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8 Last Minute Preparation Methods to Achieve Excellent Grades in Chemistry Exam

by Oct 29, 2016Chemistry

A student is made to study a variety of subjects in his school or college life. He needs to have a lot of versatility and have a lot of love for each and every subject in order to perform well in each of them.
Our parents are very hard to satisfy where they expect equal performance from each and every subject. We are expected to know every subject equally well. This is a very difficult situation for the student where they are forced to manage each and every subject properly along with facing the various problems in life.
Importance of Chemistry
Chemistry is a subject that is newly introduced in class 8 or 9, as a division of science subject along with Physics and Biology. It deals mainly with a variety chemical subjects and their composition. It helps to get you a detailed description of the goods and substances that you see around you.
It helps in letting you know the uses and specifications of the various chemicals. The organic part of chemistry is really very interesting where you need to know the chemical structure of the organic compounds.
Why Study Chemistry?
The experts who have expertise in chemistry, consider it to be of greater importance than the other subjects as it is said to interconnect them. It is often regarded as the “central science” that interconnects the other branches of science which includes physics, biology, geology and environmental science.
It helps you to have a better understanding of the world around you with a better idea of the importance of each and every subject matter. It helps you to have a look of the world with a different prospective.
Last Minute Preparations Methods
This subject is generally very theoretical and the students find it really difficult and boring to memorize each and every chemical name along with their proper specification. They need to take a lot of pain in managing this subject along with the other important subjects like Maths or Physics.
In order to maintain the overall result and keep up the average inspite of getting bored of knowing the chemical names.
The following tips and tricks can help you in some way get the required marks from this subject:

  1. It is always advisable to have a brush up on the topics that are going to be taught which will make you more familiar with the topic and subject matter. You will get to follow the class easily and grasp every topic really fast. This will help you to have a revision made in the class and use to to raise useful question in order to clarify your doubts.
  2. Make a habit of understanding rather than memorization. You can memorize the left over topics after having a thorough understanding of the parts that require a level of understanding. Always try to gather the key points and facts that are really required to be memorized without proper understanding.
  3. Take regular notes of the topics that are taught in class. Making a proper note is very much essential if you want to secure good marks in this subject. Teachers often require the answers to be written in their same language and is not able to accept writing in other terms. This can only happen if you take the notes regularly in class.
  4. You need to make your own note so that you can understand it easily when you go through them. It will help you to pick up and grab the topics very easily and quite fast while giving a revision of the chapters. You will get to understand your own style of writing when you are in shortage of time and have a vast syllabus to cover.
  5. Always be regular in your class. This is a subject which can appear too boring for a student. But that doesn’t mean you will skip the classes if you want to be the teacher’s favourite. You will not understand the next day if you miss out on any topic as all the topics are interrelated and requires a level of concentration and learning.
  6. Always try to be the teacher’s favourite. It will be the teachers ultimately who will give you the marks. You need to win their confidence in order to carry on smoothly with this subject along with securing good marks in all its topics. You may understand this subject and may even write well, but the ultimate thing that everybody will look for is the marks that you get.
  7. Have a regular practice of the formulas and organic models as they are really tough if you want to get them in a single day or so. It often gets a vast syllabus to cover and the time given is really short compare to the vast syllabus and the multiple subjects. The balancing of the chemical equations really needs a lot of practice and won’t be always solved just by memorization.
  8. It is advisable to consult a private tutor or online professional tutor in order to have a fast grasp of the subject. The tutors can often turn to be a great help in this subject as it will help you learn a topic really fast for which you may sit for hours without actually hitting at the correct point.

These are only few considering the massiveness of this subject. For more help, you can also refer to “the 10 effective steps to pass your physics exam” and apply them here as both of them are closely related.
Final Conclusion
By now, you must be knowing how much important your chemistry subject is with its utility spread in the various fields. The first thing that shock you is knowing thechemical composition of every minute molecule like the water.
It will help you to get a different idea about life where you will know to give the importance of the tiniest particle and try to give its proper value. So, it is always advisable for the school students to take more interest in this subject which is really scoring even though it demands much of sincere hardwork and learning.