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Yes! Check out Here When Is the Best Time to Do Homework?

by Apr 23, 2016Homework Help

Twelve year old David, my next door neighbor often approaches me for advice related to his homework. Sometimes is about why did he have so much homework or how could he complete his homework fast. I always try to answer him patiently and positively because I believe that it is our duty as elders to guide the younger generation through their problems. Today he came up with the question – When is the Best Time to Do Homework?
The Larks, Owls and Hummingbird
Based on difference in the sleeping and waking up pattern, there are three main categories of people in the world –

  1. The Larks

These are basically the morning people or people who like the bird wake up quite early in the morning. One in ten people fall under this category. Since there are up by dawn, they often retire to bed quite early. Even if these larks do stay up late, attending a late night party or for work they still wake up like clockwork at same time the next day.

  1. The Night Owls

They are the people of the night often staying up till late in the night. Two out of ten people fall into these category. Because they sleep late, they wake up late and hence are often mocked upon and labeled as irresponsible or lazy people. However, studies show that night owls have a better creative IQ than the larks, meaning the owls are way more creative.

  1. The Hummingbirds

Most people in this world are like hummingbirds. They may wake up early or stay up late. And that’s seven out of the ten people.
This shows that each individual like his/ her tastes in food clothing etc also has his/ her own sleeping and waking up pattern. Therefore, in case of students their timings to do homework will also differ.
When is the Best Time to Do Homework?
The best time to do your homework is to ‘begin it as soon as possible’.

  • It is always best to begin homework as soon as it is handed out in class. Most of the homework that is handed over covers the topics that have been covered just recently in class.
  • The human brain can retain new information for up to 24 hours. After this time period, the information slowly begins to fade away. If you begin your homework right away, you shall be able to finish it quickly because the lesson is still fresh in your mind.
  • Even if you begin after a day, chances are that you may still be able to recall some of the lessons taught. The more you delay, the more you forget and you may have to start reading the portion all over again from scratch.

Now that you know when is the best time to do homework?
When can you start doing your homework?
There are various times in a day when you can sit to doyour homework: –

  1. Morning:

In case of when is the Best Time to Do Homework, it can be stated that one of the most preferred and recommended time by experts is to do your homework in the morning. There are innumerable Benefits of Doing Your Homework in the Morning. That is because your mind feels fresh and body is well rested after a long night of sleep. And a fresh mind has a greater ability to concentrate and hence can grasp concepts quickly and your homework gets done quite fast.

  1. At Night:

For those who find it difficult to get up in the morning prefer to do their homework at night. These students have to combat tiredness and different forms of distraction like external noise, pinging cell phone etc. However, by following certain tips like practicing yoga and meditation, eating right, keeping away from mobile and internet etc; one can still finish the homework as efficiently and quickly.

  1. As soon as possible:

When is the Best Time to Do Homework? Interested to know the exact reply? Follow those pupils who never neglect their works and do it as early as possible. Such students are generally the first ones to finish their homework. This is because they begin doing it as soon as it is handed over in between the classes or during the breaks. What is remarkable is the ability of such students to concentrate even in a noisy environment. Some however resort to sitting in the library to finish their homework also.

  1. Last moment Doers:

As this name suggests, these students leave it until the very last moments perhaps as late as few hours before submission.  In such cases, a last minute rush and panic hampers the learning process and they make mistakes and hand in poor quality of work. This is something that ought to be avoided altogether.
In addition, there are a small percentage of students who do believe in doing homework on their own. They either get their work done by others like bullies or they simply copy someone else’s work like copycats. I advise you like I advised David in case of when is the Best Time to Do Homework and that is to always refrain yourself from falling into this category. People like them never succeed in life.
Based on this and your sleeping pattern you can decide which timing you find the most comfortable and work accordingly. And when you finally sit down keep in mind the above points: –

  • Whether it is early in the morning or night do not sit on an empty stomach. And if you busy with your homework during the lunch hour make sure you have you food and then proceed. A hungry belly will hamper your progress and make you weak.
  • Keep away from forms of distractions. Switch off the internet and mobiles are to be kept out of the way. They are so addictive in nature that a simple 1 minute glance can turn out to become a 30 minute session of chatting, watching videos, liking, posting etc.

So the next time you think of when is the best time to do homework, remember that there is no definite time to begin. The time and opportunity that suits you the most is the best time. Chalk out your schedule for the day and proceed. All will be well.