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10 Best Education Systems Worldwide

by Nov 1, 2015Assignment Help

Education is undeniably one among the most important thing around the world. Although, there are many countries are doing not well in this field and also countries doing much better than other countries. Mostly people believe that west countries has the best education system, but this not the reality. There are many educational groups around the world who spend lot of time in studying and comparing different factors related to learning structure like grades and try to rank countries upon their achievement in the field of education.

A result varies time to time but it is very interesting to know that reality is far away from what we assume about best learning structure around the globe. You will surprise to know that countries that are regarded for having best education structure for a long time have faced a drastic downfall in ranking. It is although unbelievable as well as disappointing for many people who spend a lot of time and tried really hard to get enrolled in these western countries.

There must be people who are curious to know what the factors are for these ranking, for satisfying their curiosity here is a factor that help in determine places and ranking countries on their education system.

Basis of Ranking –

1. Primary school enrolment.

2. Secondary school enrolment.

3. Adult literacy rate.

4. Women’s mean years in school.

Before making your study plan overseas it is important that you must know which country has the best education system. There are many websites that provide you ranking and other details about countries have the best educational system around the world and also provide support to students for classroom works.

List of Top 10 countries in field of Education –

1.    South Korea.

2.    Japan.

3.    Singapore.

4.    Finland.

5.    United Kingdom.

6.    Hong Kong.

7.    Netherlands.

8.    Canada.

9.    Denmark.

10.    Germany.

South Korea –

Who would believe that a country which had an awful erudition system and devastate by civil war can become the leader of education in the world. This country has turned its school around and now this country is acclaimed internationally for its exceedingly high educational outcome. The reality is that South Korean people know the importance of hard work and grit. This is why this country is considered as one of the country with 100% literacy rate and stand out for its education system.

Japan –

Japan was the leader of education before that place captured by South Korea. This country has the most excellent learning structure for consecutively for three quarters in a line.  The technology based education system is the main reason for being this country on the top. Another big reason is a firm investment. This country has spent a great amount of their revenue for the improvement and betterment of their educational system.

Singapore –

Singapore is a country that has constantly impressing the world over the years with its excellent study culture. At the same time it is giving a run to many western countries for their money. This country has a high rank in primary education and is very close to beat western countries in the field of quality education.

Finland –

There was a time when Finland was well known for its best education system around the world. Now the facts have changed now this country not only dropped from its position but also has badly defeated by its Asian rivals. This country is up to the mark in any level those are considered for ranking countries on its study culture. The main drawback that cause downfall of this country’s study culture is the poor early childhood enrolment.  This is the reason now a day countries are paying more attention to early children education and that why home teaching is getting popular today. You can find many parents searching for topics like Home Learning: How it’s helpful to your children and how you can improve your methods of teaching.

United Kingdom –

A country that rules on many countries for decades as well as considered as one of the best when it comes to education has barely saved a place in the ranking. It has become solo European country that got a place in top ten ranking for best education system in the world.

Hong Kong –

Hong Kong has saved sixth place with a literacy rate of 94.6%. This country’s educational structure has many similarities with the Model of United Kingdom’s education management. All levels of schooling whether it is primary, secondary or higher follows excellent approaches, that works perfectly for the benefits of students. The Cantonese Chinese, English are used as the main stream languages for teaching and for educational texts.

Netherlands –

Netherland follows a very different approach then the other countries. This country has invested a great portion of its revenue in the field of early childhood development and is appreciated for doing this. At the same time this country don’t pay that much attention to other field that result in lowest high school graduation rate. Weak management, inappropriate planning and low investment is the cause of this country dropped ranking.

Canada –

Canada is a country that has the highest rate of college graduate among the other countries of the world. Even though this country is not much considered about the development of early childhood learning still impresses with its graduation rate. If this country pays a bit attention to its early childhood education it can simply improve its rank in the list.

Denmark –

Study structure of Denmark is known for doing average on every level. The effort and hard work this country is doing in the field of early childhood study structure is really remarkable. This country’s learning structure comprise of Pre –school, level, primary level, secondary level higher level and adult education. These levels are divided into various parts like secondary level divided into higher commercial, higher preparatory and gymnasium and many other. There is rule in the country for children up to 16years must complete their education level till then.

Germany –

When it comes to learning Germany is considered as the power house of education as well as is ranked high around the world. Although it has experienced a decline in this field due its incapability of changing and maintain the social life in the country, even though this country is totally devoted towards developing the best learning constitution in the world. When it comes to learning it is completely a matter of respective state government there is no interference or control of federal government over education in this country. The country is less considered about kindergarten but secondary education is mandatory.