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Questions Might a Civil Engineer Face in an Interview

by Sep 11, 2016Civil Engineering

The value of destruction is best known to the ones who has toiled day in and day out for construction of something. This task is known best to a civil engineer. The arena of this discipline covers the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructures. So the students who are pursuing the same or are willing to pursue the same must ensure that he or she is a pro in his or her profession. The reason being the fact a civil engineer is expected to be an epitome of creativity, skill and concentration. Just as they call it as a cherry on the cake, the academic abilities of a civil engineer provides him with special brownie points.
There is a vast scope for the civil engineers to establish an envious career by travelling overseas. You may be worried with the cost at the same time, isn’t? The question ‘how do I study civil engineering abroad at a low price?’ is found to be common enough for today. Well, it also has a remarkable solution too.
This article deals with the numerous questions that a civil engineer might be bombarded with, in an interview. In any interview, prior to recruitment the company shall surely set complex interrogations for the candidate. The selection shall be such that it tests the various aspects of the candidate. We can divide the questions into broadly three categories which are detailed below:
Questions To Test the Academic Abilities
In this section of the interview, the intelligent quotient of the candidate is put to test. It covers the following topics:

  • Logical reasoning: this section encompasses questions related to in equations, puzzles, sitting arrangement, decoding encoding and so on. This target at the general intelligence of the candidate.
  • Basic Mathematics: a civil engineer must essentially be strong at calculation. He or she must also be well versed with the numerous theorems and formulae. Binomial theorem, mathematical induction, permutation and combination are but a few topics to name in this category.
  • General Awareness: apart from being intelligent, the common sense is a trait that demands reading habit.

Questions To Test the Technical Skills

Usually the candidates who qualify the first round are selected for the next round. In the next phase the selected ones are subjected to technical questions. In this segment, the aspirants can expect the following questions:

  • Types of survey and levelling instruments.
  • Merits of using standard technologies.
  • The methods used to determine the quantity and quality of materials like wire steel and concrete.
  • The standard ways and means used in concrete processing.
  • The apposite reasons for which certain procedures are adopted like the reasons for which steel plates are inserted inside elastomeric bearings.
  • Steel quantity using thumb rule, steel and concrete formulae are few of the favourite questions of the interview panel.
  • It is expected from that a civil engineer has firm knowledge about face left and face right vertical angle change.

In this same section itself the interview board might end up asking you the details about the construction of some famous monuments. The Seven Wonders of the Worldor BurjKhalifa is usually taken up by students. You must have encountered the same during your course work in case studies. While studying the same makes sure that you diversify your route of study to various areas like the geographical requisites and so on.
Practical Based Questions
This is again, a portion of the technical skill section. As a civil engineer you are expected bear practical sense of constructions. The following questions shall give you a brief idea about the same:

  • Calculation of column rings and bars, and also of automatic level.
  • In case the concrete mix exceeds or is not mixed in proper ratio, the remedial methods should be known to you.
  • You must also have in hand the ideal and cost effective methods.

Personality Testing
Just as the raw materials are subjected to numerous tests to estimate their tensile strength and their reliability, the entrants are also subjected to few simple tests by the human resource manager. This is generally the last round of the interview. In this assessment, the board is interesting in knowing the character, and personality of an aspirant. In case of any crisis, how would onereact? How much are they able to co-ordinate and co-operate as a team. There are many ways in which your personality is analysed. These modes vary from place to place and are unique as well and sometimes amusing too!
How to Mould Yourself forthe Interview
Highlighted below are few of the methods following which one can prove one’s talent and get placed in reputed firm as a civil engineer:

  • First and foremost do not fake, just be you.
  • Interview panel is not interested in knowing the answers that has been memorised. Be logical with your replies.
  • You must possess sound knowledge about your subject. The important topic must be observed and assimilated completely through thorough understanding. For this you can embark upon e learning as well. There are a number of companies like us that offer online assistance. We have unique methodologies to apply, which shall surely diversify your knowledge.
  • Maintain your calm and decorum. Bear a positive outlook. And answer your question with an air of confidence. For this you can practiceyoga or meditation. You can also refer to some of the personality development books.
  • Reflect before you say. Be sure of what you are saying and guarantee coherence in each of your answers.
  • Develop your soft skills. Your language can be developed by preaching a habit of talking to yourself on a daily basis in front of the mirror.
  • You must pick up the habit of reading. It not just improves your knowledge but also aids in improving your general awareness.
  • Practise makes man perfect. In many online sites, you shall find question papers for practise. Make a target of solving the same within stipulated time.

If you go on board these strategies religiously, you shall be enthralled to find the improvement of your own level. These preparations shall boost your confidence without a doubt. Eventually you shall succeed in presenting yourself smarter than other contenders. Ultimately you can find yourself working for a reputed construction firm, building the dreams of many or even making headlines for touching the sky.