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10 Tips to sharpen your English Skills

by Nov 1, 2015English

Today everyone focuses on improving their English skills.  This language has become a very crucial aspect for everyone whether it is a job interview or any competitive exam. You are being judged your English skills and command over this language. Whether it’s a job seeker, a student or a housewife everyone is searching for some effective ways to improve their English skills. Though people don’t find an organized and proper way of improving their abilities, this is why many people give up on this in mid of their learning because of their lacking confidence.

Start with motivating yourself:

The most important thing that you need to improve your English skills is a strong mind set up. Everybody needs to make up their about doing something that will help in achieving your optimum goal. The only thing that needs to keep in mind to make it up is –

1. At any point of time you can learn and enhance your skills, just remember it is possible.

2. Don’t wait or dream for any overnight miracle will happen. Learning something is a continuing process. You have to learn constantly.

3. It is important that you keep your learning objective clear.

4. You must know why, what and how to learn and improve your abilities more effectively.

Improvise your learning abilities:

Another important thing is to improvise your learning abilities. It can only be improve when you understand a simple thing that it can be improve and it is a skill that can obtain with your hard work. In this process you need to –

1. Know yourself.

2. Know your learning capability.

3. Know about your interest.

4. Figure out a process you already used before for succeeding.

5. Above all what you want learn.

6. Set achievable goals for yourself:

Need to spend a quite time to learn and practice something in order to improve your abilities effective. A small time which spends on everyday basis is more effective than spending a whole day when it comes to learning. You can set a routine that you must follow on everyday basis without fail. What you can do is –

1. Do some homework.

2. Read one news article every day.

3. Learn one new word every day.

4. You can also visit an English speaking social media page or forum every day.

Figure out the best way to help you in learning:

Everyone knows their selves better than anyone else. Everyone should know what type of learner they are. They must know how they can learn a thing effectively. It is important that they should figure out the best way that can help you in improving your abilities. Whether they are a visual learner, a Kinesthetic or tactile learner or an auditory learner you must choose the most appropriate way of learning for yourself.

If you are a visual learner then private lessons will be more effective for you. In case you belong to auditory learner category then you will be benefited if you learn through listening texts and radios. If you are a tactile learner it will be better if you take part in any activity like drams or play any role. You can also use online sources for learning as they will be a great help for you that is why online education is getting popular day by day.

Increase your vocabulary:

You should try to learn more and more new words. It will help you in expanding your vocabulary. It will give you a great power and choice of words for expressing your ideas and thoughts. It will help you in understanding what native speakers say as well as help you in reading complicated texts. Expanding your vocabulary and talking about related topics will help in improving your skill. It is crucial that you should know that there are many ways of expressing a specific thing.

If you have knowledge of many words it will help in expressing your ideas more significtly and quickly. There is no need to be afraid of experimenting with new phrases and words.  You can also take help from various online sources those are available to help you in fulfilling your desire to learn more new words and improving your English skills.

Get perfect your pronunciation:

Pronunciation plays a very vital part when it comes to English. Poor pronunciation is an obstacle to your flowing language. You need to distinguish between various sounds, if you fail in distinguish between than you must be misunderstood. You need to know the basics like native speakers use connected speech and contractions for easing pronunciation. It will be good if you choose a speech model you like for this, and you can also take help from our website to help you in learning and improving your English skills.

You should practice speaking smallest phrases it will help in differentiating between tricky phonemes. Figure out which accent is difficult for you  in speaking life native speaker and try to focus more on them and try to repeat them and piece them so that it become easy to speak.

Study with friends:

If you are losing your confidence or you are getting bore ore don’t like to be on your own while learning English, in that case you must look for someone you can study with. You can ask your friends to become your study buddy. Ask your friend to practice or learn English with you once in a while.

Join native speaker’s group:

You can also join a native speaker’s group.  There are many pen pal and language exchange websites you can join one of them to enhance your skills. You must look for a site that can help you in meeting interesting and new people who are native English speakers.

Watch movies or English dramas:

Apart from that, watch English dramas and movies on television. It will also be a helpful way to sharpen up your skills.

Join online classes with native speakers:

The best way for shaping up your English skills is to join online classes and must look for classes that has native speaking teacher to help you in learning.