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Why Is Time-Management Essential to Boost Your Academic Grades?

by Nov 2, 2016Assignment Help

Life of a student is not bounded within the four walls of a classroom. They have got friends, family, and also they have full right to have a life of their own. These include time for hangouts, playing, gossip, watching movies, etc. time for studies is not only the time a student spends in his or her institution. They have got homework, assignments, projects and preparations to do before theexam. You have to learn to complete your homework efficiently. For example, let’s say how to make effective use of your finance homework.
With time management, 24 hours will be adequate
Each and every person is getting busier day by day. But everything needs to be done within 24 hours. One cannot increase this time limit of a day. The only way one can organize everything and maintain all deadlines properly is by following a predesigned timetable.
Students always get a timetable before their exam. Imagine if you had not got a timetable and were asked to get prepared for all subjects together as there can be atest on any subject, any day. Your life as a student would have been a mess and frustrating. That is why you have always been and will be provided with a timetable so that you can make a planning of which subjects you will study first.
Timetable is a good habit
A proper timetable helps to organize all work. The education system has and is changing to a great extent with time. In fact, it has changed a lot since I passed out from my school. Students are occupied more and more with projects and homework.
All these projects and homework require lots of time. Often students keep their work for last hour, and at the end of the day, they get confused as to what they will do first. This way, it becomes a complete mess, and as a result, the result of that student is compromised.
Timemanagement is very essential in today’s world where each and every person has got a hectic schedule. As stated earlier, you cannot add more hours to one day; but if you can manage time that you spend in all the work, you can even end up saving few hours to add to your leisure. Time management can be a bit difficult work initially, but once you start following your own time management program, it will gradually become a habit, and it will be your reflex.
Time management helps increase efficiency
Time management also helps to increase the speed of your work as you have a predefined deadline, thereby putting you under a time limit. This is what corporate world is, and if you can make this habit of your students’ life, you will find it easier to work when you have a job. The corporate world is all about meeting your deadline without failure even if workload is more.
Difference between organized and unorganized person
Any day, an organized person has lower stress than an unorganized person. This is because an organized person has all planned out as to when he will do this and that. But an unorganized person has no clue what will he do next. He or she just goes with the flow with a bohemian attitude. It sounds good and to some extent, but at the end, it is that unorganized person who suffers the most with frustration, anxiety and fear.
Start having a good time management program right from today, and you will notice a marked difference in your mental health. You will have reduced frustration, and your brain will function much better. You will not lose your cool easily, and things will be all under control.
Students need to manage multiple activates
A student needs to engage their mind in multiple activities. These include several subjects, their respective theory and practical knowledge if any, projects, special lectures, exams, etc. They have to attend classes regularly for 6 to 7 hours approximately for five to six days a week.
With all these, they have to find time to meet their friends and family and obviously for daily chores such as eating and sleeping. To remember and have aclear conception of so many things, a student must have a healthy brain functioning with no or meager stress. Only then he can give his best on that particular subject.
Our brain cannot give its best when it is under frustration and stress. It is similar to a computer processor. You must have noticed that a heated processor does not function properly as it has been overloaded with many tasks.
Similarly, if you keep on stacking your work without any proper time management, your brain will be overloaded, and you will go under depression and anxiety. If you train your brain to work under specified deadlines, your brain will work faster in ashorterperiod of time. That is when you will know that your brain efficiency is increasing.
Task planner at service
Try to create a planner for a week or a day. This will help you to keep track of your classroom activities including self-study. You can always take the help of your smartphone to use planner apps or your phone calendar. What is the key to success? Why should one student performbetter than another? The difference lies in the fact that all students do not have thesame capability to learn. Basic few results of a good time management are:

  • It reduces stress
  • It facilitates overall wellness
  • It inhibits better learning skills

Why students differ from one another?
A student whose better is better will have better efficiency in storing information and at the same time, recalling information stored in the memory. But whenever you are under stress, your brain faces obstruction in the path that stores and retrieves information.
This is why students who take stress during exams are the ones in general to score less. This stress arises when you are not confidently prepared as you might have wasted time of your preparation and studied in the last few hours.
This canbe avoided if you follow a routine life right since the first day of your academic session. A stress and depressed brain also lose the power of innovation. You might find few students in your class coming up with new ideas, but you are not able to do that. All these are results of same few things which are stress, anxiety, frustration and depression.