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5 Best Topics for Technical Reports in Electrical Engineering

by Sep 11, 2016Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a part of an engineering study where student who opt for this field have to study and deal with the application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. This field is gaining its popularity day by day. In 19th century, it became an option for occupation and it is still considered as one of the most important part of engineering study. Electrical engineering has vast range of sub parts and they are:

  • Power engineering.
  • Electronic engineering.
  • Telecommunication engineering.
  • Control system.
  • Microelectronics.
  • Signal processing engineering.

Student who is complete the electrical engineering course holds either an electric engineering degree or electronic engineering degree. This engineering field deals with wide range of industries and the engineers are appointed in these industries according to their skills.
During this engineering course, student has to present various technical reports to their teacher and most of them were very important because they were included in the semester. In various semesters these reports act as a main subject and students were given marks according to their technical report and presentation on that report.
Basically electrical engineering technical reports are documents that contain result of research and development carried out by various industries. These reports act as an important part of course as they introduce the students in the practical field of industries. Although they weren’t exposed to the actual condition but they get the taste of it.  Technical reports help them analyzing various facts both theoretically and practically.
Student builds up a technical report based on various topics. There are numerous kinds of topics in electrical engineering and most of them are popular and important. But there are certain topics that considered as the best topics and they are:

  • Coordination Avoidance In Distributed Database

It is considered as one of the most important topic of electrical engineering although it is a very new topic. This report depicts the rise of data services that are distributed over geographically distributed data network which has led to create a sudden change in the design of modern data management system. This report is based on the vacancy, abeyancy and the general throughput penalties attached with the basic mechanism. For example serializable transaction, large classes of system such NoSQL that has sought less appropriate alternatives that bars the engagement of expensive communication process during the operation of the system.
Basically the report is based on the potential for communication exemption which means the using less communication while properly carrying out application integrity based on various modern date intensive domains. The report exposes the ways to leverage the logic required for data serving, processing the transaction and web service so that it can pave a path for more effective process.

  • Building Reliable Distributed System With P System-

Though it is a common technical report but it has a twist in its basic build that made it an important topic. This topic describes a new approach which is P and it depicts easier methods to build, specify and test distributed system.
Distributed system were most common topic in electrical engineering but citing some old methods. Fault tolerant distributed systems are very difficult to get right because they have to deal with both concurrency and failure. Although various research has been carried out for improving this fault but still after decade of research current methods for more intensive way of building robust distributed system are unsatisfactory.

  • Reachability Based Safe Learning With Gaussian Processes-

It is a very new topic but it has gained lot of acclamation in a short time. This topic says that the learning application of robotic faces some challenges regarding following of the rule which delays its application to a safety system.
New methods have improved the safety on reach-ability determining a safe state space region. But putting so many rules can often affect the performance. So this technical report suggest a method that uses a principal way of learning the unknown change of the system based on a process model which is Gaussian model. An improved strategy based on real time model validation maintains the safety condition under weaker condition but this approach incorporates a safe feature into the learning performance metric thus allowing a better integration in features like learning and safety.

  • The Berkeley Out Of limit Machine( BOOM ): An Industry Synthesizable, Competitive, Parameterized RISC-V Processor

Although it is a rare topic but it is rated as one of the best topics for technical reports. Basically parameterized, BOOM is a superscalar, synthesizable out of order RISC-V core redesign which is served as a potential baseline workstation for future architectural studies for non-working processor. This report provides an open source execution, readable, for education, industry and research.
BOOM contains 9000 lines of hardware building language Chisel and these report gives the details of replacing an in place Rocket core with out of arrange BOOM core by completely bringing up an entire multi core processor system. These new reports about BOOM support atomics, IEEE754-2008 balanced point etc.

  • Variability Statistical and Modeling Parameter Extraction For CMOS Devices-

Emiconductor genre has been scale down at an increasable rate for last few years yielding dramatic improvement in power, cost and performance. This report shows that process and material fluctuation causes circuit and device characteristic to depart from introduce and design goals variability for spatial variation across silicon wagers.
This report also gives detail knowledge about estimating a parametric and variation yield for new device and circuits. It can be accomplished by improving the statistical compressed model constraint extraction technique and opting a stepwise constriction selection. It include the methods of summing of fitting residuals as extraction and fitting quality criteria which will decide the essential model limitation for accurate fitting in a Big number of transistors. Various methods were carried out that include the task of combining the result from statistical parameter withdrawal with hierarchical spatial model. When this method is compared with the traditional method, it gave much improved approximations of device presentation and manufacturing yield.