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What Are the Best Excuses to Avoid Computer Science Project?

by May 25, 2017Computer Science

In school, projects are usually handed late by the teachers. Thus, it becomes impossible for the student to complete it within the given deadline. The student looks for excuses in order to avoid being punished. And if it is a computer science project, which includes design, programming, theories and analysis, the whole thing becomes very difficult to submit with in short time.

If you are having problems with your computer science project and want to get rid of those difficult designing and development of application based software, then this post might help you up to some extent. You must use some excuses that sound like a plausible reason like blaming technology by which you can avoid computer science projects. You must try to deliver an excuse in a believable way.

Here, we have compiled a list of the few excuses that you may try for avoiding difficult, time consuming and hard computer science projects.

  • Technology can be blamed

Blaming technology is one of the most believable and easiest excuses. You can say your printer broke, computer crashed, you internet is not fast, etc. Most people, including your teachers experience setbacks because of technological problems. This excuse is great in case you have a paper that needs to be typed and printed.

All computer science projects consist of homework that needs to be done online. You can thus say, your internet connection has been cut out, thus you won’t be able to complete the project.

Sometimes claiming that your printer has stopped working can lead you in trouble because your teacher might request you to email your project. Thus, before giving any excuse it is important to make it plausible.

  • Consideration of family’s situation

Another way to avoid computer science projects is by using family situation to your advantage. If you have divorced parents, for example, you can claim you were at your mom’s place for a few days, and you have forgotten to bring your computer or your project’s task and has left them with your dad this weekend.

There are many teachers who are compassionate to children from divorced families. If you have a younger sibling you can also claim you need to babysit your sibling and you hardly get any time for yourself, thus won’t be able to take such time consuming projects.

  • Illness can be blamed

You can claim that you are not keeping well for a few days and not being able to get any work done, as you don’t want to miss your school you are coming to school. There is a high chance that your teacher taking pity with you and cancel your computer science project.

But before giving this excuse, try to look sick so that your teacher believes you. However, some teachers require a note from parents in case of illness. If you feel your teacher might demand proof of sickness, then it’s better to avoid this excuse.

  • Claim that computer science is not your cup of tea

You can say something like, you can’t understand the project, but you tried really hard to understand your project and would like to have an appointment with teacher in order to understand the given project, may save you from doing the project alone, you will be able to receive your teacher’s help in doing the project.

Every teacher’s job is to help his or her student to understand a given subject. Your teacher may appreciate your willingness to learn if you claim you are not being able to understand. If you seem genuinely interested in learning, but fail to learn, your teacher himself might avoid assigning you with that particular project.

  • Schedule can be blamed

You can claim that you had a very busy schedule; you were engaged in many extracurricular activities and projects of other subjects. If you are really a sincere student, this can work, your teacher can take pity on you in case he or she can be belied that you are genuinely busy.

But in case you are not busy, and don’t get involved in extracurricular activities, you mustn’t use this excuse.

  • Don’t play dumb

It is important to consider your teacher’s personality before lying. This will impact on your deliverance of excuse. In case your teacher is very strict, it may be that, you need to answer a lot of questions.

Don’t claim that you have forgotten your project deadline. This excuse will not work at all and is more likely to backfire you. If you find difficulty in giving excuses, it is better you tell the truth, there is a chance that your teacher may appreciate your use of truth rather than unbelievable excuses.

  • Excuses should be kept short and to the point

While making up an excuse, you must keep your story short and to the point. If you go into excessive details it might end up turning suspicious, thus it is important that you stick to only important details, if your teacher wants you to be specific, try to improvise as needed but excessive details should be avoided.

After giving your excuse, try to jot down some of the details, this is helpful in case you need to improvise while the laying process. Lies tend to get detected because of changes in the story line over time.

I hope these excuses might help you to avoid your computer science project. But, it is recommended that you use the truth, your teacher will surely understand your problems and will help you accordingly.