topics quickly and easily in time for submission…

  1. Choose a topic which interests you and your readers

One should write about what he has good knowledge of. A student should write about a problem he is aware of and provide suitable solutions for it. The problem can be any problem related to science, technology, environment, human behaviour etc…, provided the student is interested in the particular topic and aware of its subject content. He or she should be able to argue their point of view for that particular topic.

  1. Steps to choosing good persuasive research paper topics

Two places that are very popular for reference works are the internet and the public library. If the student is not sure what to write on, he can search the internet for various topics. They can also go to the public library to do their research work. The library contains various books of different time periods. There one can spend their time to read various other research works, encyclopedias, different newspapers, etc…Finally they can talk to subject experts in their field or get ideas from family, friends and classmates.

  1. Constrict the topic to make it easily manageable

Good persuasive research paper topics should contain arguments for a specific point. This will help the student to gain an insight into his writing. If students choose a general topic, they will find it difficult to argue their view and thus end up writing a general content. So, while choosing a topic, students must know what they are going to argue about and to convince their readers to support them. The topic can be about their past or present experience and how they feel about it.

  1. Pick a topic which is appealing to the readers

One as to choose a topic that attracts its readers. The topic has to connect to human psychology and emotions. Human beings get emotional for a particular subject and this should be the catch point while arguing one’s viewpoint. So, the student should get their readers to be involved in the argument. This is how persuasive research paper topics attract readers

  1. Research the topic thoroughly

Once students have chosen a topic for their research paper, they should research the subject well before starting to write the paper. Persuasive research paper topics are chosen by researching various subject fields which appeals to the human mind. Moreover, students should also know what they are going to write about and whether they will be able to present a good argumentative point of view.

  1. Create a title that gives the nature and purpose of the study

A student must have an objective or a goal to do research work. So while they have chosen their topic for argument, they must also be able to come up with a creative title that sets their objective and purpose of that particular topic. This not only attracts many readers but also will help students to get more involved in their work and hence score more marks.
Tips for creating an attractive title for one’s research paper topic
While trying to create a beautiful title for persuasive research paper topics, one should keep in mind their readers. So, here are a few tips to create a good title for a research topic:

  • Make your title crisp and brief. You don’t have to eliminate any necessary content or point. The title should be catchy and uniquely ability to get the reader’s attention.
  • It should be 1- to 12 words long and be written in the active voice. Active voice makes readers actively start reading the written work.
  • Keywords of the title should describe the purpose and nature of the study
  • Try to avoid the use of jargons and abbreviations for the readers might be unfamiliar with them.
  • If the student is unsure of how to create an attractive title to write a good persuasive research paper topic he or she can always take outside help like internet, libraries or ask family or friends or teachers for an active

The title is the heart of any paperwork. It defines the objectives and goals of a study. Hence students must ensure that their tile is the key to their persuasive research paper topics. It is a challenging task and must be performed with dedication and involvement from the students so as to grasp the attention of the readers. This will ensure an excellent academic record for the student. But the student must make sure it is available in the database for their readers.
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