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A Deeper Insight into the World of Persuasive Speech Topics for College!

by Aug 21, 2018Writing

Persuasive speech might be a part of some course-work, or it can be a competition in your colleges. But do you know what persuasive speech is? Well, it is a specific type of speech where the main objective of the speaker is to convince the audience to accept his/her point of views. The speaker has to use his/her communication skills to persuade the audience and connect with them. Choose unique persuasive speech topics for college to lure the listeners.
You have to remember to provide smart augmentation, useful information, interesting facts, as well as rationalization to convince the target audience. Make sure the entire speech is engaging and exciting. Moreover, you must have a good hold over the topic that you will give the speech on.
Now, let us focus on some of the amazing persuasive speech topics for college! I will put the topics categorised into each section so that it becomes easy for you to scan through the topics included in your favourite section.
Let’s get started!

  1. Ethical issues
  • Better alternatives to death penalty
  • Legalisation of euthanasia, when doctors do not have any other option.
  • Is eating meat unethical?
  • Does a transgender get equal treatment as the other two genders of the society?
  • Is wearing leather/fur clothes ethical?
  1. Diet

Well, this is a very interesting section which can cover many exciting persuasive speech topics for college. Stay tuned.

  • Need for labelling of genetically modified food
  • Should cooking classes be a part of college curriculum?
  • Switching to keto-diet for losing instant weight. Is it correct?
  • Is crash dieting too bad for health?
  • Is adding sugar a necessity?
  1. cross-cultural or international issues
  • How independent can a country be?
  • Is nuclear disarmament right?
  • Is UN working effectively?
  • Is dictatorship better than communism?
  1. Legal issues

I know that a lot of you might be sceptical about talking over the legal persuasive speech topics for college. But, trust me this sections draws a lot of attention, especially from the school authorities.

  • Should legal possession of weapons be banned?
  • Is it correct to outlaw public smoking?
  • Should gambling be made illegal?
  • Is it advisable to legalise consumption of medicinal marijuana?
  • Should homosexual couples be given the equal rights as traditional ones?
  • Is it a mistake to legalise abortions?
  • Should death penalty be justified for rape criminals?
  • Why are laws related to drunk driving ineffective?
  • Should elderly people allowed to drive late at night?
  1. Self-improvement and assessment

Self-assessment is essential for moving ahead in life. Often, people have a lot going on in their mind but are unable to discuss it in public. Choosing this section for the persuasive speech topics for college might help a lot of people understand how to deal with such issues.

  • How to tackle stress using art?
  • Personal development is never enough. Why?
  • How can grooming build up self-confidence?
  • How to overcome failure in life?
  1. Daily life
  • How is urban life better than countryside life?
  • Why do stereotypes exist?
  • Why is Social Darwinism justified?
  • How destructive is social bullying?
  • How serious is cyber-bullying?
  • Is cosmetic surgery abused as a result of poor regulation?
  • How can more people’s privacy be enforced?
  • Why is it necessary to contribute individually to make a community develop?
  • How much is it important to purchase local goods?
  • The struggle for women equality proceeds very slowly. Why?
  1. Sports
  • Why do sports institutions give more attention to the male sections of the society?
  • Sports and physical training is overrated.
  • How necessary is having cheerleaders who are not related to sports?
  • Why drug test is not a compulsion for each sportsman?
  • Are college teams over-financed?
  1. Personal issues
  • What are the traits to look for before marrying?
  • Are relationships still gender-biased?
  • Is it possible to maintain long distance relationships?
  • Is it practical to get into a relationship online?
  • What is the purpose of love in our lives?
  1. Television

Who doesn’t love TV? It has become an integral part of our lives now. So, I think television can be one of the interesting persuasive speech topics for college.

  • Why do media channels promote beauty standards?
  • How useful are comic books as compared to cartoon channels?
  • Should television be more academically-oriented?
  • Why is cable television market monopolized?
  • Why adult movies are often played on cable channels?
  • How harmful television is for children in the long run?
  1. Safeguarding our natural environment
  • Is palm oil harmful?
  • How restricting should fishing be?
  • Why we need to re-enforce recycling?
  • How hazardous are oil spills for the aquatic species?
  • Are disposable diapers a threat to nature?
  • Do we use our natural resources wisely?

So, that was all the topics I had in my mind. I know too many options can be overwhelming at times. But, the best solution is to first choose a section for persuasive speech topics for college, and then channel out the topic you are comfortable to talk about.
Some instant tips to make you stand out

  1. A major thing is to be confident about whatever you say.
  2. Try to use local and daily life examples while you are giving your speech. That really helps in persuading the audience to understand your point of view.
  3. Your speech should not only evoke empathy but should also have hard-core evidences to support whatever you say in the public forum.
  4. Ensure that you also answer the other side of the argument. So, that your audience can figure out the importance of the point you are supporting and the speech remains balanced.
  5. Add rhetorical questions to your audience that will make them think and storm their brain.
  6. Keep your speech short and simple, so that the audience is not bored.

Be confident! That is the golden rule.
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