The dark ages are over already! Might of the sword is on a decline. It is education and technology that rules the Earth. Are things really in shape? Or is future in doldrums because of lack of wisdom?

Common sense is a great thing to possess. The problem arises when people have to deal with people with lesser common sense. Chaos and conflict take over, and instead of arriving at solutions, we end up creating trouble.The question, how do we teach common sense? Especially in the field of education, where patience is highly important.

Take, for example, if a student is not geared up for computer classes, how does an Educator motivate him or her? Or, how does a teacher make sense of Algebra & Geometry?

Education does not mean that we ask students to learn something; it means that we make them understand why they should learn something. For this to happen, it is imperative that teachers understand why they teach a specific subject.Educating the Educators should be the primary purpose of any educational establishment. Apart from being exceptionally knowledgeable, a teacher should be well equipped to handle a variety of situations and people.

How can teachers be trained to support all students equally in a tech-focused world?

As teachers, Academicians and Educators deal with students and parents ranging in a broad spectrum, it becomes the primary duty of any school, college or institution to raise the bar of wisdom for them.

  1. Take them for outdoor meetings, conferences and excursions

This way, teachers and educators will gain more knowledge and expand their thinking matrix. If this looks little heavy, they can always have a lunch away from the school or college. This will serve as muchthey need refreshment.

  1. Encourage them to participate in activities

Be it a Sports Day or a Cultural gathering, teachers should always keep the doors open for participation and involvement. This will keep teachers occupied and will also make them more social and patient.

  1. Encourage group discussions, ideas and meetings

This is essentially brainstorming. A progressive and constructive discussion will remove doubts from their minds and will also give teachers more confidence to speak and handle different people.

  1. Ask teacher to read more

A teacher’s mind is like a parched land, and no amount of water (wisdom) should quench their curiosity. Challenge teachers; question them more often, so that they seek answers themselves as well. Encourage reading habits, and an everyday supply of newspapers and books within the campus is a must.

  1. Teachers should learn to take decisions

Teachers should not be control freaks, and neither should they fear the authority of their supervisors. They job is to learn and make others learn, any unnecessary expectation will serve as a burden. Remember, creativity and freedom goes hand in hand.

  1. A Counselor/Psychiatrist should be available

Since teachers deal with a lot of young and fragile minds, they often stay stressed. It is imperative that they have easy access to psychiatric help. If not a Psychiatrist, a Counselor, who is patient enough to listen to their problems will help in a big way.

  1. Ask them to pen down their thoughts

In case the teacher feels shy about talking about the challenges, they can always write.

  1. Organize periodic trainings and meetings

Trainings on a variety of subjects and topics related to soft skills will boost their morale in a big way. Soft skill trainings like Time Management, Motivation, Stress management, Conflict Management will sort out a lot of matters for them.

These are few out of the box ideas for teachers.

Since this is a tech focused world, they need to be on the top of their game. Help teachers is assessing their understanding of technology before they teach anything to students later.Rewards and Recognition for teachers who were exemplary in handling students should be a routine in any school. This will increase their level of empathy, and will also make them step out of their comfort zone to help students.Teachers should be encouraged to study further. There is no end to learning, and a regular job should not stop them from pursuing their passion.

Coming to passion, teachers should also be encouraged to spend their free time in learning something creative or new. Say a Teacher, who wishes to learn French, should be allowed to attend French classes! This will be exciting not just for both teachers in the classroom, but also for the students.

Parting thought

With advent in technology and science, the exposure in every field has gone global. Teachers should be least stressed, as they play a key role in building and shaping centuries. Hope the pointers mentioned above will help the teachers to gain confidence and to get support to deal with all the students equally.

Remember that the mind can either worry or learn.

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