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8 Effective Ways to Answer Lengthy Questions in English Exams Quickly

by Nov 8, 2016English

There are different subjects which studentshave to learn in their academic life. They need to memorize a lot to clear their exams and make a stand in class. So students must be taught a particular way to write their answers to score good marks.
The techniques eventually will help them to go through studies more easily. If these ways are much clear to students, then the interest will also grow in them. Therefore, they will study for more time.
What are the problems they face while studying particularly English subject?
English is such a subject which is being taught to students in a more innovative way than any other subject. It is being seen in maximum students that English is one of their favorite subjects. English stories and poems are read by students from a very young age and they enjoy the way it is being taught.
Students even prefer to write their own stories and poems when they are very much motivated by their way of studies. But certainly, there are many problems which are faced by students. Just because these problems arise when they go through thissubject, they eventually score a less marks than they actually deserve.
Some of the problems are:-

  • Students becomeconfused about the fact that there are so many questions of a chapter. And there are so many answers to be remembered. Therefore if the techniques are being taughtproperly, then it will be helpful for them to go through the answers.
  • Students become nervous that they become confuse of the fact of where to write the answers and what. By knowing the right answers too, they are unable to write.
  • By learning a very large number of answers students become bored of this subject. And eventually, they lose interest in the subject. And once they lose interest it is very difficult to make it up once again.
  • Nowadays the time factor is also very important. Students actually don’t get much time to go through line by line. Therefore, they hardly have anytime to go through all chapters line by line and most importantly a large number of questions. The time is much shorter for each and every student.

Certain tricks will help students much:
Certain tricks must be provided to students which will help to answer lengthy questions in exams at a very short time and also they could get good marks are:

  1. Students must at firstknow the summary of each and every chapter thoroughly. Therefore they must be blank if the exact question does not come in the exam. And that time they might feel nervous and then they become unable to answer.
  2. All students must be taught some techniques which they must follow. Such as one of them is they must be taught how to make important points from the whole chapter. That is the chapter must be at first read by the student then they must make points of the chapter in their own This will eventually help them to understand as well as memorize the whole chapter in a while.
  3. If students prepare their own answer in points then while writing the answer they will not forget any point. That is whatever the question might be if the summary is been read in points then any lengthy answer can be answered
  4. The time factor must be explained to students very clearly. The students must be explained a certain time for each question. That is he or she must not take a very much long time for a single question.

Sometimes it must happen that a certain chapter is been learned properly and students prefer to write the answers to that question very specifically and too long and in this way a long time is being lost. This actually hampers the other time of many more questions.
They must be taught the time management very properly. It must be like that each question must be having a certain time for each answer.

  1. Students must keep in mind that lengthy questions always do not allow them to get good marks. Teachers all the time does not depend only on the lengthy answers. They give good marks only if the answers are to the point. Therefore it must be kept in mind of students that the answers must be in point. And the points must be defined in own words.
  2. Students must keep a point in mind which must be separately taught to them that is they must write all the answers in their own They should not memorize each and every line from the book and then write the answers. This is the reason why the answers in the examination become excessively lengthy.
  3. Another point which is very much crucial is that students must understand the meaning of the question and read the question more than once. And they should then avoid writing unnecessary points and making the answer lengthier.
  4. This is the sole responsibility of the guardians or teachers that they must make students practice all the above-mentioned steps before the exams also. They should not leave all those for the examinations. Then they will not be successful in that. They must grow the habit of the above mention steps.

Students must follow all the above methods so that answers in examinations do not become too lengthy. And in that case, they must be taught all these things and they must be taught in such a way that they become comfortable. If they are comfortable with all the above-mentioned steps, then in all the classes they must not have to be taught separately.