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How to Solve Academic Problems in Programming?

by Feb 8, 2019Computer Science

In the past few years computer science has steadily become one of the most important subjects for students to pursue. With the need for programming increasing day by day in each job sector, more students are deciding to study computer science.

However, the struggles with studying computer science are plenty as well. Students particularly struggle with learning different fundamentals of programming.

So below is a detailed discussion about various problems that most students encounter while learning programming and how can they overcome them.

What does programming deal with?

Programming forms a part of basic computer science curriculum. Each student hoping to further pursue their academics in the field of computer science cannot hope to proceed without developing an understanding of programming language.

But what does the subject deal with?

For every student, programming is quite a new topic. The topic has also been described as being “hierarchical” by many teachers. It is because students need to learn basics of the topic before proceeding on to more advance levels. For basics of the course students need to develop their knowledge of the following:

  • Syntax
  • Programming structures
  • Semantics
  • Programming style, etc.

The topic of programming includes studying a lot of basics of computer science. For instance, programming is where students learn about translating algorithms into program codes. The process of translating algorithms into program codes include designing algorithms, translating algorithms into program codes and then writing down codes with correct syntax.

Therefore, learning programming is quite a long drawn method which branches out into multiple facets.

Another aspect of the subject that most students struggle with is learning programming language. While the main aim of programming is to learn how to program, learning the programming language to achieve the end result also poses quite a challenge for students.

Thus overall, programming often tends to create numerous problems for students.

Let us take a look at some of the challenges faced by students while learning programming.

Difficulties and challenges faced by students while learning programming:

Computer science is not an easy subject to take up by any means. Programming, on top of that, is among the more difficult topics covered in computer science.

That is why, it is a given that most students struggle with programming during the course of learning the subject.

Some of the most common challenges most students face while learning programming are:

  • They are not exposed to practical uses of programming:

In most colleges and universities students are not given an opportunity to see practical uses of programming firsthand. Most of the times students have to sit for examinations relying solely upon their theoretical knowledge of the subject they learn in class. However, this problem can be quite damaging in the long run. For instance, chances of getting a job in the field relying only on theoretical knowledge are practically non-existent.

  • Understanding the basics of the subject:

Most students venture into learning programming with almost zero prior knowledge of the subject. That is why taking up such a difficult subject often becomes overwhelming for them. Following what is being taught in the classes also becomes quite a hassle after a few days. That is why, most students end up trying to mug up the theory of the subject, which does not do any favour to get them good grades.

  • Doing the assignments and homework:

Students taking up computer science need to tackle a stupendous amount of class work in a very short period of time. That is why doing assignments and homework often takes a backseat for them. This problem ultimately leads to them scoring less than satisfactory marks for their homework.

  • Learning the programming language:

One of the most difficult challenges most students face while learning programming is getting a hang of the programming language. Programming can become quite tedious is students are not affluent with the programming language syntax. But very few classes make the effort to teach student the programming language effectively.

With the above struggles students are often left confused and lost in the middle of their semesters, grappling for solutions. However, there are a few tips that they can follow to solve the academic problems related to programming.

Tips on how to solve the academic problems of programming:

Programming is an analytical subject and that is why students should take an analytical path to solve the problems related to it. The following tips can come in handy while solving the problems related to the subject:

  • Understanding the subject practically:

While theoretical knowledge is important, programming requires developing practical skills. That is why students should focus more on practical and lab work while learning the subject. It is much easier to understand the subject that way. Also, once they get a hang of the subject, acing the examinations becomes easier for them.

  • Get homework help:

Most students struggle to juggle their assignments and homework with class work and extracurricular activities. As a result their grades suffer in the long run. However, students can easily avail online homework help to complete their assignments. These online homework help portals provide experts to help students with their homework. In exchange of a minimal fee students can get plagiarism free essays, reports and other assignments done by experts well before their deadline.

  • Ask for tutors:

With subjects like programming most students struggle to keep up with the pace of their classes. Also, once they miss out on a topic being taught in class, they are unable to follow the proceeding classes as well. Thus getting help from a tutor can help students to understand the subject more easily.

There are several online portals that are dedicated towards helping students out with their homework and assignments alongside providing tutors for them. Myhomeworkhelp is one such website that operates 24×7 and is at the disposal of the students, whenever they require assistance. Thus getting the aid of the experts from these websites is bound to solve several academic problems that most students encounter while studying programming.

Author Bio:

Marlon Brando is a reputed programming expert who has been in the teaching field for over a decade now. Known for his unconventional ways of teaching the subject practically, he works closely with several online academic institutions alongside Myhomeworkhelp.com. Alongside programming, Mr. Brando is also well versed with other facets of computer science including Java, coding, programming language etc.