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Best Ways to Stop Being Procrastinator for Better Results

by Nov 8, 2016Assignment Help

At a point of time, everyone procrastinates. This is not a born quality; it comes eventually with time. This is common to the student at times when they have many things to take care of or when they need to do something that they are not willing to do, or it’s boring. For a successful academic life, it is important that you must get rid of this habit.
Students look hard to find ways how they can stop being a procrastinator. They even look for online professional help for the same.  There are many ways for getting rid of this problem. They follow many rules, but they find themselves unable to cope up with this habit. If you are looking for some practical ways, don’t lose your hope.
Here are the best ways to stop being procrastinator for better results:

  • Determine it is worth doing

You might procrastinate because you are not willing to do something that you do not feel like doing.  It may be an assignment of a subject you are afraid of, or you find it boring or a subject you hate the most. This must be something that you want to avoid or want to escape from it.
This is different from procrastinating on your real goals and dreams. It is important that you must check the assignment thoroughly before you do because this is something you hate and doing it on top of things that you love to do.

  • Don’t be a slave of your mood

The strongest reason behind procrastination is your mood. Don’t listen to your mood, don’t be their slave they always lie to you. If you listen to your mood, you will always be like “I don’t feel like doing” “I will do it later” and you also know what happens next. You fall back on your assignment; get stressed because your due date is knocking on the door.
So, before you start work, you must change your mood. You can use meditation or other means for doing it and start working on your assignment and finish it quickly.

  • Clean up environment around you

The environment around you can either be responsible for your procrastination. Take a look around you, check your desk, your room or area where you spend most of your time or spend time working. See if it is clean or cluttered.
Have strength and clean up all the mess, throw away trash that you don’t need any more and create a productive and peaceful space that is inductive to positivity and creativity. Change in the environment can help you in improving your mood and rejuvenate yourself for doing your homework.

  • Stop portraying as victim

Why people glorify being a victim of circumstances? Why do individuals who play victim get so many ears to hear their story? There is nothing healthy or good in playing the victim. Instead of playing the victim, try being your hero. You must try being a warrior of peace.
Try to be strong and stop change your victim mindset. Even though, you can’t get rid of it and when it creeps in just change your mind by reminding yourself that you are the in charge. Change this mindset of yours be positive; it will bring positivity in your life.

  • Abolish distraction and kill the excuses

To get rid of distraction and excuses you are required to know the exact meaning of distraction and excuses. If you look up a dictionary, it explains excuse as ‘’ a cause to put forward to cover the real cause of an action.” Distraction and excuses are like walls of confrontation but only if you give attention and focus.
To abolish distraction and kill excuses you need to put your attention and concentrate on the right place. You need to put then where they belong to, in the simple term just focus on the assignment you have in your hand.

  • Develop self-discipline

Now it’s time for you to choose between the pain of developing self-discipline now or savoring bitter pills of regret later. When you put all that in this perspective, it will help you in making quick decision. To convert it into action, you must develop your small habits that will assist you in building up your efficiency.
Everyone has a different personality. Establish a pace that is ideal for you don’t be harsh on yourself. It can be Sunday night ritual or an hour early in the morning, may be working in complete seclusion or may be timing you.  You must try to find a magic habit that you think will work for you. This will be your self – discipline.

  • Think about your end goal

Think about your future goals and visualize it in your mind. Visualizationis considered as one of the most powerful exercises.
It helps you in focusing on your end goal. It is considered as a proven way for motivating and killing procrastination so that you can achieve the high level of success. It takes a lot of attention and focuses on seeing the end goals as well as to think about how it can apparent it in your life. If you want to give it, a full try starts with making a vision board.

  • Reward yourself with something big

Every time you achieve something, you must reward yourself it helps you in keep on moving. Usually, people don’t do this because they think what they are doing is just their work, and they have to do in anyhow. This causes lack of motivation which eventually converts into procrastination.
Whenever you do something without procrastinating, you must reward yourself with something wonderful. You can buy yourself something that you are desired for or by doing something you wished but unable to do because of your homework stress like –

  • Watching movie with friends
  • Playing your favorite video game
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Taking a small break for the stroll

If you find it hard by yourself, in that situation you must ask yourself, whether homework or play football! Which one should get the priority? This will help you in getting your answer and a way out so that you can stop being a procrastinator.