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Tips and Tricks to Make Maths Interesting

by Sep 17, 2016Mathematics

“Mathematics is not about any equations and numbers or algorithms and computations. It is basically about understanding.”
If I say you to love mathematics for understanding it better, many will find me to a lunatic for even suggesting it.I can definitely understand the feeling of multitudes when it comes to an aversion to this subject. I could relate so because I have been in your shoes too. I had this same detestation towards maths, and my feelings were mutual of what you were feeling now.
But what if I suggest you some cool tips and tricks which would make you fall in love with maths? Even though you do not fall in love with maths, at least you will not feel antipathy towards this subject. Let’s explore this enigma called maths!
Tips and tricks

  1. Real Vs. Virtual

When you play a video game or Nintendo, don’t you wish it to get real? Of course, you do. While playing ‘Final Fantasy,’ I imagine myself to be Gilgamesh or Lightening and often wish myself to be one in the real world.
In the same way, you can convert your ‘virtual’ boring mathematics problems to imaginative ‘real’ problems.
For example, if you imagine Batman travelling from one part of the Gotham city to another in his bat-mobile with a specific speed, you can calculate the time for him to reach the estimated destination.
Although it is a simple form of mathematics, you will enjoy solving it when you can imagine the whole scene in your mind.

  1. Examples before Concept

When I used to open my book of mathematics, never would have been a moment when I did not feel feverish to see the theoretical terms. I used to hyperventilate just seeing the first few paragraphs explaining what the problem is all about and how to solve. In place of being helpful, these theories left me to a sweating puddle.
Then I did something to hold my grip!
I started to follow the problems in the first place. As mathematics has all the problems divided into their assorted chapters, you can directly go through the sums without looking for the abstract portions. Later when you finish with the numerical examples, you can look up to the concepts of the problems.

  1. Super Speed Calculation

Calculations can be very confusing if you take hours solving it. During maths exams, you are allotted a fixed time to solve your entire problems. In this case what you need is a fast calculating brain!
But the question is how to do so? Well, let me tell you how.
To calculate numerical percentages multiply the numbers with each other. Don’t worry about decimals if you get one! You can put them later.
When you get to solve a problem like 30% of 90, you can simple multiply 30 x 90 whose answer would be 2700. With a percentage sign (%) left, just remove the last two zeroes of 2700 as it would get cancelled with 100 (percent). Isn’t it easy? You can try one now to see the result.

  1. Start your own crazy journal

Create your own imaginary world! You can maintain a journal where you could practice your maths problems in your own quirky way. You can do it as manga version, or you could turn it to a fable. You are your ownboss, and your journal is your own kingdom. The motto is to keep the essence of the sum to give yourself the clarity to understand the mathematics problems without losing your focus.

  1. Trick-o-treat

Have you ever played the game ‘guess you age?’ I have played it a lot. Initially, I used to wonder how the person used to guess my age. In the name of magic, my friends used to dupe me. Very bad! Then one day I came to this certain website where I came to know about this trick.

  • The trick is to ask somebody to pick a number in their mind.
  • Then you have to tell them to double that number.
  • Then you have to ask them to add 9 to it.
  • Tell them to subtract the total by 3.
  • After subtracting the number ask them to divide the remainder by 2.
  • And finally, ask them to subtract the original number.

Whatever the number the person chooses you can proudly give the answer as 3. In this way, you can have fun with maths.

  1. Rule of 115

I was way too lousy when it came to solving problems related to profit and loss. Everything used to bump my head and fly around in different direction. I used to have the same question in my mind ‘why do I need to suffer calculating how many years would it take my money to grow double or triple?’ Gah! The horrors of those days!
Then I found this amazing ‘Rule of 115’. Instead of slouching like a wimpy kid under the burden of calculating all those years, I took this shortcut to find the solution.
For example, if you want to make an investment at a 6% growth rate, it would take you about 19 years to triple it. The calculation is simple. You need to divide 115 by 6 simply. And voila! Your answer is present within seconds!

  1. Rate per hour

‘Oh pahleze… I’m not a wage worker. Why do I need to calculate it?’ Who hasn’t thought this even once?
But can you imagine the same when you get a job in Google or in the company of Apple, where your salary is sky-high, some or other time you might feel the need to calculate your hourly wage? If I were there, I would have definitelydone so. But poor me!
Anyways, for a future prospect, if you need comparing your salary from one company to another you can follow this method.
If you get an offer of £60,000 as a yearly package from one company, you can easily calculate your hourly wage by,

  • Simply drop the last three zeroes
  • Divide the £60 by 2
  • In this case, the hourly rate would be £30.

In the same way, you can calculate the hourly wage for the other company as well and choose the best deal for yourself.
Isn’t it a great idea? I made sure I follow all these cool tricks to make me solve my maths problems way easily than working rigorously over one sum. I hope this can make your maths a bit interesting and a lot more enjoyable to solve.