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Wondering How to Show My Homework? Check This Out

by Apr 22, 2016Homework Help

Let me share a small incident that happened to me. The day was my second chance, and I had to show my homework to the teacher. Thinking where was the problem and what was the second chance about? Well, I couldn’t complete my assignment. My teacher gave an extended period, and I failed again. What did I do?
Cases of students struggling with their homework are not new. It is something that is being talked about even now. But have they got any solution for us? Perhaps not as such.
You might have faced certain situation in school or may face at some point in time. So, I thought of sharing with you those ideas that have helped me to come out of the situation.
“I have to show my homework today.”
And you’re undone. Right? Here are some tricky ways that might help you to help yourself out of such situation.

  • Pretend to search the assignment paper in your bag. “Oh! Teacher! I forgot it at home.” Mistakenly you have left it in the drawer of your room. That means you have done the work atleast.


  • Submit the wrong The exchanged file can be an old project or the latest work on another subject that you have done. As for the geography work, submit the history work previously done. By the time your teacher comes to know, you will get those extra hours or may be a day to complete. You can then explain to her that it got exchanged unknowingly.


  • If these things don’t seem to work, a friend is the best one to ask for. Copy a few portion from your friend’s copy. That will make your teacher believe that you are responsible enough to work on it. Since copying is a bad habit, manage to do the rest part of your own seeking time from your teacher.


  • A destroyed assignment also works better. Put some dirt in that paper. When you think like “now it’s time to show my homework,” you detail your professor how it feel on the mud while on way to school this morning.


  • Tear an assignment paper or crumple it to make your teacher believe that you have done the work. May be itflew out of your bag and fell under the wheels of a bike. However, make sure that the experienced lady doesn’t take a closer look. Orelse you might be caught.


  • Make the assignment paper illegible to read. Spill some ink on it. Do you have to explain more to your teacher? She can check out herself what has happened!


  • Another thing that sometimes works is that try to start the homework in class. And your teacher must notice that or else there’s no point of doing so. The next day when you will come up with an incomplete work, a little careful excuse will do it all.


  • Manage to get a medical certificate from a doctor you have agoodrapport with. Thinking what is the use? The certificate or medical proof that you were sick will defend your incomplete work. Even if the expert understands your lie, she is definitely not going to contact the doctor for verification.

When you cannot escape your teacher showing your homework, these tricks might help you at your vital hour. But before you start defending the undone work, certain things are there that you should keep in mind.

  1. Study your teacher’s attitude:

This is important. If your teacher is a strict person, she will keep on cross questioning you. And you will be harassed till she finds a satisfactory answer from you. You know what, “a lie has to be covered with lies.”The more you lie, the more you keep on lying and ultimately get caught. Studying your teacher’s attitude will help you to frame the reason carefully.

  1. Does your teacher like you?

If you are your professor’s most loved candidate, then you have the passport to use any excuse you wish. And if the case is opposite, the task is going to be tough for you. Again, be careful.

  1. What’s your teacher’s secret?

You don’t know? Then find it out immediately. Every person has a secret and so does your teacher. Suppose, if she likes attention, lend your ears to her as much as possible. Praise her in the class.You might get an easy release from homework.

  1. Is your teacher new?

A new teacher means less experience.You are lucky then. You don’t have to struggle much for finding out a unique reason. She would believe whatever you say. Don’t take the other one for granted: the old professors. They have dealt with pupils like you since years and know you even better.
Apart from these, there are 3 Ways to Excuse Yourself from Unfinished Homework and more. If you don’t want to that minimum writing thing to do that have been said above, you can definitely try out something else. Starting from serious reliable ones to hilarious reasons, there are all for different situations.
Honesty wins
However, these reasons are for temporary relieves. To avoid such situations further,you should better disclose the truth.She might understand your problem. If not, at least, she’ll be happy that her student has the courage, to be honest. Seek her apology in the most humble way. May be like “I am sorry! I cannot show my homework. After all the extra works, I was too tired to do it.” Nothing can be as better as this one.
Teachers understand their students, and they will also appreciate your honest cause. The benefit you will enjoy is that you might be excused the next time also.
A warning for you:
No matter how the number of new excuses you think of or even be brutally honest, at some point in time, it doesn’t work. If you go on repeating the same thing, you will not be excused for sure and create a bad impression on the teacher.Do not procrastinate and try to finish your homework fast. Then say proudly, “I can show my homework.”