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How to Stop Procrastination for an Effective Homework Solving?

by Nov 2, 2016Homework Solution

Friday- Will do the homework tomorrow.
Saturday- Weekend has just started. I will do it tomorrow.
Sunday- I am too tired to do my homework.
Monday- Oh no! When will I do my homework?
Do such words and situation sound familiar to you? Do you do the same thing with your homework? There are students who wait till the eleventh hour to complete their homework without realizing the fact that it is leading to procrastination.
Keeping things piled up for the last minute is not merely a habit these days. It has somehow become part and parcel of our life. ‘‘Procrastination is like a credit card. It is fun till you get the bill!’’Thus a student who procrastinates in choosing his priorities has his life driven by circumstances only.
Ever since the concept of formal education has been introduced, students have always hated doing homework. But does it mean you will avoid doing your homework? No. Remember that if you procrastinate now, you will have to panic at the eleventh hour.
Being a student myself, I know that solving homework after spending hectic hours at school or college is very annoying. It is true that I too hated doing my homework right from my school days. Being a good student, I once failed to submit my homework on time. Being shocked with my negligence suddenly, my teacher made me understand various ways through which I can overcome with homework hassles.
Considering the fact thatthis problem is still faced by many students, I thought of sharing the effective ideas which helped me to overcome my homework battles shared by my teacher. Remember, that the best way to avoid procrastination is to do it simply.
Effective ideas to avoid procrastinating on homework:

  • Self- awareness

Before you proceed with your homework, it is very important to look for reasons that lead you to procrastinate. You need to know why you are procrastinating and what type of work you are procrastinating. You should know about the things you tend to avoid. Once you find the reasons which lead you to delay your homework, you can move on with the tips to ensure that you overcome this habit.

  • Take out your homework

Remember that there exists no ‘right time to do homework.’ Instead of piling up things, take out your homework. There are students who face the problem of getting started with their homework. Once the homework is right in front of you, it’s much easier to do it at once.
So don’t wait. Take out your homework and start solving it at once!

  • Build a game plan

It is said that with proper planning, anything and everything can be achieved.Once you plan how you need to proceed with your homework, it helps you to approach the work correctly. This will help you to know about the actions you need to undertake in your homework as everything would have been outlined from before.

  • Divide the homework into small sections

Most of the assignments that you are assigned are lengthy, right? Is this the reason why you delay your work?
Well, the best way to handle a lengthy homework is by dividing it into small manageable sections. This will help you to decrease your workload. By dealing with one part at a time, you can have more efficiency in your work as you will be able to focus a better way.

  • Frame a timeline with strict deadlines

Students often face the problem of being unable to complete the entire work on time. This is the reason why many fail to complete their answer sheets on time too.
Once you divide your work into small parts, why not be a little strict with yourself? Frame a timeline with each section having a specified deadline. For instance, you are supposed to complete a long answer within 40 minutes. Divide various parts of the answer into schedules of 10-15 minutes. This will help you to have a better approach towards your work.

  • Move to a different study environment

It often happens that students start feeling sluggish in an extra comfortable area. This creates a sense of procrastination to work. Thus, it is better to change the study environment. Not only will this help to focus on your work, but new scenery may even motivate you to do better!

  • Remove distractions

Along with a change in environment, you need to ensure that you are free from all sorts of distractions. While studying, ensure that you remove things from your sight that distract you while studying. Keep your mobile and other electronic gadgets like laptops, music system away from you. This will even help you to finish your work on time.

  • Consult people who have overcome procrastination

Why not take help from people who have already overcome the problem you are facing?
Get in touch with friends or seniors who have successfully overcome procrastination in their work. Know about the strategies they applied and take inspiration from them. Once you know that, start applying the same in your work!

  • Decide how to reward yourself for meeting up to the deadline of a task

A sense of rewarding oneself can act as a big source of motivation. Try setting targets for yourself so that you can reward yourself once completed. You can even plan a reward for yourself as per the deadlines you have assigned to yourself.
For example, plan that if one deadline is achieved, you can gift yourself with a favorite candy or a small snack. Don’t you think this will be fun? Start rewarding yourself!
If you get stuck with a sum or unable to understand some concepts of your subject, you can take assistance from online professional websites whenever you want.

  • Start with the most difficult part at first

Most students have a habit of taking the easiest part of homework at first. However, this isn’t the proper approach as you keep the worst part of your homework for the last.
Every assignment comprises of both difficult parts as well as easy parts. It is always better to start with the difficult part at first as a student remains most energetic during the initial hours. With more homework, a student starts getting sluggish which adds further trouble in homework solving.
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  • Work with a friend

It is always better to work as a team as it gives you more efficiency towards your homework. You can call a friend and start solving the homework together. During this team-work, you can solve each other’s problems as well as have a competition among yourselves of who can solve the homework better and faster.
Now that you know about the strategies to avoid procrastination, don’t you think that homework solving can be fun and easy too? Start your homework now!