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Why Do You Think Is Your Child Not Scoring in Mathematics?

by May 11, 2017Mathematics

With few exceptions, all of us had Mathematics phobia once upon a time during our school days. Since Mathematics is mandatory subject in schools, everyone has to study it to score good grades in examinations. Few students perform extraordinarily well in other subjects, but their overall score become less due to poor grades in mathematics.

Thus, in no way, you can evade from this subject. Research undertaken by University of California has proven that considering the complexity of this subject, almost 60% of students in United States of America end up choosing subjects other than STEM subjects’ i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Well, it is becoming a major concern for the country as the students of Unites States of America are lagging behind the kids of Asia, who are pretty good in this subject. So, when your kid is not scoring well in Mathematics, you need to focus on preparing mathematics lessons. To do this, it is important to know the reasons which could make your child be friendly with this so called “difficult subject”.

Here are few points by which you could make your child little friendly with mathematics:-

  • Never Scold and Reprimand

Never scold or reprimand your kid if they score badly in Mathematics. This has a bad impact on their psychology and they get demoralized. This subject comes in their hate list and it becomes difficult to change their mindset later. Be friend with them and make sums and equations solve with demonstration. There are many online tutorials where mathematics is taught with practical demonstration.

  • Change the perception of your kid:

Knowingly or unknowingly, many students make a mindset thinking mathematics to be damn difficult subject and it is not their cup of tea. This is a wrong perception. All children are born with similar capabilities and intelligence, barring few exceptions. All you need to do is to nourish the skill of your child. You should try to make them convince that it is a subject just like History or English. They can score as good in Mathematics as they could do in English and History.

  • Regular learning

Well, other than these, you should also give some efforts on studying habits. Mathematics is a subject of regular practice. Make sure that your child is studying this subject at least 2 hours a day. You too sit with your child to boast his or her morale. If you do not have much time to help your child, hire private tutors at home.

  • Brief notes of Formulas

Not everything in mathematics is to be understood. You need to cram a lot of things in your mind such as formula, tables, theorem, etc. Many a times, children just miss a sum in exams as they are not aware of the specific formula. Make a list of all formulas as per the syllabus and if possible paste it on the wall adjacent to the study-table so that your children can give a quick view to all the formulas and tables. Tell your child to rot down the formulas and tables by heart as they learn the songs of Justin Timberlake or any other pop singer.

Taking mathematics assignment and homework sincerely

Many times children neglect the mathematics assignment due to its complexity. This results in poor performance in their examinations. You should be quite serious about completion of assignment and homework, particularly in mathematics. If you do not have sound knowledge of this subject, then you must take help from online assignment help or homework help.  There are many online tutorials which solely perform to help students in doing their assignments in various subjects.

Experts are available 24 hours to help you answering every difficulty you face while assisting your child in doing mathematics homework. These services are available at a very affordable rate, which will cost you very less than hiring a private tutor at home. These websites are actually one stop destination or solving all issues relating to assignments or homework in various subjects.

Above mentioned were few points in which you need focus to make your children score good in mathematics. However, I feel, it is a subject which needs to be cultured since childhood. There is lot to learn to boost the skills of this difficult subject since kindergarten so that your child takes Mathematics as an easy subject and scores well. However, it has been observed that the kindergarten of United States of America spend a very less time to Mathematics. In practice, it should be equivalent to at least six hours.

So, if you want your kindergarten kid to excel in mathematics, make sure that you devote much time for learning it. There are so many ways by which you could make your kind learn mathematics quite easier. Just give a quick view to these points:-

  • Study while you play:

Kids do not like to study all the way. Making them study all the time could bring a feeling of boredom. So, use you skill to utilize their play time as study time and make them study while they play. Let them count how many chocolates they are eating or how many berries they are eating.

  • Bring Educational toys:

Buy the toys such as blocks. These are excellent tools, by which kids learn a lot. Let them make models using these blocks. Ask them questions like how many blocks are there? How many geometrical shapes are being formed?

  • Let your hand be one tool of learning:

When you are teaching your infant, the best effective tool is your hand. Let your child count your fingers. Make them identify the number of fingers you are showing them etc. By this way you can make your child study while playing on your bed before you go to sleep.

By the above means, you could make your child quite friendly with mathematics since childhood. This will evade the mathematics phobia in your child and surely he or she will score well in the subject.