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Can You Decide How Many Hours of Homework per Night Do?

by Jun 8, 2016Homework Help

Ours is a fast growing demanding competitive world, where everybody is running a rat race to win the game of achieving their ultimate goal. There are some high ambitious parents who are constantly pressurizing their ward to extend their study hours. In the mean time they fail to understand that play time is equally important to them like study time. As a parent you can decide on how long a child can devote for doing homework on each day.
Why do teachers give homework?

  • The teachers often assign homework in order to reduce the load of syllabus in school.
  • To make the children understand whatsoever has been taught.
  • The teachers want to make sure that a child does not waste the entire home time lazily.
  • Besides, parents feel happy that their child is studying and praises the teacher for assigning homework.

The adverse effects of homework can be:

  • They carry heavy bags back and forth between school and homework daily.
  • It may cause a pain in their back.
  • No time to do any kind of extra- curricular activities.

Is it really necessary to do homework daily?
In some respects homework plays a pivotal role in making a child to learn better. The key factors may be summed up like:

  • It helps a teacher to understand whether the child has learnt properly or not. The teacher can understand which parts of the topic a child has failed to understand.
  • It helps a child to comprehend better in that particular area. For instance if fraction sums are assigned to a child, then a child gets more chances to practice them and to master them.
  • Homework however creates a good bonding with the teacher and student. If a child fails to understand his assignment he can ask his teacher for help.
  • Assigning homework has certain positive sides also. If a child does his homework regularly, then the problem of forgetting doesn’t occur. They do not have to panic the night before their exam. For instance long division, simplification needs to be practiced over and over again. Working on homework regularly helps them to remember and to stay relaxed during exams. Besides, you know well that “practice makes a man perfect”.
  • If you do homework regularly, it will boost up your level of confidence and you can succeed in your near future in every respect.
  • In order to concentrate on your homework, make a specific time and a specific place to study, it will help you to focus on all your studies. If you can’t decide on how many hours of homework per night do then take help from your parent or older sibling.
  • Like all children are not same, similarly all subjects are not easy. Some children need some extra time and more practice to learn something. Likewise some subjects are easier and some are harder. So, practicing help a child to learn better.

As it is been already discussed that homework is good, but teachers should not over burden the children with homework. The teachers should discuss among themselves first about how many hours to be allotted for doing their school homework for in each standard. A kindergarten child can’t work like a first standard child.
Drawbacks of homework:

  • It often creates a huge pressure on students. They feel frustrated. You may feel like abandoned from doing anything of your choice. Did you ever feel like running away from home? There are various instances where a child flees before exam, often lies to the teacher upon not completing the assignments.
  • In school they are already studying and writing and when they are back home they feel lost and tired. This is the time to relax, to read books and to listen music or to hang around with friends. Instead they need to get into their study room and have to finish their homework.
  • A child hardly gets any time to pursue their hobby. Even on weekends there are huge bundles of assignment. The frustration and depression factors often work behind them.
  • A child may have to help his or her family after coming back from school. They hardly get any time to do their homework, but they have to stay awake late night to finish it off. What do you think teachers should give homework? Why? It is quite a difficult question to answer for a child, a teacher and also for a parent.
  • There are many children who are unable to get any help from their parents. These children face a big problem in dealing with their task.
  • Homework is meant to teach responsibility to a child. If a child fails to do his homework on a regular basis, then he starts to stop trying.
  • If a child remains awake for late hours at night, it would be difficult for them to wake up in the early morning. In school also, they may feel tired, drowsy and inattentive in the class. As a result of not concentrating properly in class he can’t solve them properly at home. It falls in the vicious cycle of tiredness and incomplete homework.
  • It will surely ruin your youth. You may feel left alone if others in the class surpass you.
  • It creates discrimination among students. Some may feel superior to others.
  • It is the responsibility of all teachers to sit and decide how many hours of homework per night do for the students. The weaker students must be given enough time to complete their work.

Whenever a teacher assigns homework to a student he must provide the proper guidelines, notes and ideas regarding writing an essay or for a project. If it is a mathematical based homework, then the teacher must clearly explain the formula and rules before a child leaves for home. All the necessary resources need to be provided to the children before a science or geographical project is handed to them. The most important query whether homework is doing any good to the kids still remains and you are free to give your opinion.