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How to Come up with Interesting Essay Topics and Win Everyone’s Attention?

by Aug 21, 2018Essay

Essay writing is an essential task for all academic levels, be it school, college or master’s level. Every student is required to submit an essay as part of their curriculum grading assessment. But with the vast subjects in their syllabus, they find it difficult to come up with interesting essay topics to start their work.
Most education institutions give students, the freedom of choosing any topic they like to write about. But, this actually is not a good way to implement essays as students might not like essay tasks without any topics. They don’t know how to choose the theme or genre of their essay. They would like their teacher to be specific in assigning the essay and share ideas that help them come up with interesting essay topics. Let me share some tips on how to catch the teacher’s attention and come up with interesting essay topics for a good grade.

  1. Pick a topic comfortable and familiar to you

Most students are unsure of what topic they have to write about. Students must select interesting essay topic based on the knowledge of the theme they are comfortable to write with. The students must know what issue they are going to address and how to solve that particular issue. Students can pick a topic based on their past or current experience or a present situation they are aware of. They can choose from science, technology, environment, politics, etc…or any topic or theme they are acquainted with.

  1. Plan and start early

Writing an essay might be a time-consuming process especially with the busy academic schedule of the student. In order to writing a high scoring essay and attract the teacher’s attention, one must plan and start their essay writing task early. Before starting to write the essay, students must get interesting essay topics to write on. The topic or title of the essay is the base for any essay writing work and for this the student must start the work at an earlier time itself. This will help him or her to get good topics and hurrying in the last minute will only mess up their grades.

  1. Decide who you are writing for

A key point to keep in mind while choosing interesting essay topics is your target readers.  They are the ones who will decide your thinking and assess you. They should be able to accept your point of view of the topic and be able to capture your point. One good way to do is to create a catchy and attractive title for the chosen topic to get the reader’s attention.

  1. Choose from a reliable and authentic source

If students are struggling to choose an essay topic, they can always enlist the help of Google and public library. Thanks to all these online and worldly help, essay writing task is simplified for students. The virtual platform provides online tutors, subject wise experts and professional writer who are available online 24hrs to help them at any time of the day. Another traditional resource is the public library where students can get books, journals, magazines, scholarly articles, newspaper clippings, etc…that might help them to explore interesting essay topics.

  1. Explore various topics

While selecting a good essay topic, students must explore various themes and genres they are interested in. There are a variety of themes and genres to choose from and students can research for these points before deciding on interesting essay topics for the grade assessments.

  1. Creating a catchy and attractive title

Once students have decided on the topic of their essay, they have to create and formulate a catchy title that attracts readers. Titles not only should be catchy but must also define the subject of the essay they are writing about.
Examples of interesting essay topics for students
An essay should be interesting to the human heart, attract the reader’s eye and engage the writer’s mind. The topic or the title says it all. It should define what the essay is about and balance the reader’s and writer’s point of view. It should also persuade the readers to read more of the essay and make them engaged in it. But most important the topic should get the teacher to grade the student’s essay in a logical manner. Here are some ideas I came up with for interesting essay topics I recommend for a good grade:

  • Sport is an area of common interests for most students and when any current world tournaments are taking place currently, it is a good idea for a topic to write an essay on.
  • Most people are animal lovers and this can arouse the interest of the readers thus giving an idea for the students to write about.
  • We are living in the future were gadgets and technology are ruling our lives and people are cravings to learn everything about technology. Hence, tech-minded students can write on these topics as a subject.
  • If elections are around the corner and people are unsure of their voting candidate, students can actually come up with an idea of writing about the candidates and involve them in the political news.
  • Science and medicine is an important subject in everyone’s life and an interesting is to explore. It is in this field discoveries are made and a cure or solution for an illness is found. This can be a very good topic for an essay writing task.
  • People’s lives are dull without entertainment. This includes music and television and introduces various forms of media art. It is a popular and trendy subject to write on and will interest both the writer and the reader.

Having said all these, there are many more interesting essay topics to explore. I have just listed out some ideas that are common and easy to write on. Remember, a good essay depends on the topic or the title of the subject.
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