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Who Will Help Me in My Homework? Questions Asked by Most of the Students

by Mar 13, 2017Homework Help

Being a student is not easy, and being an accomplished student is far a tough game. Let us learn to walk the tight rope. The sooner, the better!

Oh yes, the dilemma of existence. Come, take me over! Studies, exams, projects, assignments, all are a part of my existence. I am in school, have to work hard, prove myself, probably every day, and do my homework religiously.

It is easier said than done. With parents working round the clock to ensure a comfortable and leisurely existence, there is one thing which becomes little tricky, my homework assignments.  I think again – who will help me I my homework?

If these are your thoughts as well as a student, then don’t worry. Listing down below few tools and resources which can help you in sorting and doing your homework properly.

  1. Books

Books are always, and will always be your best friends. A lot of times, just by reading your course books twice or thrice can resolve your homework concerns easily. Come to think of it, no teacher will assign any homework which is beyond your capability.

  1. Learning Resources

Go online, just type ‘who will help me in my homework’ and there you go! There is a huge list of online portals which can help you in giving the right direction by illustrating a lot of videos and practical session.

  1. Try Apps

A lot of apps are available for free. Download anyone app on your Smartphone or desktop and get on with the homework part.

  1. Online Tutors

Apart from resources via YouTube and other video sites, you can always look for a great tutor online, by staying within the comfort of your house. They do charge, but look at the comfort and convenience they offer!

  1. Live Tutors

While pondering over who will help me in my homework, do not forget that tutors are available in person as well. Keep your eyes open, and settle for an efficient tutor.

  1. Feel free to walk up to your teachers

Pose the question – who will help me in my homework! Your teacher would definitely walk out of her comfort zone to assist you.

  1. Seek help

Parents, siblings, friends, most often help unconditionally. So seek their help, and try to get rid of the mental burden.

  1. Assess the situation yourself

Just see if you can sort the problems you are facing. Instead of asking – who will help me in my homework, just think – why don’t I accomplish it myself?

These are the few ways of seeking help from external resources. Now, I will talk about steps that you can take of your own and resolve your homework issues.

Maintain a Schedule

Try to get up by 6 am, study and read a bit, and then get on to the task of completing your assignment. Mornings are the best times to study and improve your understanding.

Exercise Often

Physical exercising is extremely important. Stay active and alert. This will not only improve your concentration, but will also enhance your ability to solve problems and challenges.

Avoid a lot of junk food

You know why? Junk food is all about carbohydrates and starch; hence it makes you lazy and lethargic. Try munching fruits and instead of wafers and cookies, eat nuts and dry fruit, albeit in lesser quantity. These food items will keep you brain and stomach light and body agile.

Do not get puzzled!

Who will help me in my homework!!! Really, it is not a national calamity. Take things little easy, and resolve your problems step by step.

Let me talk about a way of Resolving your problem step by step.

  1. List down the problem you are facing on a piece of paper
  2. Try to break down the problem further into few ‘Mini problems’
  3. Ask yourself at least five to six times – why this is a problem? Until, you have the final answer. Usually, at the fifth time of questioning, you will discover the root cause of your fears
  4. Now, list down the solution, step wise to ensure that the solution matches up with the problem. The solution has to be realistic and practically feasible.

Apart from doing all this, you can also carry and maintain a planner. Buy an attractive planner and use it well! Along with that students can also check out for posts like How to do homework- Quick and effective steps to follow to grab better knowledge about the subject.

Look for feedback. Ego will also stop you from acquiring knowledge. So be humble, look for feedback from people around you and ensure that you take it in the right spirit.

Do not depend a lot on technology though. Be a proactive leaner, pick good traits, listen actively, and most of the times, your homework will be done sooner than you can think.

Most importantly, if someone around you ask ‘who will help me in my homework’, then say “ME’.