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Writing Persuasive Essays Topics for College Need Not Be Scary Anymore

by Aug 21, 2018Essay

Since childhood, you have been wary of writing essays. The utterance of the word essay brought tears down your eyes, if I am correct. We all used to practice numerous essays at home, however when the time came to write essays in school, we faltered. Either the words were long forgotten or the lines could not be recalled any longer.
We have all grown up, with pangs of essay writing. If you somehow, managed to pin down the essay in your answer script, teachers would not find it interesting enough.
Let us break the ice with essays
An essay is specifically a piece of writing that supports a view or thesis. There are many types of essays. The various types of essays are:

  • Argumentative Essays/Persuasive Essays
  • Descriptive Essays
  • Synoptic Essays
  • Analytical Essays
  • Reviews

Let us understand the different types of essays:
Argumentative essays are also known as persuasive essays. It persuades on any given topic. These essays are written to present views on a certain topic. Then, comes descriptive ones. They describe a certain place, person or any topic whatsoever. There is no argument involved.Synoptic essay is an essay written in depth. It is almost like a case study.Analytical essay is also a form of argumentative essay. You can analyze another form of writing or a film. Reviews are feedback from people on products or services, you have used recently.
The need to write essays busted
It is an important part of the English curriculum. It helps us to develop our writing skills since childhood. The skills are transferable to a variety of industries. You can also become a professional writer, if you can master different writing styles in the language.
It helps you to grow your skills in critical analysis, organization of ideas, arguments and communication. It opens a whole lot of avenues for you professionally.
If you pursue English as a subject in college, you surely have the careers involving writing, in your mind.  Let us see, what all options you have:

  • Technical writer is a great career option for you. They are generally involved in writing manuals, FAQs, Guidebooks Most technical writers work in full-time jobs.
  • Editing as a career option is very lucrative. Then editor proof read others Editors work across many industries and roles. You can become magazine editor, a blogger, or a journalist.
  • New Reporter is another lucrative career option for you.
  • You can also move into new age careers such as social media manager. This is a flourishing career for full-time as well as freelancers.

Persuasive Essays Topics for College
College is an important milestone. Students take up English as a subject to pursue numerous career options. Let us get into the details of persuasive essay writing. Persuasive essay writing is basically an argumentative essay.  It makes use of logic and reasoning to legitimize an idea or point.
Steps to follow when writing persuasive essay topics for college

  • Take a stance. Decide which side of the argument you are going to support. Know your purpose. Why do you think, you are arguing on the case in the first place?
  • Secondly, find out more about your prospective audience. Study their demographics, educational background and cultural standards.
  • Research your topic well. Read through editorials, library books, newspapers, website and more. Be very inquisitive. Otherwise you will not get all the points together.
  • Next step is to give a proper structure to your essay. Give a proper introduction, body and conclusion.

There are various ways, in which you can support your argument. Read through facts, statistics, quotations and examples.Persuasive essay topics for collegeare an indispensable part of the syllabus. The sure shot way to success in persuasive essay writing in college is to create the right start.
Biggest challenges in writing persuasive essay topics for college are:
It is the best way to express your opinion about a particular topic. However there is more to it. You ought to respect the opinion of others as well. You need to be prepared with evidence, justification, beliefs and show sensitivity to the audience. Know your pitfalls and obstacles, before venturing on the path to writing persuasive essay topics for college.
Selecting a topic is a great task. Do it carefully, to get maximum leverage. Brainstorm a list of issues that affect your daily life. Once you have a list of ideas ready, talk about them with those around you to select the most exciting topic. That is half the battle won.
Bias should be avoided at all cost in writing persuasive essays. The web world has a lot of data to assist you in persuasive essay topics for college. However all the data is not usable. Learn to differentiate well from the bad. Go through academic journals, which have thoroughly researched on the topics.
Try to find out others viewpoints. Be ready with counter-arguments. This will enable you to win the minds of the listeners. There may be people in the audience, who may be for or against the topic. You need to keep that in mind.
Now, let us browse through some of the best topics. There may be various categories.

  • Technology and Science
  • Education and career-related essays
  • Topics on law and justice
  • Political essays
  • Scientific essays
  • Healthcare and sports
  • Religion

These are a few of the examples that I can give you now. There are a host of other topics; we could cover. Nowadays, there are many essays writing companies in the market, who can help you write the best essays in a professional manner. You have to pay the price off course;however you will get well-researched topics and data from these companies, who hire professional writers for the purpose.
You will get non-plagiarized, original content from these companies. They will even edit and proof read your content so that you can fetch good marks in college examinations.  Gaining good marks in persuasive essay topics for college is a huge challenge. However, with all the points mentioned here, you can surely succeed.