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How to Overcome the Anxiety of Mathematics Assignments

by Nov 8, 2016Mathematics

Mathematics is a subject that most people fear. The reason cannot be identified as most claim they simply do not understand this subject or find it hard to apply it in places they go wrong. Hence in simple words, mathematics more than fear, it creates an anxiety which directly affects the performance in this subject.
Each year more and more individuals are plagued by this anxiety and the grades keep falling. The question that hence can be raised is ways to overcome this terrible situation and ensure healthy tackling of problems.
Importance of maths assignments
Are you wondering how doing these assignments can possibly be of help to you? There are some who avoid doing such homework assignments as they find no utility in investing time and energy in them. Instead, they feel they should concentrate on only examinations. But their importance is as stated below:

  • Preparation

When a person puts their concentration into completing these home tasks it allows them an opportunity to prepare and get ready for the final examination. Preparation is a chance which should not be missed out on. Mathematics is a subject that can be prepared for endlessly hence the more experience you get, the better opportunity for scoring.

  • Time to make mistakes

This is the time to make mistakes and learn from them. At an exam hall each mistake costs you a mark and the final score can be adversely affected by even simplest mistakes. In the competitive world today one is seldom allowed the chance or privilege to falter yet not be penalised. You might not be the best, however, train yourself to be better than the person that you were yesterday.

  • Revision

Once complete concentration has been provided to such homework, you will notice that visibly you will not need to revise and all those concepts will be as good as new. Revision is something that can be impossible in a subject like maths and with regular assignments need for it reduces.

  • Clear doubts

Just as in these tasks you are allowed to make mistakes it is also the platform where it is possible for an individual to clear all their doubts openly. They may make sure that no matter what the problem at hand they know where they have gone wrong and ensure that same mistakes are not repeated. Clearing doubts are a huge part of dealing with anxiety and fear of any discipline.

  • Identifying problem areas

To relief oneself of the feelings of fear and anxiety they should know the problem areas which they face.
For example, if you do not know where it is that you went wrong in reading the problem or in applying an incorrect formula it will plague your mind and develop insecurities of being incompetent in the discipline. In a class, a teacher cannot address all questions, so it is important to do the assignment and find out where you made the flaw.
Techniques to tackle
Much like figuring out strategies to do homework during holidays, any discipline needs to be tackled with care. A theory based subject like history cannot have the approach of biology which is scientific. That being said mathematics is a subject all on its own. It has theories, branches and scientific analysis that make it both unique and tough.
However, with a few techniques it can be possible to ensure that no one is pain stricken and anxious due to this subject. To absorb better follow the points below:

  • Brush up the basics

To be the best the foundation must be laid strong and unshakable. If you feel the basics of the subject are still out of your reach it is time to get your old books out or do some internet research and be up-to-date with everything which has been previously taught to the student.

  • Know your syllabus

Do not make the mistake of avoiding preparation if you are weak in the discipline. Get to know the syllabus and figure out what parts can be of difficulty also mark the portions you have already finished. Being aware is the first step in tackling problems and overcoming them.

  • Plan out your approach

Do not dive into preparations without any prior planned approach. You have to prepare a schedule which needs to follow. Prepare this schedule keeping in mind personal and uncontrollable limitations and keep time for unexpected breaks or breaks in completion of the assignment.

  • Emphasize on problem-solving

Do you want to be able to do your mathematics assignments without any anxiety? The easiest way to make this happen is by stressing on problem-solving. At times when the teacher does it the student might think they have understood, but in reality, while actually doing it themselves the real limitations are identified. Once identified shortfalls can be combated and removed.

  • Practice is key

Why does one practise? Well, as the saying goes, practise makes perfect. Hence the best way to ensure all round development and visible improvement is to sit with your work and keep on practising. Raise the difficulty level slowly and challenge yourself to be better. This will be the foundation on which your mind will learn to overcome its anxiousness.
Get help
When you are still scared of a particular subject it can be wise to get professionals to help you out. The latest development in the field of education is online academic help and tutoring which has become a sensation today for the following reasons:

  • This help is by professional persons who are experts in their own field of work and can provide your child the latest and updated developments in their work field.
  • They can opt for at any time of the day be it early hours of morning or late at night. Hence they provide the opportunity for students to study when they like.
  • These persons are established hence now you can get your child the best and distance will no longer be an issue.
  • Each teacher provided by such places of online help are recruited after thorough background checks and are safe to trust.
  • Teachers will cover those topics which the student wants to study. Allowing them preference to choose the difficult subjects that are causing them problems.
  • The fee which is charged is also a bare minimum and extremely reasonable compared to the several benefits it offers.

The best help is the one a person provides to themselves. Hence, get smart and figure out what exactly you need to make your anxiety disappear and work to reach that goal and become successful in mathematics. This will not only offer you better understanding but good grades also.