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7 Ways to Make Your Online Essay Writing Interesting

by Sep 17, 2016Test Help

Everybody can write about something or the other. A competent writer never has a vacation for themselves. Their lives consist of writing or their thoughts revolve around what to write.
It is not just about writers only. It is way more important in a student’s life especially to clear their mind and expand its horizon to get more ideas for writing. This is the why it is said that,
“A good essay is 10% of inspiration, 15% of perspiration and 75% of desperation.”
Writing an essay is not enough. The essay should have a balance of both information and spice to it to intrigue the mind both the writer and of the reader too.
When you post a status onFacebook, you try to make it way more interesting so that more people may like what you have written. Anything which fascinates your mind will make you present it in ways which will attract your reader’s mind.
Academic essay writings have some fixed notions about writing styles which are usually dry and dull fulfilling only the purpose of getting it done. It is a completely wrong notion because a boring written essay will not grab your teacher’s attention and it will be left mid-way without any correction or any explanation to hone your writing skills.When you write an essay, you are actually polishing your writing style.
So if you are given a choice of writing essays using interesting points than writing anything bland, won’t you try it? Let’s see how you can inputs these factors to make your online essay writing more interesting.To get more motivated you can see the 5 effective tips to handle college homework, so that you never feel boring to write online essay.
Let me show you some secrets how to make your essay writing more gripping.

  1. Have an interesting to give more interesting material

When you are passionate about anything, you give your 100% effort to it.In the same way, when you administer your enthusiasm in your writing; you automatically infuse your creativity and zeal in your writing. It will be sheer luck if you get those topics which fall under your list of interest. Any less preferred topic will not ignite your passion for giving your best. To avoid so, you need to follow few points.

  • You need to make up your mind that no topic is monotonous. If you do not let your mind go unimaginative seeing the subject, chances are there you may write an essay about it without any conviction. Try to see the aspect of the topic in a new angle preferably relating it to something of your choice.
  • When you are writing an online essay, you are not writing for yourself. Your writing projections are the innumerable invisible audience all over the virtual world. You need to write from your point of view standing in their shoes. If I do not understand what my readers want to read, I won’t be able to deliver according to their need.
  • No human being is omnipotent that he or she can decipher what others are thinking. You need to understand the psyche of your readers. You can use references from various blogs, articles and every other forum for your essay topic to merge your thoughts with external inspirations via online professional sites. If I were you, I would have definitely taken help from such sites.
  1. Add Enthralling Details

If given a choice between manga and novels, which would be your choice? A maximum of you readers would prefer to go for manga comics over the same old novel. The reason behind this is that manga comics have graphic illustrations which are absent in novels.
It doesn’t mean that you have to add visuals while writing essays online. The primary idea is to add snippets of information or to spice up your writing style so that the essay doesn’t look bland or drag worthy. You should use emotive language which should touch a certain cord of your reader’s mind.

  1. Opinion matters

You need not need anecdotes in your essay to narrate your opinion. If people are reading your essays online, then it means that you have that calibre to captivate your audiences mind. When you are writing your essay online, it becomes your domain of your creative ideas.
What you need is to give wings to your ideas and opinions and let them take flight. When you stop refraining your opinions, you automatically start inducing originality in your work. Taking referenced can be a source of help, but when you start thinking independently by overcoming your fears, you can express more than your potential.

  1. Refuse Replication

If I have a sweet tooth and love eating chocolate pastries, I could enjoy a piece or two when offered. But if I were given the same thing every alternate day, I would start having an aversion to it.
It is a natural tendency that when you get more than what you desire, it becomes boring. It is the same with writing too. Mixing the same information and the same writing style can make your readers stop reading your essay or your article. If I were portraying the same information again and again here, how many of you would be reading this till the very end? I guess we all know the answer!
The recipe to achieve the perfect essay style written online is to stop repeating similar phrases making it more predictable for the readers. Unpredictability is one of the most important factors to attract the attention of the readers.

  1. Hail Figurative Language!

If you ask me a question, and I reply to it with a way confusing term using jargons, I may look extremelyintelligent, but that information would be of no use to you. So when you have a query the next time, you will never come to me.
When you use figurative languages, you are just simplifying the concept of your essay giving your reader an analogical term to explain your writing in a much more graphic and engaging way. In this way, they would be able to relate to your writing and even cast an imaginative resemblance to your work.

  1. Use Rhetorical Questions

With all the points that are given above, are you getting a gist of how to make your essays interesting?
I have the answer for myself, and by now you would have one for yourself too. This is a rhetorical question where you ask your readers without expecting any answers. The best place to add a rhetorical question is probably at the end of your essay to pull a string of interest towards yourself. Nothing can be better than luring your readers to a probing question at the end.

  1. Proofreading

After you complete with your online essay writing, it’s time for some proofreading! When you are writing in a flow, you seldom notice any mistakes while writing. Even I leave checking for mistakes while I write. I usually save the error correction for the very last part.
You can only convert your good essay to a best one when it is not littered with grammatical errors or spelling mistakes or any wrong formation of sentences. Submission of your essay after proofreading gives a flawless content which is appreciable to any of your readers.
These are my 7 secret tips to enhance your online essay writing skill. Will you be using it to enhance your essay writing skill?