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Why Do Homework at All?

by Oct 2, 2016Homework Help

There’s been a lot of crying and screaming involved, in every home at some point or the either, over the whole world due to the word ‘homework’. Homework is dreaded by all alike; the children because they have to sit through hours or lessons and complete them rather reluctantly, and parents because they have to scold and deal with the whining and histrionics involved when its homework time. Both parties have pondered over its importance and its necessity and have ultimately submitted to this institution because it has been going on for ages.
Many have wondered why they should bother about completing their homework, and the only reason they could find was because it has been instructed so by their teachers at school and would have to deal with the punitive measures otherwise.
However, listed below are some crucial reasons as to why you need to complete and concentrate on your homework and not let it pile up over time?

  • It bridges the gap

For parents who have been wondering about why they should goad their kids to do their homework, this reason justifies it all. There are many parents who barely get to spend any time with their child and rarely know what’s happening in school.
For them, homework is the only time when they can focus on the needs of their children and bridge the gap between the parent and the child. You can ask your child about their day in school, what they learnt and so on before sitting down to do homework, together. Also, this allows you to organize and plan it better, so that your child is not overloaded with work.

  • Helps you learn

It is a no brainer that completing homework on a particular subject allows you to learn better about the subject. It helps your retentive memory so that you can remember well later. Moreover, any homework given before a lesson is taught helps you to learn and understand the topic better.
For example, if the teacher plans to teach a lesson in history, they might assign you to find out more about the age or period that incident had occurred so that you will be well acquainted with the period.

  • Practice makes one perfect!

It is truth well known that homework allows you to practice what has been taught in the class. The time limit of a class is really restricted and there not enough time to practice. Thus, homework is perfectly suitable for such a cause and it glues the concept to your mind, especially if it’s a science subject. For example, in maths, most of the time is taken up by the teachers to explain the concept to the students which leaves behind very little time to practice upon it. This is why teachers assign worksheets or a chapter to solve based upon that so that the students can grasp it better.

  • Prepares you for the reality

Homework makes a child organized and disciplined. It helps them to prioritize and use their senses to decide which is correct and which is wrong. Moreover, they learn about punctuality as well. These are some qualities which are much required in the grown up world and cultivating it from such a young age is crucial as it helps later in life.

  • Creates a supportive environment

When you are doing your homework, your parents and your sibling come along to help you with any problem when you are stuck. This helps to create a supportive learning environment which helps you to achieve bigger goals in life. Also, this learning environment allows you to concentrate better and get done with it quickly.

  • Pinpoints issues in your studying methods

That you have issues with understanding the concept or applying the concept to a problem is well presented when you do your homework. This allows you to find out those issues and redress it over time to score high in tests and in order to produce a flawless assignment. It also brings out nay mistake you might be making while preparing your lessons and helps you to address such matters.

  • Prepares you for upcoming tests

When you do your homework regularly, it reduces your preparation time right before your exam. Many students fear tests and exams because they do not do their homework diligently and thus have to sit at the last minute and prepare for it. Whereas, someone who does their homework regularly, will relax at the twelfth hour and only need to revise in order to prepare for their exams.
Gives the parents an idea about the quality of education provided
Parents are often seen wondering about their children being educated and the quality of the teachers at school. This can be solved by being more attentive to the homework being assigned to their children. Look at how much homework is being assigned and check the homework when it has been corrected to assess the quality of education being provided.
Teaches independence
Homework makes the students learn how to be independent. It allows them to solve their own problems independently and look at solutions themselves. Moreover, it allows them grow into more responsible adults as they learn to be responsible for their own work and their mistakes if they are unable to complete their homework.
To sum up, homework allows you to grow into a more responsible and mature adult when you grow up with an impeccable memory, if you continue to do your homework regularly.
Harmful effects: homework?
While listed above are some benefits which children experience, however, there are a few debatable issues which have been discussed over quite some time, about the children being assigned homework. Many teachers and parents feel that sometimes the children are overloaded with assignments which barely leave them with any time for other activities. After attending school for seven hours, they barely have any energy left to go home and do homework.
Moreover, devoting so much time to studies is not healthy for a growing child. Moreover, they have problems focussing for long hours and studying for such long hours can prove to be counterproductive. Also, they need to learn social etiquettes for which they need to socialize which after being assigned homework, barely leaves out any time.
Also, homework is supposed to help the children and cater to their learning needs; however, because of the large strength this cannot happen and mostly proves to be a burden on the children.
Get it done already!
Despite its various cons, homework is still a well followed practice in almost all schools. So, there is no escape from it. It is time you sit down and get it done. If you face any problem, you can always ask your parents or your siblings to help or get a tutor who will be able to resolve your problems. However, as a parent, you need to see is your child’s environment homework friendly? Find out and redress any issues with it to make conducive for learning.
You can even turn to online sites to seek help. There are various educational online sites available online which help children out with their homework and make them understand the subject thoroughly at the same time. They provide a thorough understanding of the basic concepts and are immensely helpful to children who take some time to understand.
So go ahead and get your homework done already and enjoy the free time available as you wish!
‘To get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.’