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Why Understanding and Analysis Is Essential to Have a Good Grip on Chemistry?

by Sep 6, 2016Chemistry

Understanding and analyzing your lessons is of prime import while studying a subject like chemistry. Why? Well, simply because it is not at all a theoretical subject like History where you need to mug up dates, names and events blindly. It’s a branch of science that demands understanding and depth in your knowledge. You need to know how things works because these are not only concepts or ideas, but the things you learn in chemistry have practical implementation as well.
Any student, who simply goes through his chapters, without properly analyzing what he is learning, will never truly know about the subject. As such, he can only hope to score grades as long as textbook questions are being asked. But if any exam tries to test their wisdom, these students will invariably have to suffer. There are several negative outcomes of memorizing chemistry without analyzing.
Outcomes of going through chapters without truly understanding:

  • When a student simply tries to remember equations or laws without really understanding their meaning, chances are that they’ll forget them after a while. It is hard to remember something that sounds completely alien to your brain. On the other hand, if a student takes time and tries to comprehend what a law is trying to state, or how an equation is being formed, they’ll remember it more easily. Even if they forget things for a while, true knowledge of a topic will help them to recall what they learnt.
  • Students mostly study to keep their grades high, and very few students of this generation are concerned with ‘learning’. So even if one considers earning good grades as his ultimate goal, he or she will face obstacles if they only simply mug things up. Teachers know this tendency of students, and no standard examination tests only a student’s memory. There are bound to be questions which need to be solved with one’s own understanding of the subject. Students who ignore a proper analysis of their chapters will certainly face a problem in these cases. Same goes for competitive exams or any sort of entrance exams. Unless students have all the concepts cleared, they’ll end up losing marks and opportunities.In order to take up Chemistry for higher studies or to make a career based on the subject, only text book knowledge will not be sufficient in any way. Students need to make an extra effort. They need to love the subject, to show genuine interest before they can expect to gain returns from the subject. So, one must conduct his own research, educate himself about the subject and only then will he be able to impress higher authorities, whether applying for a University course or a job. In this case, knowledge will give them power.
  • Last but not the least; one needs to understand chemistry to know the world around him. Everything we see around us is a matter of some sort, is either a compound or an alloy. Chemistry teaches us about the air we breathe, about the environment we live in, about the things we use: it is related to every common man’s life in some way or the other. Not knowing the basics of the subject would simply make a person ignorant and all his education would go to waste unless he starts comprehending the things he has been taught.

All of these problems can be sorted with a bit of assignment help from knowledgeable sources, but we are often too lazy to seek that kind of help. Students can actually do a lot better if they undertake the proper approach.
Right ways to approach Chemistry

  • Star with convincing yourself that you love the subject. Focus on chapters that you actually like. Surely there are some chapters which you consider to be “easy”: begin with them and proceed towards the rest.
  • Chemistry is not a subject that you can learn overnight. Regularly invest some time into it; but don’t make it too hard on yourself. Focus on the theories one day and on equations the other. Divide your chapters into parts and concentrate on one part at a time; while studying try to understand what has been stated.
  • Never try to work out two or three topics at once, things will only get more confusing in this way.
  • If you cannot understand a particular topic, don’t just overlook it. If you don’t deal with it while you have time, it’ll bug you later when you’ll have to prepare for an exam. There are 3 things that you can do:
  1. You can Google about the particular topic and look for easier explanations.
  1. You can take your doubts to your school teacher and ask them to clarify it.
  1. If possible, get yourself a private tutor. This way, you’ll be able to have all your queries answered and the chapters will become a lot easier when they are properly explained to you.
  • Another very important step while learning chemistry is to perform at least a few experiments by yourself. How do you know the things you’re being taught are all correct? Wouldn’t you like to see for yourself? Yes, you would and that’s why it’s recommended that every student should indulge in lab activities when they get a chance. So far, you’ve only read about reactions but when you see them occurring with your own eyes, you’ll get a clear idea about them and your knowledge will not only be theoretical anymore. As a consequence, your grip on the subject would improve.

These are the 5 top tricks to understand chemistry better, start following them from now to see better results in future.

Once a while, take a break

While it’s necessary that you remain dedicated towards the subject, it is also important that you avoid being too harsh on yourself. If you think you can read for hours and learn everything at once, let me inform you that you’re daydreaming. Taking in too much at once will only cramp up your mind. And then you can forget about truly understanding any new concept. So it’s important that you give yourself breaks at proper intervals. In the meantime one can listen to music which promptly clears up the mind or can select for themselves some other sort of entertainment. When you start a new topic after having taken a break, you’ll find it much easier to focus.