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The Tricks and Tips to Learn Writing Persuasive Essay Topics

by Aug 21, 2018Essay

Writing persuasive essay topics is a challenge, many of you will agree on this. Though we all have been writing essays since school, it remains a challenge. You seem to wonder what to write, when given an essay. The topic of writing an essay seems elusive.
An essay de-mystified
An essay is a form of writing that gives the author’s own views on the subject. It can be for the topic or against. It entirely depends on the writer’s mindset, when he has started writing.
Types of essays you will face in school and beyond
We can classify essays into four major types. Namely, narrative essays, descriptive essays, expositions and persuasive essays. We will find out what each one says.

  • Narrative Essays–

It concerns real-life experiences and situations. Such essays are generally written in ‘first person’ tone. Its prime objective is to involve the reader in the narrative form of essay.

  • Descriptive Essays–

Generally, talk about a person, object or place. It paints a mental picture of the subject in the mind of the reader. It can evoke emotions in the reader if it is written correctly.

  • Expository Essays

Is an analysis. These essays are based on facts. Hence, writers are not required to express their personal emotions through the essay.

  • Persuasive Essays–

Are written to convince the audience of something.The writer is supposed to mention all facets of the subject.
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How to write an essay?
You have got to remember a few points when starting off.

  • The scariest part for students is writing an essay. There can be two situations, either you get a topic to write an article on,or you may have the liberty to choose a theme. If you have already being given a topic, then you have only one option. Think! Decide whether you want to write something general or specific.
  • Prepare and jot down the points. Organise your thoughts on paper. There should be an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Try to write down the main ideas. Then elaborate on them.
  • Then comes a statement. That is the purpose of writing the essay.
  • Then the most exhaustive part – Body. It is where the entire concentration will be. Readers are more interested in reading the body part.
  • The introduction is an important part, which will capture the attention of the reader in the first instance.
  • Think about an apt conclusion. Readers do not like anything to end abruptly, without a final justification.
  • The final touches are an important part of essay writing.

Persuasive Essay Topics
We have written numerous such essays since junior school. And, my dear reader you will be doing the same in the course of your educational journey. Persuasive essay topics can be varied.

  • The idea of modern classrooms for students
  • Schools should abstain from taking part in advertisements
  • Fast food should not be served in the school canteen
  • Parents must be responsible for providing healthy food to their children
  • The power of internet to change the world
  • Equal representation for both genders in politics
  • Smart classrooms – the need for the future
  • The problems faced by old age population

These are a few examples of the persuasive essay topics, which you might encounter in school or college.
Why do you need to write persuasive essay topics in the first place?
Persuasive essays aim at presenting critical ideas in front of an audience. It is similar to a debate. These are serious essays, aimed at solving societal issues.
Writing persuasive essay topics
A few pointers to writing the perfect compelling essay.

  • Always ascertain the purpose of the essay. Why would you want to convince someone regarding a particular topic?
  • Then try to weigh out the pros and cons. Why would your audience listen to you or believe you in the first place?
  • Take sides. Decide beforehand, which point of argument you are on.
  • You should have all points ready before you face the audience. The audience can ask any sort of

Start practice from childhood. You all should read a variety of books, novels, editorials, websites and whatever you can lay your hands on. Read, listen, look. This should be your mantra. Jot down all the facets of the topic that you plan to present before the audience.
Research well, before writing. Summarise the points that you have jotted down. Practice in front of family and friends and not forget, your own self. You should browse through persuasive writing topics, to get an idea of the structure. Some of you will need more practice. Do not fret over it, as practice makes one perfect.
Nowadays, numerous workshops are held across your city. You can enrol for one of these workshops to master the art of persuasive writing.  The main formula to win with persuasive essay topics is to catch the pulse of the audience.  Half the battle is won, then and there.
‘Persuasion is the process by which one person convinces the other to do something’. A writer can persuade to take action, for a cause, or to change something in your society. Always concentrate on the endpoint of the persuasion. Your aim is your goal.
As students, you should always follow your teacher’s instructions in persuasive writing. The teacher can guide to the oath to success in persuasive writing.
Find out all the powerful words that you can use to persuade your audience. Touch the nerves of your readers through persuasive arguments. That is the best possible way to win an argument. Find out the audience’s need. Why are you talking about the topic in the first place? Try to ascertain your goal in persuasive essay topics.
So, before concluding note the following. Hook the reader, explain the scenario in 2-3 lines, then compose the thesis statement and finally write down the arguments. Finally, the conclusion is to be written. You will love what you achieve in the quest. This is the best possible methods that you can follow to win in persuasive essay topics.
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