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Are You An Electrical Engineer? Start Facing Your Academic Issues One By One!

by Feb 8, 2019Electrical Engineering

There was a time when the engineering stream was pursued by rarer of the rarer students same as medical career. However, as years went along, several branches of the course came up allowing pursuers to choose any one out of more and more fields of engineering such as

  • Civil engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electronics
  • Chemical engineering
  • Software, etc.

Students from different engineering branches gladly clear their four years of hard work, studies, preparation and struggle while aiming for a future as an engineer of the state.

However, while some call them challenges and throw-balls there are certainly some battles that every young dreamer struggles with when he/she tries to climb the ladder of success.

While different course students aim to get through their college life, they begin their journey with the notion that the course is ‘difficult’. This small psychological differences in perspective of assuming that a course is troublesome or gruesome beforehand increases strain, stress and unnecessary anxiety from day one.

Why don’t we see the troubles as challenges instead?

Academic problems

For an engineering student whose main priority lies in studying his subjects and ultimately testing his knowledge, he/she face numerous academic issues during their study phases. School, college or degree life, life has become heavier, comparatively more burdensome and strained if we consider the previous generations.

  • Competitiveness may be one of the factors, the rest may include the following:
  • Understanding concepts instead of simply mugging them up.
  • Procrastination in understanding and finishing the various assignments
  • Getting habituated and adjusted with the college and hostel environment
  • Peer pressure
  • Time management and discipline which is one of the major concerns faced by engineering students
  • Relating theoretical engineering concepts with that of practical presentation in projects, assignments and the further coming professional days
  • Coping up with the exam stress. This is where the mental health must be balanced and aligned with the physical stance and activities. One who knows the trick learns the basic idea of how to manage himself during a stressful situation.

Other than these individual issues, academic concerns can be generalized and seen through a wide angle.

  • The lack of proper faculty, both in terms of quality and number, compared to the students strength.
  • Lack of supportive environment. This issue has been widely observed among many-to-almost all the engineering students. Generally adjusting in an external environment coming from home is a big jump, both emotionally and physically. Moreover, the food concerns, and sharing of your privacy are big guns that one has to ultimately come to terms with.
  • Lack of infrastructure including research endorsements.
  • Lack of proper placements opportunity for fellow engineering
  • Lack of opportune internships, trainings and fellowship.
  • Other than the above, of course there is the significant question about the educational system as a whole and the endless battle between theoretical approach of college syllabus versus practical application and experience.

Now that we know some of the academic issues, we can look into each of them in detail and analyze on how to avoid or deal with the same.

  1. Meditate:

I am not talking about the abc’s of meditation here. Rather I am talking about breathing deeply and consciously while directing your concentration and focus towards your breath and nothing/nowhere else. The best part about such a technique is limiting your mind’s wandering zone and thus, controlling your wayward thoughts while blocking the unnecessary, negative thoughts.

  1. Manage your schedule, work, errands, activities and ultimately yourself. Engineering students these days are found lacking in the very discipline. The task may seem tedious and totally repelling. However, what you can simply do is hold a pen and a paper, list the activities that are pending, ones that you love the most to do, ones that are must for a your daily agenda and the ones that you hate but cannot be avoided. After jotting the same, allot them the time of your day and make sure you follow the same. Believe me, it works like a wonder, and all the complexities in your life will seem to vanish off instantly.
  2. Perseverance and Passion-

Look into yourself, dig deeper; find where these two P’s are in you. You may have had it long before and now lost it. If so, then you know it is somewhere inside you. All you have to do is explore the inner, deeper you. Find it. It is the answer to almost everything.

  1. Proper nourishment:

It is rightly believed that one’s anger and instability maybe because of his hunger. After all feeding yourself with proper diet is as pure as feeding oneself with authentic knowledge. Do not take it for granted. You do not want regrets tomorrow, do you?

  1. Maintain a balance between your engineering studies and physical activities that leads to sweat and expenditure of physical energy. Remember the kid in you, the same proportion of energy and vibes are still locked in you, only trapped now. You have to find a way of unlocking all those energies and sweat it out so that your brain is no more alone in being the only one who runs. Your body will now be its pal!


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  1. Lastly but nowhere in least, finish what you have started. You had the dream to become a successful engineer, and your dreams are never illogical or irrelevant. You dreamt because you are capable of fulfilling and realizing it. Turn it real. Relax, enjoy the ups and downs and go ahead! You will crack it! Good luck!



Author’s Bio

Dr. Brian Evans is a professor in the Engineering Foundation of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Texas. Since his bachelor degree in the year 1987, he has been pursuing his career towards the Electrical branch of engineering leading his way in the processing of signals and communication system, improving visual quality of images and videos. He has tutored so many PhDs and MS students and has published over 250+ journal papers.