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Why Assignments Should Be Seen as a Privilege for Civil Engineering Students?

by Sep 17, 2016Civil Engineering

To be honest, civil engineering is the most interesting subject that one can come across. Everything that we are a part of today is because of civil engineering. Fro, roads to newly built temples, you just have to name it. The creativity needed in civil engineering is something to be fascinated by. This is why assignments play a major role in building a civil engineering student’s career.
Not only civil engineers, in “How to convince a student to complete mechanical engineering assignments quickly?” we are going to discuss about the perks of being a mechanical engineer and the advantages of assignments.
Lack of Innovation:

With high-tech apps in use, the innovation are lacking a bit as machine oriented design has taken its place. It is obviously good to be tech-savvy but the clichéd drawing using your own imagination and viewpoint is missing.
With the introduction of numerous apps and exaggerated video tutorials defining the art, the scope of imagination has been narrowed down. You want to build a multi storied building, click on the app and BAM! The model of the building is now in front of you. It is easy and not at all time consuming but it will make it very dull and boring at one point of time.
The best thing to do is assign works for the students which will make them taste the reality and develop their acumen.

Sub-division of civil engineering subject and their assignments:
Civil engineering offers a vast field of specialization. Let us take a look at them and know how assignments can hone your skills.

  • Construction Engineering:

Civil engineering and construction sites can be looked upon as synonym to each other. The construction of any building cannot be completed without one or many civil engineers. Assignments can help them get an insight into the world of construction.
Assignments based on floor designs or modular kitchens are very popular. Assignments based on office based construction can also be considered.

  • Earthquake Engineering:

Now we all know earthquake can wreak havoc, causing mass death and damaging properties worth trillions. Assigning projects can be of great importance as it helps them relate to the problems caused by earthquakes and help construct buildings, roads, malls etc. keeping everything in mind.
Assignments can be of many types in this case, a construction based assignment combined with cost management will be of greater significance.

  • Water resources Engineering:

We all know about the importance of water, there is nothing new to talk about it. Water resources engineering should be looked at more seriously as they are the ones that can judge the quality and quantity of water to be used.
Assignments based on this can be very tricky as most of the students would like to have a more direct approach to this, by that I mean, students should be taken to places where water is pumped and should be provided with proper equipment so that they can test the quality of water.

  • Control Engineering:

Often neglected by many, products based on technology used by us depend on the control engineers. They test the desirability of the products and the output performance. This is not only exciting, it takes dedication and proper work ethics as the technology of any product depends on the control engineer and their decision whether to accept it or reject it.
Assignments given to the students will come in handy as they will not only gain experience but learn about the work ethics.

There are numerous branches of Civil engineeringand all of them require proper guidance, teaching and assignments. Assignments are part and parcel of every subject nowadays, it widens the scope and help students implement their thoughts and creativity rather than mugging up bookish knowledge. In “How to convince a student to complete mechanical engineering assignments quickly?” you can relate to this and how assignments can boost up Mechanical Engineering.Assignments can do a whole lot of good and keep you engage, though it can be tiresome and boring at times.
Perks of unique assignments and abolition of deadline:
It is a good habit to be on time and keep a strict schedule, but at times you cannot always stick to it. Assignments having deadlines are troublesome, it does more harm than good. A civil engineering student having to cope with assignments and personal chores can get frustrated and submit the assignment just for the sake of it. Abolishing deadlines will mean they will get enough time to get their heads in and submit the project with enthusiasm.
Unique assignments mean a different project to work on so that it doesn’t seem boring. It is often seen that same assignments are given to students’ year after year, making it utterly monotonous. Civil engineering is an interesting subject and a lot of new ideas can be thought.

Home-based assignment and group based:

At times taking assignments and doing them might seem tedious, irrespective of the desirability the project possesses. It is always good to have friends or a batch of students who are assigned projects to work on. This way the project will not only become interesting, it will also be more fruitful as their will be a lot more opinions and discussions giving the student a feel good factor.
How to make assignments less time consuming:

  • Oral assignments: Right now, every civil engineering students are in love with this. Proper questions and no need of writing make it a humdinger.
  • Drawings: This helps students enhance their drawing skills and they can use their own imagination.

With everything being told, assignments have always been the base of education. Not only civil engineering, in the various online professional websites you will show you the other side of different engineering like mechanical, electrical, electronics and so on. Proper assignments will encourage students enhance their skills and motivate them to work accordingly. It increases group coordination too. Do not run away from assignments as they will help you build your career.