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Why Is Proper Graphical Representation Necessary for Statistics Homework?

by Sep 14, 2016Statistics

Homework is one of those things which are hated extremely by students. It is a common psychology of students to avoid doing homework always. This is an age old system and things are changing now. Things have to change because over the last few years, education system has changed and is still changing. Homework is given more priority now. This is done to ensure that students do their homework and learn something on their course of educating themselves.

These days, the promotion of a student in school or college is determined by performance in exams along with their performance in class which include homework. So it is a good practice to do homework on time.

Homework should not be avoided

People often start doing homework, face strong difficulties and then leave it incomplete then and there. My suggestion is that you can take help of internet in those situations now. Previously, this was not the case. But now with the help of technology, there is homework help available online. If you face any difficulty while doing your homework, you can search several online professional help sites which deal in this particular job and send them your assignment.

They will take care of it and then send you the complete homework explaining you every detail of it. These homework sites help out in every stream. It can be math, English, science, statistics, history, etc.

Why is graphical representation important in statistics?

Students of statistics often have one question in mind- Why is proper graphical representation necessary for statistics homework? If you are a statistics student, first you have to realize what statistics is. Statistics is a wing of mathematics that deals in data analysis of several entities and comparing them.
Whenever we compare something scientifically, it can either be done in numbers and textual form, or it can be done with the help of several graphics. Graphics is always chosen over text. This is because it is always easier to comprehend graphics than text. Our brain can respond to graphics quicker than text.

Problems of textual representation
A textual analysis would require you to go through it thoroughly, keep a track of all data with 100% attention. If you lose your focus even a bit on your way, you will have to go through it from the top again. It is also very difficult and confusing to discuss in terms of numbers ad figures with others as one has to memorize all the figures in mind. Due to all these complexities, one also feels like avoiding the shenanigans of numbers of figures.

Advantages over textual representation

Instead, people always opt for graphical analysis. Graphical analysis does not involve numbers and figures. One can compare between a big and a small line or bar easily than a big six digit number with another. Comparing between different entities is easier in terms of graphics. It is also very convenient to discuss and explain others in terms of graphics. This is why office presentations are always made with graphical analysis.

Another big advantage of graphics is that graphics is something which even illiterate people can comprehend. It is a system of communication which is understood by all.

Difference between CUI and GUI

The ease of graphics over text can be explained with the help of evolution of computer operating system. Initially, when computer was developed, means of communication and operation in computer was in terms of command such as DOS. That is why operating systems in those days were known as CUI or Command User Interface.

Now everything is done with the help of text as well as graphics, the later predominating. That is why operating systems in present day are known as GUI or Graphical User Interface. To get a better idea of computer, go through the steps to master yourself in decoding the codes of computer science.

Different forms of graphical representation

Statistics and graphical representation go hand in hand. Statistics cannot be taught or read without graphical representation of entities. These graphical representations can be in several forms which are divided into main four types. These are:

  • Bar Graphs
  • Pie Charts
  • Histograms
  • Frequency Polygons

You will get these features even in little software such as MS-Excel. These are basically different in terms of the way they appear and in terms of the way they are created. Sole purpose of all these forms is the same.

How graphical representations are created?

When a student of statistics analyzes a set of data in terms of numbers, he or she first sorts them as per requirement. Then those numbers for several entities are fed to a graph or any other representation where graphical structures such as bars or segments of circle represent those numbers. Then it becomes easier to differentiate between smaller and larger graphical figures than smaller and larger numbers.

For example, a student might be analysis a set of data which holds a record of the annual sale of cars of a car manufacturer. It might have record of all the car models and their annual sale record. Now he or she might collect same data of the same company of the last five years. After all these, the sale record for each and every car is represented in the form of a bar graph in terms of time.

This is how a statistics is generated because a record where a bar shows larger than another bar is easier to understand than numbers.

Homework helps at your door

Statistics students often face difficulties when they try to generate these graphical representations on their own, especially when they are solving homework. That is the time they should seek help from many homework help websites available online.

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