How to Make a Productive Environment for Learning?

Learn from one’s own ecosystem
There cannot be a better book than life, and there cannot be a better teacher than experience. These words are true to every bit. But in between a close look would reveal that nature is indeed a true teacher. It teaches us more values; it teaches us the importance of giving without expecting anything in turn and so on. If we study nature properly, we find that they are a true idol. Have ever noticed that the Sun, the Moon, the rivers and other natural resources execute its duty to the best of their ability and does all these without expecting anything in return. We may want the need to take a break, but never does Sun feel the need of a break. These instances are truly thought to provoke.
Such observable habits are developed only if the parents and teachers are able to build up an environment that is conducive to the students. In such a niche the child finds himself evolving as a fully bloomed flower. You must go through ‘CJ CJ Dj’. The article highlights upon some characters that the parents must imbibe to bring out the best in us.
In the following we shall look at the various modes of developing a friendly environment for the children’s learning:
Sprinkle positivity all around
A positive attitude is a key to healthy and wealthy living. Parents should leave no stone unturned in bringing out this positivity out of their children.  This is not developed one fine day, but has to be nurtured through sheer practice. As guardians, we must control our wards, but it shouldn’t be too extreme that we lose the child in the process. So, initialisation of this positive vibe begins from the parents by taking baby steps towards the child’s better future.
Treat everything with respect

In my school days, I remember we were asked to repeat some sort of pledge where the phrase-“In all the things may I see the divine” was there. Back then, I found no meaning to it. But years after now, I release what a deep impact it has left in us. We must find the presence of the divine in every small aspect we find around us. It is a reflection of the fact that God is omnipresent. Such a thought will cultivate the quality of respecting others in students. They would then know the importance of regular homework, the need of a strict study routine, the value of teachers and much more. It builds the foundation of the child’s personality.
One who speaks the last speaks the best

We are all acquainted with the age old saying empty vessels make more noise. The ones with null and void brains seem to talk the most. Be a good listener first, this is the first and foremost quality that a student should adhere to. It helps in making your pupil a good observant. A good student is a good observant. This habit instigates the gray matter of one’s brain to work in favour of the one, paving the way towards a better and a brighter future.  At school, listen to all the facts and figures that your teachers come up with. Once you hitch up with the lessons, you will find it easy to finish the homework. Thus, eliminating a major issue from daily chores.

Develop gratitude

Earlier we spoke a lot about nature and its key role as a mother of all givers. Interrogate yourself, do we take a moment out of our busy days to thank you to the Sun or the air for sustaining out life. Unfortunately, we don’t. Similar is the case with our parents and other near and dear ones. They love us so unconditionally that they are habituated of keeping without expecting anything in turn. Our teachers at school, our parents, and our lovely siblings are the ones whom we ignore in life. But quite a contrast to that, they are the ones who play a pivotal role in building our character. So, ids must be thought the need of thanking others, and a sense of gratitude should be nurtured in them.
Unity is strength

Kids must be definitely taught the quality of working together as a team. For this purpose, there are project works and sports in schools. While getting indulged in some sports activity, sometimes the children have to play as a team. So, they value others, and they get to know the importance of teamwork. They realize that playing and winning as a team comprises of many stages, and is enjoyable too. Such a victory, celebrated with others seems sweeter. Same is the case when students work as a group for a project work. The teacher divides the work into various small segments which in turn when integrated gives the project as a whole.
These aspects are surely not easy to develop. And they don’t pop up one fine day. These aspects need to be carved out of your ward, over the period of time. To bring out the best results both parents and teachers need to work hand in hand. They must also take a note of how well the kid responds to such friendly environment. It prepares students for all tough examinations at the academic level. And not just that it helps in bringing out a graceful person out of them. This in turn helps them to face any exams of life.

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