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10 Effective Steps to Pass Your Physics Exam with Flying Colors

by Oct 29, 2016Physics

The level of competition that exists among the present day students is very much harsh compared to the old days. Owing to the extreme pressure situation exerted from the parents, teachers and the friends, they start to get a bitter feeling from their life.
They are made to face tough situations and are forced to succeed at all the levels. They are made to study and manage all subjects equally and are always asked to perform equally well in all of them.
When to Study?
One of the most vital subjects that a student has to study in his school life is Physics, which is very much deciding in determining your future. Though it is relatively tough compared to the other subjects and needs a lot of understanding, it is very much decisive in having a smooth future. This subject is mostly evaluated for the science students.
The commerce students are mostly concerned with the Arts subjects where there is no connection with science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology etc.
The discrimination is mostly made in class 8 or 9. The science subject is divided into three sections- Physics, Chemistry and Biology and that is done from class 7. So everyone gets to study this subject for one or two years.
The initial years are very much light and the student finds it very interesting to study this subject, but with the years, they eventually start considering it to be among the toughest subjects. The students lacking in confidence and having a low concentration level find it really tough from the initial years and so consider it better to pursue Commerce than to study Science.
Follow up Steps
Physics is a subject that you cannot complete the day before the exam. It demands a lot of dedication and practise. You need to study this subject late hours at night and read the same piece again and again in order to gain a level of understanding in this subject.
This subject contains a lot of numerals and problems where need to explain the occurrence based on the theory topics. You won’t be able to answer them unless you have practised them at least once. The effective steps to securing good marks in this subject includes:

  1. Develop a love for this subject

This is because it is as equivalent as maths and it can really shape your future. It is really interesting for the students who want to study deeply on a particular topic and tries to catch everything from the root level. You cannot be forced to do this until and unless you start loving it.

  1. Start studying this subject from the day you get your book

It will be very beneficial to at least have a rough idea about a particular topic which will be taught in the next class so that you at least have an idea of what is being said and can catch it really very fast. You will have the confidence to cross question the teacher and solve all your doubts.

  1. Don’t fix your knowledge to the textbooks

As it may contain limited knowledge on a particular topic, it might require a great deal of understanding. Ask your seniors and school teachers and get their advice in referring to a good reference book in order to gain thorough knowledge and reasoning power.

  1. The private tutors are a great help

This is a subject which is very difficult to do yourself when you are doing for the first time, especially when you are having a science background. You need some kind of guidance and helping hand in order to grasp the topic soon. The private tutors are a great help in this subject when you cannot complete your lessons at the school, but you need to be very much wise and make a proper investigation of the market before joining a particular one.

  1. Never be hesitant in clearing your doubts

Ask anyone around you. This is a subject where there is no age limit for understanding. A junior may also have better skill on a particular topic, but you should not feel down in getting the thing cleared from him or her as it can help you later to understand some other topic.

  1. Sit on front benches in the class

This makes the session with the teacher very much interactive for solving all your doubts and queries. Don’t bring your doubts at home as you might forget the areas with the passing days when it will never be cleared again. Always ask and raise your doubt then and there.

  1. Never develop the feeling that you have understood all

This is the situation when you become an obstruction of any kind of incoming knowledge and skill. You start to have a lowly feeling of the people around you whom you feel to do know nothing, but they can also teach you great lessons in life.

  1. Always try to have a writing practise

On each and every topic that you learn, write it down. It will fix the topic on your mind and you can remember it easily. Besides it helps in having a better understanding of the numerals and helps in enhancing your speed in solving them in the exams. Increasing the speed is very much essential as you mostly get very lengthy papers during the exams which you are asked to finish within the proper time.

  1. Increase your reasoning skills

It is very much vital to increase your reasoning skills in this subject. You should always ask yourself why the thing happens. This will further help to have in-depth knowledge about can the subject matter.
The questions that are asked are mostly in a roundabout manner which is often explanatory and you can answer them only if you have learned the topic by heart. Only memorizing this subject without really understanding will not help you to precede much on this subject.

  1. Make your own notes

Your notes will refer to revise fast at the time of your exams. This will let you help a fast learning of a particular topic and it helps you to have a fast cover up of all the topics before the exams. This will at least help you to get a brief idea of any topic. You might not get the chance to go through every question of the book as they mostly contain big explanations.
These tips can only act as a guide. The real hardship has to be done by you for which there is no alternative. So, start working really fast without wasting away your time.For more help, you can also refer to the “8 last minute preparation methods” to have a thorough knowledge of the shortcut schemes.
Final Advice
As an experienced individual, I would advise you not to waste your time on Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter and properly think and shape your future. You should not be too lousy and try to be serious from the first day itself.
Try to be always in touch with your teachers and faculty staff and run before your seniors. The seniors can really be very helpful in getting you their last year’s notes and answers which can really be a great last moment help at the time of your exams.
The seniors are rarely found to guide in the wrong way as they mostly consider you to be their companion. Just be a bit submissive towards them!