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How to Write Good Essays Quickly?

by Sep 6, 2016Test Help

Writing essays is an important part of study and it is also correct that only a few students take care of this important part of their study. So, it is very well known fact that many students are incapable of getting cent percent marks in essay writing. Now, what are the important factors through which you can easily write an effective essay quickly? A timed essay needs a great research, however sometimes you don’t have much time to complete an essay, but you have to do it. So, what will you do, when you need to write an essay quickly? Less time and more work create mess and you are unable to get what to do and what not to do. If you desire to get some tips to know how to write a quick essay, then you can easily do it properly. So, let us discuss some very genuine points to recover the problems of an essay.
An excellent experience

Before you go through some important points, I just want you to know my experience when I messed up my writing in hurry. Usually, I create mess in every work that need rush. In my high school examination, I did not prepare much for essay. When I started to write it, it was completely jumbled and I deviated from my main topic. You will be amazed to know that this section carried twenty marks and I got just five. I really felt very bad at that time and did not get the way that how to recover. But, when I knew some points from my English faculty at that time, I did not repeat it anymore.
Now, let us discuss some important factors as follows-

  • Focus on your question first

Be sure that you have understood the question and make sure what you have to write about. Once you understand the question, your mind starts thinking of various factors. But, as you have less time, so don’t create mess after going through a question only once. So, the most important timesaving step for a writer is reading a single question two to three times, and then you should prepare its answer.

  • Take some time while thinking

When you got the topic, just take two minutes to think that what points belong to the topic and what should be perfect way that makes it interesting. This time must be ten percent of the total time of an essay. Don’t start writing without thinking. But, it does not mean that you are thinking and thinking for a long time as out of twenty minutes you are thinking for ten minutes or more. Don’t do it again.

  • Write down the points

The first step after understanding a question is making a structure of your answer. Think the important facts and write down those points first to clear its purpose. If you write the points first and then explain about the main topic, you will surely get good score. It is very perfect step for every student, who needs to explain the solution properly as well as quickly. You can easily outline the major points and then start to describe it properly.

  • Keep at least five paragraphs-

Suppose you understood the question and wrote down the important points. Now, the major thing that your writing structure must follow is its paragraphs. How much long or short is not very much important, but more than that is maintaining the paragraphs of the essay. Try to explain different points in different paragraphs of the essay, as it will make grab the focus.

  • Examples and arguments –

There is a great factor that clears and makes your essay perfect and it is your arguments that can easily cover the positive as well as the negative points related to an essay. Thus, create a controversy to grab attention of the readers. It is not only giving you the right way of explanation of a topic, but you can easily clear everything related to that. Moreover, if you are thinking of some explanation with examples, it will add some amazing impact on the readers that you are looking for.

  • Always try to write direct sentence that clears a topic

Don’t create any jumble of words that creates any confusion. So, be clear to the topic and write well. Henceforth, no need to write in such a way that creates confusion.

  • Do you think that you are writing the pattern just according to your question, if you are getting confused, just go through the question again and match that are you going through the positive direction or not. If you think that there is any little bit mistake, then change it immediately.
  • Make catchy introduction

The two important parts other than its features and main out lines are introduction and conclusion. Always start with an excellent way of introduction that grabs the attention of a reader. So, you must concentrate on that for acquiring the best result. Similarly, when you are going to end your essay, don’t forget to write a conclusion part. Be conscious about the ending points and also that you are not creating any mess. If your motto is creating a controversy, then conclude it properly that can make your essay perfect in all means.
Now, you can easily get that how to write essays quickly. A student requires an exact knowledge in all subjects that he has in his course. But, every student wants some important tips to make the solution of the subject easy. A lot of students are looking for a good score in mathematics, but they are unable to get it. So, if you have any problem in solving the questions in mathematics, then you can easily go through the topic 10 tips to score good marks in Mathematics. So, not only in the case of essay, but you can easily get a satisfaction when you grab the perfect solution of the other important subjects like Mathematics.