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There Is Electricity in the Human Body! Read on for More Fun Biology Facts

by Oct 2, 2016Biology

Are you struggling to goad yourself to study biology? Does it bore you to tethers? Are you looking at ways to make it interesting? Well, do you know that it takes only 7 seconds for the food that you consume to reach your stomach? Fascinating isn’t it? Well, there are many such other interesting facts as well. Biology is not simply about drawing well or learning about the anatomy of the human body or even cramming several parts of it. There are several facets of it which will blow your mind when you learn about it.
However, sitting down to complete an assignment or learning more about the subject can be pretty tricky. Nobody has that much of patience or is serious enough about it to continue studying it despite the various problems it possess. For such instances, you can seek help form your parents or sibling or go online. Online, there are various websites available which help you understand the lesson and also helps complete any homework at hand.
If you are still bored by biology, and need some way to pep it up, then listed below are some really fun facts which will certainly make you enthusiastic to learn more about the subject.
10 fun facts about the human body

  1. Get your blood vessels expanded

Every time you gain weight, you get seven miles of extra blood vessels added to your body. Fascinated much? Fat is formed in the form of new tissues for which new blood vessels are created to supply blood. This makes the heart work harder to supply blood to this new network and thus, the other tissues experience nutrient deficiency and less amount of oxygen. Similarly, when you lose fat, the blood vessels get reabsorbed.

  1. Measure your height in the morning

Have you ever thought why did you look taller in the morning as opposed to when you look at yourself in the mirror in the evening? Well, it is true that when you wake up in the morning, you are a half inch taller because of the presence of the excess fluid between your spinal discs. When you go through your day, these discs get compressed and the fluid gets out, whereas when you sleep it gets replenished.  So, sleep as much as you want to become taller!

  1. Your stomach gets a new lining

Your stomach produces a new lining of the stomach every three days to prevent your stomach from digesting itself. This is because the stomach consists of hydrochloric acid which is responsible for breaking down the food particles. Hydrochloric acid is a corrosive acid which when reacts with other materials like metals, corrodes it. However, it doesn’t happen so in the stomach. The mucous lining of the stomach restricts it to the food particles only.

  1. Boil a half gallon water with your body heat

Interesting isn’t it? Your body can heat up half a gallon of water in just thirty minutes from the heat it produces. This is because whatever you do get stored in your body as energy, whether you are sweating or eating or exhaling and since according to the law of thermodynamics, energy cannot be destroyed, it gets transformed and gets stored up in the tissues.

  1. Care for some bone strength?

The strength of human bones is unparalleled. When compared to concrete, human bones are four times greater in support strength. Moreover, a bone, the size of a matchbox can support up to 18,000 pound. However, it can break when too much pressure is exerted or suddenly pressure is exerted. Like any other material, bones too break when under a strain.

  1. Did you know that your skin is an organ?

Amazing isn’t it? Yes, that whole thing that covers your internal organs is an organ in itself! For an average man, the body comprises of approximately twenty square feet of skin whereas for an average woman it is approximately seventeen square feet. It contributes 12% to the entire body weight and generates around 45,000 or more cells in just a few seconds. It is the largest organ present and keeps on growing and shedding skin constantly.

  1. It is true! Your brain stopped growing at 18!

For people who think that you will grow wiser and generate more brain cells after you turn 18, well there’s bad news. Your brain stops growing after 18. Rather, you lose around 1000 brain cells every day and it just comprises of 2% of the body weight, that too by the grey matter. It uses approximately 20% of the overall energy produced by the body. It goes on functioning all throughout the day and even at night, when you are sleeping to maintain the regular functions it performs when you are awake.

  1. 206 or 350 bones?

Did you know that when you were born, you had 350 bones as a baby? No? Well, now you do. These bones fuse together, later, as you grow old to form the 206 bones in your body. Moreover, your body consist of over 600 skeletal muscles which have the power to pull a twenty ton resistance if all the muscles worked, contracted and pulled in the same direction.

  1. You have enough blood to fill 13 oil tankers

In your life, at the rate your heart works, it can pump enough blood to fill up thirteen super tankers. THIRTEEN! This is just when you are resting. Think about the times you are walking or even exercising. It just beats tice or thrice that fast. Also, if you drink a quart of water every day, for around four months, to produce the amount of blood your heart produces over one hour.

  1. Fart enough to create an atomic bomb

Yes! You read it right. Your fart has the capability to produce the energy required for an atomic bomb. This can be done when you consistently keep on farting for six years and nine months and find a way to accumulate it. Hard but quite interesting don’t you think?
These are just a few facts which will enthral you. Biology has some other facts which when you read will certainly make it more interesting. Like for example, did you know that when you bang your head on the wall, it requires approximately 150 calories? Who would have thought about calculating that?!
Hope these facts make the lessons on biology more interesting for you to pursue. Also, diligently complete your homeworkto know more wonderful facts about the human body which will again blow your mind for sure! So keep reading and for any help, you know where to look! So many professional websites is waiting for helping you.
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