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Written vs. Digital Assignments- Which One Is Better and Why?

by Nov 8, 2016Assignments

Are you more prone to writing your assignments on your laptop than writing it down by hand? Are you wondering whether it is hampering your learning? Thinking about ways to improve your performance? Well, it’s time that you learned which one is better- writing out assignments by hand or get it done digitally.
Each has its own benefits to offer but the question arises which one enhances your learning abilities and which one hampers it. So, curious to learn about which one works for you the best? Well, read on!
Which one is better- digital or written?
Over the years, technology has taken over the lives of human and has benefitted many in the process. Another space where technology has proved to be effective is assignments.
Many schools are now opting for digital assignments to mitigate the technical challenges which students might face and to promote learning across all platforms. They support writing digital assignments as it has many benefits to offer like it can be shared at any moment and submitted minutes before the deadline and so on. But one question arises: is the traditional method of writing assignments going out?
Well, not so much. Studies have actually shown that many schools are still adopting this traditional method as they believe that it improves the performance of the brain. Wondering if it’s true? Well, listed below are some of the possible benefits that you might experience if you opt for writing down assignments by hand.

  • Writing boosts memory

Researchers have found that writing down assignments, physically, tends to boost the memory. It allows the students to remember better, for short term and long terms and allow them to recall any information at their own convenience and perform better than the others.
This is because when you write down your assignments or your take down notes to complete it, you form your own words and content in your mind, which allows you to remember the information better.

  • Writing improves the cognitive performance

Writing improves the cognitive performance of the brain as you get to think. When you are writing down your assignments, you will see that you think before you write and it makes your brain work harder and makes you more efficient.
It allows you to focus precisely on the important points and allows you to write better. It allows you to thinking critically and in the process, make you more creative. For example, you can create doodles while writing assignments whereas while typing it on a laptop, you can’t do that simultaneously.

  • Writing increases the literacy rate

One problem which is cropping up amongst the new generation is that they can barely spell a word right. This is the aftereffects of typing digital assignments. When you are typing on a laptop, on a word document, the autocorrect helps you out to form the right sentence and the word and corrects it continuously.
So, you barely need to memorize the spellings of the word which get the literacy rate down. Whereas, when you write down your assignments by hand, you actually have to spell it out and write it on your own. There are a no auto corrects present to correct it for you.

  • Writing allows you to understand better

It is true that writing down assignments allows you to understand the concept of any topic better. When you are taking down notes by hand, you are most likely to listen as it is not possible to take down everything that the lecturer says word by word.
Whereas, if you use a laptop, then it is possible that you listen less as you will be preoccupied in typing faster to take down everything that the lecturer has to say. Of course, you can turn to professional educational websites to understand it as well.

  • There are fewer distractions while writing

While writing down assignments, you are less likely to get distracted by other notifications. Once you find a suitable and quite place to study, you are less likely to be disturbed. Whereas, if you write your assigns on a laptop, then you are more inclined to surf the net and check your social media profiles, which would prove to be counterproductive.

  • You get to practice while writing

While writing assignments digitally are fun, however, you are less likely to gather any practice from such an experience. Writing down assignments not only helps improve your handwriting, but it also gives you an opportunity to practice.
For example, for subjects like math and chemistry, there are various numerical problems that are presented which can only be solved if written by hand. Even for biology homework, where you have to draw, you can only practice the diagrams if you do it by hand.

  • Your own set of notes

With written assignments, you can create your own set of notes and techniques to study efficiently and get done with the task fats.
Even though you can create note son a laptop as well, however, the movements are restricted and you need to follow the bullet form or create a list in order to do so. There is no way to be creative over here and hence, your learning abilities are restricted.
Thus, handwritten assignments have a number of benefits to offer which you might not find in digital assignments. Despite, the advancement in technology, it still clearly holds a major importance in the lives of students and enhances their learning growth. However, there are certain benefits of digital assignments as well which are as follows.
Digital allows you to focus better
When you are typing your assignments on a laptop, you have to be cautious and devote your entire concentration to the task at hand. This is because you have to look down every time while typing in order to ensure that you are picking the right keys towrite your assignments correctly.

  • Easier to share

Digital assignments are much easier to share with the concerned people.It is more convenient as well.
For example, if you start working on your assignments late and you have deadline that ends within three hours, then you can work till the last moment and simply email the assignments to the teacher. It takes only a few minutes to do so.
Whereas, for handwritten assignments, you have to ensure that you work is done well before the time, as you won’t get any such opportunities.

  • Faster and efficient

Typing out digital assignments consume less amount of time and are an efficient process to finish assignments. When you are typing assignments, you are less likely to make a mistake as auto correct is present and it supervises over the entire documents and corrects all the wrong. Moreover, you type faster than you write.
For example, if your typing speed is 20 words per minute then it might take you around thirty minutes to write your assignments and get done with it whereas for handwritten assignments, it might take you an hour to do so.

  • More productive

Typing out assignments will make you more productive as it conserves time. This time saved, allow you to concentrate on other matters in life. Moreover, the more you type, the more your typing speed increases which further allows you to save time and makes you incredibly productive while finishing your assignments at the same time.
However, the problem with digital assignments is that many might be unaware of the technical problems that they might face which might pose to be a big challenge later on. Like for example, you laptop might crash or your internet might not function.
Thus, both digital and handwritten assignments have a number of benefits to offer, but clearly handwritten assignmentsserve to help the students better. However, if you are comfortable with both the mediums, then you can mix it up.
Make your notes by writing it by hand and then use your typing skills to type it out. This way, it will not hamper your learning abilities.
“Write quickly and you will never write well; write well and you will soon write quickly.”