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What Should Be the Factors That You Should Avoid While Executing Your Homework?

by Apr 19, 2017Homework Help

When we have something we have anything interesting to do, we complete it or perform it with complete concentration. But in its place, you have the work of executing your homework; your attention span can shrink even smaller than the attention span of a toddler. And even if you explain and make yourself ready to sit and execute your work, there may be a maximumchance that you may not complete it within time. Well, it has a simple and clear answer – distraction.

Let us discuss about few distractive elements and how you should avoid them to completeyour homework on time.

6 Factors to avoid when executing your homework

  1. Gadgets

Gadgets have always been considered as one of the primary reasons by parents that break the concentration of students. In earlier times, it was limited just to televisions and radios, but with technological evolution, gaming consoles, iPod, iPad and much more have joined in the distractive group. Then again few things never change, and few elements always remain the reason that comes to stand as an obstruction between you and your homework.

  1. TV and PC

As I stated earlier, TV and computer have always been the sources which attract the attraction of students. In order to complete your homework on time, you need to break the shackles of these mind diverting objects.

  1. Smartphones

For the present generation and definitely with a smart technology like this, you can easily scroll through various educational pages that can help you for the preparationof your exam and also in your homework. But if you are honest with yourself, you too will agree to the fact that while using smartphones for study purposes, you do get distracted. These distractionsmainly appear in the form of social network or chatting apps. Before you realize that you have to pay attention to your homework and get it completed, your maximum time will be lost.

  1. Musical instrument and radio

Music is definitely called the food for a soul. But this food can be highly expensive in terms of your time and attention. You may think that music can tone down the feeling of monotony when you are executing your homework, but in reality, it just does the opposite. A catchy music will quickly grab your attention whereas any music of tranquil quality will make you drowsy. Similar is the case with musical instruments too.

While executing your homework, try to keep these objects out of your mind, your sight and definitely out of your reach. If you don’t see them, you will not have the urge to use them and waste your time.

  1. Studying in open areas

Most people advice that studying or completing homework in an open area like arooftopor on the balcony is a good option. Thisallows you to breathe free, thereby helpingyou to concentrate on your given work. But this is a completely wrong notion. Studying in thebalconyor in drawing room will only help your mind to drift away to some other thoughts aside to your studies.

  1. Executing homework in messy rooms

In most cases, students are advised to study in separate rooms for better concentration, and the same advice is for homework execution too. But it is not possible for everyone to have separate study rooms. If you do not have such place, you can take full advantage of your bedroom. But make sure that your room is not messy or cluttered.

If you are trying to complete your homework in your study room, make sure that your table is clean, and your books and pens are arranged in their designated place. In the same way, if you are planning to start with your homework in your bedroom, it is essential that your bed is made and your belongings are not scattered. A clean room subconsciously helps your mind to focus on the work which you are doing in that specific time.

  1. Break up with internet connection

Although the internetis considered as one of the most important sources from where we can get all the required information, it is better to refrain its companionship when doing any important work.

But it is also true that without its help, homework completion is difficult. It is better that you note down all the required information before you finally sit to complete your homework. In this way, you can utilize its assistance (internet) without allowing it to be an element of mind diversion.

You can also consult Learn the correct procedure to study for your exams to get a fair idea of the way to deal with exams.

  1. Tick tock… Stay away from clock

Who doesn’t count the minutes when doing homework? When I was a kid, I did it. And most of you will agree that at some point, you too wait earnestly for the clock to strike the hour of freedom from your homework. The presence ofa clock means your mind and eyes being constantly fixated on it. Neither will you be able to focus your complete attention on your given work, nor can you expect accuracy even if you completed it.

For better result, it is advisable that you choose a room that has no clocks in it or executes your homework in your own room and put the clock outside.

  1. Don’t study with distractive friends

If you want to know what serious distraction is, a noisy companion will easily win a trophy! A group study is no doubt beneficial as you can easily share your subject or homework related doubts with your friends. But the selection of study partners is an important factor that you need to consider the most. A distractive friend is a time killer, both for themselves and for you as well.

Well, these are few of the important factors that you should consider and avoid before you sit to execute your homework.