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8 Calculating Steps to Solve Physics Homework Problems

by Oct 29, 2016Physics

Physics is a subject which can be confusing and difficult to many students. There is both theory and a numerical section which needs to be dealtwith, and both of them are equally important and hard to understand.
So what is the solution to such a subject? Can students be dealt with easily? Well, there are ways to help deal with physics homework problems, and they are mostly very simple and easy to adopt. In fact, any subject is hard if one does not provide the sufficient time, effort and attention to study that it requires.
8 steps to solve physics homework
When you begin to understand physics it can seem like a very difficult subject. However, there are 8 calculating steps to solve physics homework problems that can make understanding and contemplate this subject simple and help you achieve excellence in it.

  1. Don’t panic

The most prominent mistake that a student makes is panicking at the sight of a problem. This is detrimental to the situation and only enhances of failure. When you see a sum or numerical that is not familiar or known to you, then do not panic. Just take a deep breath and then begin with the next step.

  1. Understand the situation

Once you stop panicking, you may now begin to analyze the situation. It is very important to comprehend the problem before you can even start solving it. If a person simply begins to lose their calm and acts in a fit of tension, then problem will forever remain unsolved.

  1. Read the question thoroughly

This may seem like a fairly simple step however this must be understood more clearly. When it is stressed on to read the question it actually means the following:

  • Begin by slowly and clearly pronouncing each word of the problem or question stated to you.
  • Break down these words and try to gauge their true meaning
  • Underline or mentally stress on what is asked in the question and then begin to approach the next step.
  1. Organize the information

After you understand what your question demands, you have to start compiling the data available to you.Hence, it is required to note down all the information and variables which you have at hand.
Once you know what you have, you can now begin to find what you need to solve these problems. Many people in panic or fear do not try to reason and to approach the sum at hand logically.

  1. Sketch the scene

In physics sometimes the task is made easier if a graphical or pictorial representation is provided. Try drawing a diagram based on what information you have and make a note of what you need. Also, it is believed that visual presentation of data along with audio presentation can help students to comprehend better. After drawing the diagram or data start by reading the question again now looking at the picture you have drawn.

  1. Verify the units and formulas

Physics is a subject that requires the understanding of formulas and values. Hence to master the subject these formulas and units need to be understood and their application must be known.
At times pupils face the difficulty of narrowing down on the exact unit or formula that applies to the question which needs to be tackled. How to solve such a problem? The steps stated above can help you approach the sum that needs to be done and then once you follow all those steps the formula will come to you.

  1. Solve and verify results

These are two steps that can be considered as complementary to each other. One would be incomplete without the other. Thus it is important to follow the sequence.
Begin by solving the problem. If you are unsure of yourself, then take it one step at a time. Once you understand the problem, know the variables at hand and apply the formula all you need to do is the mathematical calculations.
The next step is to calculate the results and verify if it is correct. If the answer is correct, then let it work as a reinforcement for the other problems however if the answer is incorrect you have to identify the place where you have made a mistake by retracing your steps. Once you identify the problem, do the sums all over again till you get it right?

  1. Practice

The saying practice makes perfect rightly applies to this situation. Physics is something that needs a sufficient time to be mastered. Hence, continuous and unrelenting practice is the only way to make sure that students are grasping and improving them.
Therefore with the systematic application of the various steps stated above tackling homework regarding physics will be made simpler for all those who face difficulties tackling these problems.
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