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What Do You Think Teachers Should Give Homework? Why?

by Jun 8, 2016Homework Help

Are you worried about your homework? Have to finish it and submit it on the next day? Do you think teachers should give homework? Why? You are not alone. There are numerous students all around the world who feels like this. Homework and teachers seem like monsters to them.
Age old traditional thinking regarding homework:
There isn’t a single logic to determine why teachers burden their pupil with homework. It is basically an age old tradition which is happening from the time of your parent when they used to go to the school.

  • The students can revise faster.
  • It is perhaps a way to determine whether a student has understood or not.
  • It keeps the students engaged at home.
  • A good way of finishing the long syllabus.

As time is changing, newer interesting ways of learning are established, so it is high time for the teachers and faculties to incorporate all those newer techniques to make study a fun filled learning aid.
There are various opinions regarding the homework. A class of people feel homework is utmost important to build knowledge and to grow interest in learning further. On the other hand a section of people completely opposes the necessity of homework.
Do you agree that teachers should give homework?
In this respect you can go through the positive points towards it first.

  • A limited amount of homework is acceptable as this will enable the children to clear their doubts.
  • If you are not given with any homework, you may come home and enjoy your evening with friends. As a result on next day you may remain awestruck when the teacher tries to teach something else. ” Staring at the board with a dumb expression” is quite embarrassing.
  • Homework during vacation is accepted. Few worksheets can be interesting while enjoying your leisure time.
  • Yes, there are some proven scientific facts that suggest that 60% of study are forgotten by the students quickly. So, it is better to do some homework rather than feeling bolt from the blue in the class when a teacher asks something after a break.
  • Reading is a good habit which the teachers can encourage to their children during weekends and holidays. Don’t you wait to read those Harry Potter stories or Nancy drew files or those admirable Enid Blyton fairy tales?
  • Besides, homework is a wonderful way of increasing your potentiality to think and write or to create something.

You can answer your question whether homework doing is useful at all or not.. It is your school, your life so don’t waste time lazily, instead devote yourself to learning.
In a survey majority has objected towards homework. Their main concern were in the following areas.

  • No time to relax:

Weekends or vacations are the only times when a child feels relaxed and tends to do the things which he loves to do. You may want to complete your painting, or want to play the weekend soccer match. Homework acts as a barrier. Just then you feel frustrated.

  • Family time:

After working hard for the whole week or for the whole term you get a break. Were you yearning for this break? Planning to meet your distant cousin to whom you haven’t met for a year or so? Do you have lots to share with your aunt or grandma? Do you feel shattered to see the huge burden of homework? You want a real break to spend time with your family.

  • Homework is quite a waste of time:

As you are already learning in school, so doing them again will incur boredom and a total waste of time.

  • Taking proper rest is very important:

Brain can’t work laboriously all through the year. It also needs to take some rest. The teachers can decide on how long you can devote in doing your homework.Taking proper rest will increase the effectiveness and your urge to learn more. Besides, you may have lots of pending works to be finished after school, which can’t be done due to the homework. Like the teachers, can you decide how many hour of homework per night do?

  • Time to learn more:

Getting struck with algebra and calculus? Are you waiting for the vacation to learn them better? It’s the only time to learn in depth, as school will not teach you in that way.

  • Time to pursue hobby:

It is the best time to pursue your hobby and to take it in one step ahead. Do you like music? Couldn’t practice it during school days? It is the only time you can relax and enjoy your hobbies. Here, homework plays hindrance to learning.

  • Is it a home school?

It is high time teachers feel a bit for their pupil. They are spending a lot of time in school for learning. If they have to do a burden of homework at home, then a home will no more remain a sweet home. It will turn into a bitter home and a home school. It is definitely best to determine how long and what can you study in a day.

  • Stressful for the parents too:

Parents too feel upset to see their children busy with their homework during vacation. They often help them out in solving their problem. It is a stressful thing to see their little one can’t relax even during holiday.

  • Holidaying becomes monotonous:

As teachers often send a huge burden of assignments to a child, it becomes extremely difficult to plan for a holiday during vacation. A child may have to carry his or her study material along with them while travelling. Instead of going out of the hotel, a child rushes to finish his homework. In one way there is no relaxation time for them.
It is now time to change the nightmarish homework and dreadful school to a wonderful learning institution where children will love to go there but not out of fear. Instead of giving homework teachers should put an extra effort in teaching them at school and the children can heave a sigh of relief.