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Which Is More Important? – Homework or Play?

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By Phillip L'Hoette
25 May, 2017
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Student life has different aspects, out of which two most important are – playing and studying. Sometimes they feel what to do because they don’t work in an organized manner. There play time clashes with homework time. They have some passion and interest which they want to follow. But teachers and parents pressurize them for completing their study.

Positive points of playing games

Both indoor games and outdoor games help the student a lot.

  1. A major reason, you should leave your child to play for sometime is a physical exercise which is very much required in their age. They will grow fast. Obesity will be in control as it may result into many other diseases like fatigue, heart-related problem, excessive body weight etc. these diseases are very dangerous
  2. Now a day, students are busy in playing a video game or other mobile app related games. This causes damage in their eyes at a very small age which is not good at all.
  3. Playing outside help brain cell development. According to a survey done by researchers, students who play the outdoor game have better IQ than those who play indoor games.
  4. If a child is not good at education and you are forcing him to study rather than playing games like cricket, basketball, football etc., there is chances that he may become a very good cricketer, basketball player or football player.
  5. If your child is very good at playing video games or app-based game, he/she can become a better technical person in video game field. He/she will know what children love and make their video game accordingly. They will know what are the technical issues faced by players and become good video game tester.
  6. By forcing him to study only and not following his/her passion, you are actually destroying his/her future. If he/she is allowed to play and become what he/she wanted to then he/she will be happy and will always respect their parents and teachers who had supported him/her in achieving his career goal.
  7. Playing indoor games like the app-based game, carom, chess, or video games help the child to increase his/her concentration power. Their eye contact and eye capturing capacity increase. According to a research, army people in the US are motivated to play video games based on shooting to increase their instincts.
  8. It relaxes their mind. They feel energetic to perform any task. The Even boring task they can perform easily if they are allowed to play games.

Advantages of doing homework regularly

Homework or assignment is the part of the topic given by the teacher to the student for regular practice. Following are some of the advantages of performing homework regularly.

  1. Practice makes a man perfect. It will help the student to memorize their topic learned in the school.
  2. It will save you from tension which you face before the exam because when you are performing homework, you had already learned about the topic and your revision is done beforehand.
  3. Tension will create an only mess and if you are not doing homework regularly and start your revision just one day before the exam, there are chances that you can’t perform well in the exam.
  4. If you are not performing homework on time, there are chances that you may not be able to understand the concept later. Like in math, concept understanding is very important. If you are completing your homework in time, it will allow you to do proper research about the topic and understand it.
  5. But if you are neglecting homework, there are chances that you will lag and the burden will increase and you will not get time for research. You will copy homework from your fellow classmates and will not understand the concept.
  6. The burden will keep on increasing and there is a chance that you may receive fewer marks in your exam.
  7. It helps you to learn problem-solving Like you will receive homework of many subjects. You need to prioritize your work and work accordingly. Same thing when you encounter any problem, you need to break it into small pieces and prioritize the problem and solve it accordingly.
  8. You may get in contact with study circle of students. This will help you to shape your personal skill and interaction skill with other peoples. You will learn the courtesy to talk in front of other people. You will make many friends.
  9. Your homework will help you to earn your teacher’s attention in the class. You can get good marks in the exam.
  10. You will be recognized among your fellow classmates. In everyone’s life, recognition is very important, especially student’s mind is in growing stage.
  11. Lack of recognition and importance can make the introvert and they will become shy to talk to anyone. They will stop interacting with others and will become socially awkward.

How to manage both?

Both are equally important in student’s life. For managing both, parents and teachers need to take important steps in student’s life. These are some steps: –

  1. Time management

Time management is very important in everyone’s life. It is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to make student learn the importance of time at a small age. This will help them to learn the importance of time and how to manage it.

  1. Understanding

Parents, and teachers both need to understand that both are important in child’s life and allow them to follow both.

Hope now the readers have come to an conclusion that both “homework and play”, both the equally important for students.

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