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Should I Sleep First or Do Homework Right After School?

by Jun 8, 2016Homework Help

There is a slight demarcation between scoring good marks and acquiring of knowledge. Students must strive hard to strike the right balance between getting the lessons done and completing the homework on time. Procrastination is something from which the students should promise to stay miles away. Remember tomorrow never comes. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, and for real getters the time is ‘NOW’. So, take charge of the work at hand and commence your journey.
Delving at the issue in element
Before we reflect on the topic at hand, let us take a leaf out of the life book of Jim. Jim was feeling tired after a draining day at school. No sooner he returned back home than he fell asleep on his cozy bed. He planned of doing his homework after he woke. But things took a turn then, he felt like playing a couple of the latest video games. After which he it was time for his favorite TV series.
How could he miss it for homework, he had never missed even an episode ever its new launch. But soon it was time for dinner and the time to go to bed too. Jim was regretful when he was degraded for not submitting his homework on time, all because of his silly procrastination. Remember Time shall not wait for you. So make the maximum of it when it is the apt time, else it would fly off deceiving you.
This story about Jim tells us about doing work on time with no delay. Remember –“Work is worship”. And as students homework and assignments are your work. They are the duties entrusted upon on you and must be executed to the best of your ability. Hence, it is better to do your homework, post which reward yourself with a good nap. The reasons for the same are highlighted below:

  • When you sit with your homework immediately after school, the lessons done at class still would linger in your brain. This in turn shall provide you with the scope of quick completion of your work.
  • We are human beings the more we postpone it the more we tend to get distracted and run out track. So it’s indeed a good practice to sit with the assignments of coursework just after school.
  • As the famous saying goes- “The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.” when tomorrow never comes then why take a rain check?
  • Why don’t you view this in a different angle? Do your work just after school, and then reward yourself with a rejuvenating nap. This is how you shall keep yourself motivated.
  • Suppose you opt to take a nap and then sit with the homework afresh. And what if you end up doing the same as Jim did. “Better be late than be sorry”. Learn your lesson from Jim’s case, and evolve as a person inside out.
  • By doing the coursework related tasks early, you are not only being on time. But also sparing sufficient time for you for the revision of the lessons.

It is always better to do your homework right after school. Deferment of the same is something that needs to be discouraged. Here we shall delve into few methods that would provide you with the desirable mood to do your homework right away.
Search for a placid place
Find for yourself a place that would offer least possible distractions. There should be preferably a chair and a table to sit and work. Keep a check on your postures. Keep your spine straight. Estimate the time needed to finish your work, notify your family members about it. Stay away from all sorts of distractions. Keep away your phone and switch off the stereo and the television.
Be comfortable
The place you have chosen must not be chaotic. If the need be organize the materials around it. Wear comfortable clothes. Be in your loose pajamas. Ensure proper aeration of skin and blood circulation. The same goes for the room you sit in. the place must be rich in terms of supply of oxygen.
Begin with recap session
Definitely the tasks given for homework will be one or the other way connected to the lessons done at school. So, just revise those lessons, before you commence your work. When the major points strike your mind, take them down in your rough copy. When the needed materials are in one place, it’s easy to run through them to solve your homework. Understandings of the lessons are important before you sit with the assignment. Refer books to grab content of the topics.
Plan out your work
Whatever be the work, planning makes the execution swifter. Planning helps eliminate the flaws quicker. And it basically serves as a guideline to achieve your target. The ones that would eat up more time have to be given higher preference than the ones that need less time. Stick to the plan, and do not allow any kind of interferences.
Your work must be time bound
There lies a difference between working and working efficiently. “Time and tide waits for none”- a very famous quotation, that reflects the very foundation of human existence. Students should do their work diligently and at the same time ensure that they do it in an effective.
To deal with stress and motivation related issues you must go through how does one stop stressing out over forgetting homework at home? It provides with ample means to help you learn and deal with stress.
So, we found that it is essential to give more weightage to your duty rather than take rest, when it comes to doing of assignments. And remember that it is a generalized case, what if your health is taking a toll. In such cases please don’t compromise with your sleep. But otherwise give priority to coursework. Ultimately we all know –“There is no substitute to hard work” as Edison puts it rightly.