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Assignments Need Motivation, and You Can Get It

by Aug 28, 2016Assignment Help

Homework Assignments are an essential part of school and college like for every student. Like it or not, it has to be completed and there are no two ways about it. However students constantly find themselves wondering “How do I motivate myself to finish my assignments?” They feel burdened under mountains of workload and are overwhelmed by how much of homework they have to complete. Mostly, they find it difficult to focus and concentrate on their assignments, because they have so many distractions.
Simple Steps to motivate you to complete your Homework Assignments:

  1. Plan Ahead
  • The first step to tackling your assignments is smart planning.
  • Start early and make a schedule or a timetable. Ensure that you stick to it.
  • If you have a prep or study period in class, use it. Finish as much of your homework as possible in theclass This will make you feel less pressurized and once you get home, you will have the free time to devote yourself to other fun activities. When in class you can also ask your teacher for guidance in case you have any doubts or find yourself stuck with a problem.
  • If you don’t have a study period, plan your other activities around your schedule in such a way that you have enough time after school to complete your homework.
  • Don’t cram too many activities into your schedule or you will be exhausted by the time you get home and have no energy left to complete your assignments.
  • Use the schedule to keep track of your assignments to ensure you never miss a deadline.
  • You can also use this to plan out the order in which you will work on your assignments. Find what works for you. Some students prefer to work on the tougher topics first in order to give themselves enough time to research it thoroughly, while other prefer completing simpler topics first as getting stuck on the hardest topic can be demotivating.
  1. Divide and Conquer
  • Assignments can sometimes be very daunting. For example at first, a 4000-word essay seems almost impossible to complete.
  • The best way to approach such large assignments is to divide it into smaller, more manageable sub-topics.
  • Instead of completing the entire assignment in a day. Work slowly and methodically to cover a few subtopics each day. By the end of the week, you will have completed the entire assignment without breaking into a sweat.
  • Use aids like mind maps, charts, tables, captions and summaries to get started when brainstorming about how to approach a difficult topic.
  • Do not get disheartened if you get stuck. Do not waste time or stop. Make note of where you got stuck and move on to the next topic. Ask your teachers or peers for help when you see them next or conduct your independent research at the library.
  1. Incentivize effectively
  • Set small goals and reward yourself. This is the easiest way to complete tasks slowly and tick them off the list one by one.
  • Rewards can be both small and big, but it is advisable to save the big rewards for last, as once attained it is difficult to motivate yourself to keep studying after that.
  • While completing assignments you can reward yourself with some of your favourite snacks, a book you have been dying to read, a movie, an episode of your favourite TV show, a luxurious bath, an outing with your friends, the list can go on. Big rewards like a shopping spree, a spa visit or an expensive new gadget can be saved for when you have finished all your assignments for the vacations or for the semester in question.
  • Use the promise of these rewards to push yourself when you’re feeling tired. For example, when completing homework on a Thursday, remind yourself how close you are to the weekend. Or when completing holiday homework, tell yourself that as soon as you finish all your homework, you have the rest of the vacation to yourself to spend as you please.
  1. Time Management
  • Begin your homework as soon as possible. Start in class as soon as it is assigned if possible.
  • Do not procrastinate and leave it for later.
  • It is easier to complete smaller workloads frequently. So finish your assignments daily so that you don’t get stuck completing seven assignments hurriedly over the weekend.
  • Schedule your work to give yourself enough time to conduct thorough research on difficult topics. Manage your time in such a way that you don’t get lost in the research and be forced to write and complete the assignment overnight in order to meet your deadline. At the same time don’t compromise on the quality of your research and spend too much time making your assignment look unnecessarily fancy.
  1. Work Smart
  • Don’t over study. Study smart in theway that will optimize your effort.
  • Avoid burnouts by making sure that you take enough breaks.
  • Make time for friends, family and other activities.
  • Don’t get bogged down by large amounts of workload. Tackle it slowly and steadily.
  • Don’t bombard your brain incessantly with new information. You will retain more by taking short breaks.
  • Make homework and assignments enjoyable. Innovate with the help of this article titled Let’s Make Homework Fun! Check out how.
  • When completing a lengthy assignment, short breaks are essential to keep you alert of you find yourself making careless errors that will affect the quality of your work.
  • Organize your workstation in order to make it inviting and free of distractions.
  • Find a study group or a study partner. Working in groups makes assignments more fun and can help you finish your work faster as long as you don’t get distracted.
  • You may use instrumental music to help focus and keep you awake.
  • Some students enjoy incorporating some form of yoga, exercise or physical activity during their breaks to help stretch out their muscles that get cramped from sitting at a desk for long hours.
  • Remember to cut out all distractions like TV, loud music, phones and social media sites when you sit down to work. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your time.
  1. Rewards and Consequences
  • Remind yourself why you need to complete your homework.
  • Know the purpose that your assignment serves. Once you know what the assignment is helping you learn, you will find yourself more amenable to completing it.
  • Understand that you need to complete your homework assignments on time in order to graduate with adequate credits and avoid the consequences of getting in trouble with your teachers.

With these Simple Tips, you should have no difficulty motivating yourself to motivate yourself to complete Homework Assignments quickly and efficiently.