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Let’s Make Homework Fun! Find out How

by Aug 28, 2016Assignment Help

For children, simply the word ‘homework’ is enough to put them in a bad mood on days they do not feel particularly enthusiastic about it. Homework implies that they will have to stop doing whatever fun activity they were doing, and sit down and be productive. This is the mindset on which we let students operate. There are ways of making homework fun and interesting for your students, and there are ways in which a student can make homework time seem like less of a task, and more of a fun learning experience.
How to make homework fun (for teachers)

  • You may not be the only teacher setting homework for your students. Remember this and set them small amounts of homework. Research has shown that students prefer small, light amounts of homework at regular intervals. This has proven to be more productive than giving them large amounts of homework.
  • Even when teaching your students, it is important they understand the relevance of the topic. When assigning homework to make it relevant to their everyday life and surroundings so that it is easy for them to understand and complete.
  • Instead of assigning multiple similar topics for homework, take a little time out and scout the internet for fun and engaging topics that are sure to engage your students.
  • Try to balance out the amount of practical and theoretical work they are assigned. Wherever possible, give them assignments that require them to step out of the house and interact with neighbours, family members, or simply push them to explore more and collect data. Doing a particular task helps a student remember the important factors a lot better than simply reading about it from a book.
  • Be lenient. Some of your students may not understand the topic assigned, or they may run into a problem while doing it. Instead of chastising them for not submitting their work on time, or making a lot of mistakes, try and understand where they went wrong and help them.
  • Always encourage your students to do more and try harder. Not all students are alike; some need more of a push in the right direction.
  • Be as approachable as possible so that your students are not afraid to ask you questions about their homework.
  • If you have set them a particularly difficult homework topic, then offer them a few hints and a little bit of guidance so that they are not intimidated by assignment from the very outset.
  • Give them rewards. Whenever a student completes his work on time, does neat work, or has managed to understand and finish his work efficiently – give them a reward of some sort. For older kids, an extra point or two is more than enough. Whereas, for younger students a star or a smiley is enough motivation for them to continue putting in effort when it comes to their homework.
  • For certain topics, wherever possible, divide the class into groups and set assignments for them. This will encourage them to learn something from each other and each student will be able to contribute something to the project in order to complete it. Group activities are also a lot of fun.
  • When teaching them,particular topics use visual aids, videos, music, or any other engaging method. This will help them remember the important information a lot better, and they will be able to recall what they have learned while doing their assignments.

How to make homework fun (for students)

  • Most students have one designated spot where they do their homework. It is important that you create this space according to what you like.
  • Use bright colours to make your study area look fun and inviting.
  • Ensure that your table is neatly organized, all your notes should be stacked in a particular area on the table, stationary and books should be easily accessible. You should be able to find everything you need without wasting too much time.
  • Stay well informed about the topic. The more you understand, the easier your homework will be, thus making it less tasking and more enjoyable for you. Do a significant amount of research to ensure that you have all the necessary information about your assignment.
  • Give yourself incentives. When you manage to finish your work on time, give yourself a few extra minutes of TV or gaming time. For more help try this article titled, Assignments need Motivation and You Can Get It.
  • If you want to maintain a consistent flow of energy and keep your mind fresh, then it is advisable that you take sufficient amount of breaks. Every hour and a half or so, take a fifteen-minute A walk or simply laying down with your eyes closed in a cool, quiet place will be enough.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and well-fed. Most students find it hard to focus on their work because they are hungry. Carry a light snack with you and some water whenever you sit down to study.
  • There is never any harm in experimenting. If you bored with your study methods or the place in which you are studying, feel free to experiment and change them to help you stay productive.
  • Get a study buddy. If you study better with someone else around, then try and study with a friend whenever possible. You can even help each other and finish your assignments a lot faster.
  • If you are having trouble with a particular subject or topic, instead of giving up or discouraging yourself, ask for help from a teacher or tutor.

So work hard and use these effective tips for both teachers and students to make Homework Fun!