10 Reasons Why Studying Computer Science Is Worth It

By Michelle Johnson
11 Sep, 2016
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Computers have been on the run since 1901 when Charles Babbage first discovered a machine (known as computers) which was known to have some special function. A series of invention had taken place and now in the year 2015 you can work out the sum of two numbers without battling your eyelid even once. Actually, in today’s world if you don’t have a limited knowledge about computers or computer science you would be like an old analog Timex watch in this digital era. Computer science has been a key area of mathematics which is nowadays taught from kindergarten. Long story short, in today’s modern world learning computer is not only required but also a must.
Following are 10 points why studying computer science is worth it:-

  • Opportunity
  • Each and every companies has a technology part which is taken care of by computer science engineers.
  • Computer Science engineers are mainly required for doing the coding.
  • Jobs are available in different fields like in the police department (Ethical hacker), IT sector (Programmer), SAP implementation programs (Specialization in Data Base Management System).
  • Learning coding and different languages has been easy due lot of initiatives has been taken to learn online through some special sites like Coursea, Udemy, Edx.
  • The salary involved
  • The pay scale for an undergraduate is close to around $9230 – $10342 per annum which is why this branch is considered as the highest paid.
  • For those who are specialized in some area of interest, like Data base management system, Java, SQL, HTML and CS, etc they have pay scale of approximately $46,000 to $50,000.
  • There are also options for those who are taking courses in college. There are also sites for web development and web designing which can fetch them around $3 to $4 dollars per month.
  • Enormous practical application
  • The best thing taking computer science as your career is you know what you are learning. You get to the inside part and the way the code is being implemented.
  • And it is not only about boring theories, it’s about making up things you see and use around every day.
  • There is no mechanical work to be performed. This career does not utilise your strength and power rather it deals with brain to bring out the best in you.
  • Diverse Network
  • There are many career options to choose from which deals with a basic knowledge about programming and computer science.
  • It can be Database management, Networking, Ethical Hacking, Web development, Web analytics, etc. Ever wondered computer science can be required in the field of biotechnology or robotics? Yes it is. Now you a specialization degree in some of the courses for you to get job in the field of biotechnology or robotics.
  • Computer scientist is also required in arm bases during wars. This is due to the fact that, an engineer can track war bases and amount of resource they have with just the help of a laptop.
  • Much more logical
  • It is said that brains works more, the more you make it work. This field can actually make your brain work. It is totally logical experimental.
  • So it is not only for young boys and girls but for older people too.
  • In a recent discovery it is seen that, the number of women studying computer science is much more than those studying other courses. This is because; it does not require any hard work but only logic.
  • Flexible work style
  • You can switch to any kind of work you like, anytime. But, you need to be certified in that field of course.
  • You can develop games, build websites Facebook, Google, etc, build Android apps, etc.
  • There are also companies which allow you to work by sitting home. This can only be done while you are learning computer science.
  • Computing is cool
  • Some considers this career as cool and thinks this career to be very easy. It might be easy but one of the hardest parts of this branch is to get a hold of what you’re learning.
  • Once you get a good overview and knowledge about this subject, you will have no problem further.
  • The learning of computer science is actually very stepwise. This is why the same syllabus is followed by almost all schools from the beginning.
  • One of best markets
  • Nearly all the IT companies top the list of best companies.
  • Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, HP etc all are mainly based upon computer science engineers. They have their have half recruits as computer science engineers.
  • Even the apps which you use every day to watch movies, listen songs, play games are done by the help of coding and designing.
  • The softwares which you use in your laptops are also coded and programmed to be used.
  • By good course selection and learning you also can fulfil your dreams by working in the companies you have dreamt.
  • Good job satisfaction
  • The most of the IT sectors company has headquarters in the US or UK. There has been a great hike about the number of people taking this course but due to a lot of opportunities, jobs are no less.

Jobs in IT sector are rated as the best jobs which has greatest job satisfaction due to the large number of opportunity this field has. So, naturally you can be clarified that how much it is worth spending a lot of money on masters in Computer Science?

  • Variety of fields
  • Due to such different fields available in this branch, students get lots of opportunities to get around to what they want.
  • Not only does it focuses on software but also hardware which is totally a different field.
  • After such a hike of opting this field as career there are more career options which is opening, like the nanotechnology.

Computer Science is of high benefits after all but if you need to possess more knowledge regarding the above-told topic, then you can take our help without any tension. Our company is always there to show you the best things.
Students, Workers, Businessman, Housewives, everyone use the computing technology two or three times a day to fulfil their works. And hence, this totally speaks to what extent computer science has been important to this world and its further development.

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