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12 Amazing Ways to Get Motivated to Do Assignments

by Nov 8, 2016Assignment Help

Are you tired of working on your assignments? Tired of writing out the same boring assignments? Do you need some extra motivation to instigate you to work on your assignments? Want to try out new ways to finish it off? Well, it’s high time that you start using them.
Not being motivated enough is one of the reasons that students throw around as an excuse not to submit their homework. This often is true. Students can barely muster enough motivation to get through the day, leave alone working on their homework. Thus, it is essential that they come up with something that motivates them strongly so that they can go ahead and start working on those assignments threatening to pile up on the desk.
12 amazing ways to get motivated
So, you want to be motivated. Have you gone through the quotes that motivate people just rightly? But, all methods cannot be applicable for everyone. However, almost the same reason troubles all students thatkeep them away from their homework.
Follow the ways listed below that will surely instil some kind of motivation in you and urge you to go ahead and work on your assignments to prevent them from piling up-
“Life always offers you a second chance. It’s called tomorrow.”

  1. Visualize

In order to motivate your own self, you need visualize that you are already sitting down and working hard at the task at hand. This an effective technique to stay motivated as it keeps you focused on what’s really important: getting your homework done.
So, imagine yourself typing furiously at your laptop for that English essay that you have to submit tomorrow or think about researching or reading the novel for a change to insert quotations from the book, to make the assignment more topically sensitive.

  1. Quit complaining

You need quit complaining about how tired or exhausted you are and just sit down to study. Complaining or whining won’t really help your situation. Moreover, it will waste precious amount of time and will eventually land you in some trouble.
So, stop dilly-dallying and get to work.  This also includes procrastinating till the last moment. No amount of excuses for procrastination will save you from the repercussions of not doing your assignments.

  1. Eat and drink properly

Before you sit down to study, it is imperative that you eat and drink sumptuously to avoid working on an empty stomach. When you are full and satisfied, you are more inclined to work, motivated and reenergized than on an empty stomach.
Prepare yourself some sandwiches, and save some for later in order to replenish your energy. Also, prepare a cup of coffee as well to be less exhausted while working on your assignments.

  1. Plan ahead

In order to stay motivated, you need to plan ahead. Plan which assignments you would be undertaking on which day and create a schedule accordingly. This allows you to keep track of how you progress with the assignments and estimate the time duration required to get through all of those assignments.
Also, pick a particular time for your assignments. This allows you to make it into a habit which ensures that you never lack motivation again.

  1. Remove all distractions

Lack of motivation stems from the presence of distractions which disrupts your concentration! With the presence of a phone and an internet connection, it works well to distract you from your daily activities and especially from your assignments.
There have been many instances when students were found lying inbed for hours, intending to complete their assignments but failing to do so, because they were scrolling through their newsfeed for hours. So, before you sit down to work, switch off all the electronic devices and if you are working on your laptop, then log out of your social media accounts to work free from any disruptions.

  1. Concentrate on the big picture

One of the ways to motivate yourself is to concentrate on your ambition. You need to be able to visualize the bigger picture. What are your dreams and goals? What do you want to achieve in life? How is this assignment going to contribute to that? Assess the implications of working on the assignments and how you would benefit from it.
Would that allow you to understand the subject better? Will it allow you to increase your grades? Will it be added to your grades at the end of the year? If yes, then that should be motivation enough to get you working.

  1. List all the pros and cons

If you want to be amply motivated then to work on your assignments, then list down all the advantages and disadvantages. List down the possible benefits that you will experience if you work on your assignments! Also, list down the repercussions you will face for not doing your assignments.
For example, under the cons, you can list how you might be punished, how it will affect your grades and your long-term career goals.

  1. Reward yourself

Rewards help motivate a lot. Introduce a reward system into your homework schedule. Like for example, if you manage to complete a particular assignment within a specific period, then reward yourself some time to check your phone.
However, you need to restrict yourself to the minimum amount of time. So, be a bit creative and find out ways to motivate yourself to work by introducing this reward system.

  1. Take breaks

Motivation is short lived and in order to rejuvenate yourself, you need to allow yourself to take frequent breaks. This not only refreshes your mind and body and allows you to focus better, but it also provides you with a sense of purpose as you leave the work half way.
So, introduce a 15-minute break after every hour of studying and working on your assignments in order to ensure that the motivation is not lost.

  1. Find a place

In order to be motivated correctly to do your assignments, you need to select a place to sit down and get it done. You need to select such a place which is conducive to learning and allows you to work in peace. This can be a corner of your house, an empty staircase, a cafe, or the library. Just ensure that you can access all your materials required for the assignment and have access to the requisite stationary.

  1. Break it down

If you have a number of assignments or a big project that you need to tackle, it is difficult to get it done within a day and no amount of motivation will help you to achieve that. So, break it down into smaller parts and prioritize. The less amount of work motivates the students to get it done quickly, without much trouble.

  1. Prepare

Simply sitting down to study and completing your assignments will not work in your favour. You need to be prepared, mentally, to handle such a task. So prepare yourself from beforehand. Go over it in your mind, the amount of assignments that you need to complete, and whether you have all the available materials or not. Gather all your notes, and other resources ad go through it properly, before sitting down to write your assignment. Only, if you are prepared will you be motivated to complete your assignment.
Follow these methods and keep motivating yourself to work and strive for success. However, there might be times when you wouldn’t even feel like motivating yourself. For such times, you can turn to professional websites for help that will help you sort through the assignment problem easily.
Whenever you are ready to give up, remember that this won’t last forever, that this only a stepping stone for the brilliant career that you envision for yourself. So, work hard and the labour will soon be paid off.
“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”