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Looking for Unique Compare and Contrast Essay Topics? Dive In!

by Aug 21, 2018Essay

Writing descriptive essays can be very tiring at times, right? Things get more complicated when you have to search for interesting topics for school or college assignments. It might happen so, that the teacher has given you complete freedom to choose compare and contrast essay topics according to your wish. You might feel terrific but trust me, that make it more complicated. Since, you don’t get a specific genre, the confusion to choose a good topic, might stress you out.
Here I will give you a brief idea about some amazing compare and contrast essay topics based on many subjects. So, let us start the journey, shall we?
First, choose your resources carefully
Choosing an essay topic can be very brain storming due to the vast resources available online. But, do not write your essay in a casual mode. Make sure that you do some research on each and every topic from places which provide current information. The source shouldn’t be more than five years old if you are planning to write on current affairs.
You must use referencing and citations in your assignments. It not only makes the essay informative but also proves it authenticity. Moreover, check the credibility of the sources so that you do not give any false information in your essay.
Types of compare and contrast essay topics
Well, there are no such hard and fast rules.  I have categorised them into four main genres that you can choose from.

  1. Influential/ popular characters which might be fictional as well.
  2. Historical events
  3. Different locations
  4. Various situations depending on personal experiences.

Unique ideas for your essay:

  • General category

A vast range of topics can come under this, probably anything under the sky. Topics can be science vs. arts, hostel accommodation vs. renting, formal vs. casual dressing, yearly examination system vs. semester-wise examination system, and many others.

  • Battle of the opposites

This category can have numerous individual topics like Black people vs. white people; Dogs vs. cats as pets; Alibaba and amazon; religious marriage vs. civil marriage; World War I vs. World War II, and so on.  It is a very crucial idea for writing compare and contrast essay topics.

  • Political and historical genre: Here you can include topics like:
  1. Dictatorship vs. democracy
  2. Reality of Greek gods
  3. Communism and capitalism
  4. The Bible and the Quran.
  5. Presidency and monarchy.
  • Movies and music:

This one is an exciting category for compare and contrast essay topics where you can include many interesting things such as rock music and country music comparison, Voldemort vs. Dumbledore (my personal favourite), 3D screening vs. normal screens, DC vs. Marvel comics/movies, Vampires and werewolves, and others. This is one field where all the movie fanatics can jot down their knowledge on paper and score marks for that as well.

  • Literature

Literature is an art. You must have heard it before? Well, I know this is a very common subject for a lot of the students attempting compare and contrast essay topics in their assignments. But, still I will mention my personal favourites here:

  1. Romeo and Juliet: for or against love
  2. The greatness of Shakespeare as an author
  3. Greek vs. Egyptian mythology
  4. High school drama and college theatre plays
  5. British vs. American novels.
  6. Traditional and modern day forms of language
  7. Roman and Greek forms of literature
  8. Poetry vs. pop music
  9. Takeaway lessons from Othello vs. Hamlet.
  10. Biographies vs. auto biographies.

Did the list seem never ending? I am extremely sorry if you felt so! But, this is such a vast genre I simply can’t stop myself from exploring more of it!

  • Teenage topics

School and college students are all teenagers, right? So, I think some of you might just want to utilise questions going on inside your head as compare and contrast essay topics. That’ll not only answer your question through research but also clarify a lot of stuff for you. So, here we go:

  1. High school vs. college life
  2. Single lifestyle vs. committed life: responsibilities
  3. Part time jobs at nearby places vs. freelancing
  4. Android phone vs. IOS
  5. Importance of social media in daily life
  6. Desktops vs. laptops
  7. Personal tutors vs. online homework help
  8. Going to pubs vs. house party with friends
  9. Tampons vs. sanitary napkins

There are must be millions of other questions which I couldn’t mention here. So, you can write your essay on any of the above topics or simply use your own ideas. Just make sure to be thorough about the information you write down and try to choose an interesting topic.
Now, let me give you some brilliant examples of compare and contrast essay topics. That will help you to understand the method of writing your essay.

  1. Osama Bin Laden and Mahatma Gandhi
  • Comparison:

Both of them were tremendously influential figures who successfully motivated a lot of the common people. Both were killed by their opposition.

  • Contrast:

Mahatma Gandhi was a pacifist and fought for the freedom and rights of the people. He tried to make their lives better. He believed in peace and harmony.
Bin Laden was a militant and fought for religious propaganda. He didn’t care about his people; instead he was a supporter of war and believed in intolerance.

  1. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin
  • Compare:

Both were powerful dictators who became great leaders during World War I and World War II. But, their methods were inhuman and lead to the destruction of many innocent lives.

  • Contrast:

Hitler ruled the German Nazi party whereas Stalin was the leader of the Communist party in the Soviet Union. Nazism and communism are two opposite beliefs.

  1. Private and public universities
  • Compare:

Both of them offer a variety of courses for students, and provide them with degrees. Moreover, students get all sorts of facilities required for a basic education in both the places.

  • Contrast:

Private universities are much more expensive, but they also offer additional facilities and might offer better placement for their students as compared to public institutions.
I guess by now you must have got a good idea about how to write compare and contrast essay topics, right?
So, remember to do your research, provide references, dig deeper and collect interesting facts to make your essay top-notch!
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