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Brian Evans hails from the state of Atlanta, currently residing in Washington DC. Brian completed his education from the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology, with a PhD in electrical engineering.

With a knack to know about the workings of different machines, Brian had no doubt whatsoever about which way to drive his career. He is currently employed at a renowned firm at Washington DC at a senior level but also continues to pursue his interest of teaching electrical engineering.

Apart from being an expert level online assignment help provider for four long years, he also provides tuition’s for the subject from his home!


Brian has an expansive knowledge of the subject. He is well versed with all the specifics of electrical engineering like electronics, electromagnetism etc.

Since he is actively engaged with teaching the subject, he understands the requirements of students regarding understanding the subject. He is particularly adept at topics like power engineering, information theory, control system engineering, signal processing etc.

Alongside providing top notch assignment help for electrical engineering topics, Brian also provides online tutoring for struggling students. With his tenure of four years as an online homework help provider he understands the standards of schools and colleges that need complying. He has also set a track record for himself for supplying students with more than 100 electrical engineering assignments each month.

Other information:

Brian alongside his interests in the field of electrical engineering is an excellent athlete and writes for several science journals in his spare time!

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