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Economics Assignment Tips

Learn the Correct Procedure to Study for Your Exams

by Apr 19, 2017Test Help

When I say that exams will be your constant companion, believe me, it’s the truth. Not just only in your academic life, exams will constantly be your companion in your professional life too. Being a student in my early days, I had to strive to achieve to secure good grades constantly. The reason was always the same – incorrect study method.

But at this present time, let us talk about the correct procedure with whose help you can study effectively for your exams and become the ace student of your class.

Top 8 study procedure that will help you prepare for your exam

  1. Take a look, review your syllabus

Exams will always take place at their estimated date. What is important that you know what exactly the requirement of your subject is? You can easily figure it out when you take a quick look through your syllabus.Many students think that by reading a certain portion of their subject, they can score good grades. Do not make such assumptions!

You have to remember that your exam is not a game of dice. Instead of beating the bush, go through all the topics in your syllabus. The best option would be to study for at least an hour per day to keep your exam stress at bay. And this process will also give you adequate time to prepare for your exam.

  1. While studying, keep enough time in hand

“Don’t give up.”

This phrase is generally used when we want to encourage somebody who seemsto give up with their constant struggle to a good seemingly good result. When we can give this same advice to someone else, why not use it on ourselves? Instead of sweating out to the worry of how to complete your exam preparation, it is better that youkeep enough time in your hand.

Take a sheet, set your timetable and paste it in your study room where it is clearly visible. While creating a timetable,allot extra time for each subject so that you can keep some additional time for revision.

  1. Get… Set… and Organize

A cluttered room can never be your ideal place where you can study with complete concentration. Apart from that, if your study table is overflowing with papers, notes, or books of another subject, not only will you get the space to keep your textbooks but also you will get distracted. So, before you waste your precious time by getting distracted, it is better to organize your study area before you finally sit to study.

  1. Get your old exam papers out and practice

Taking help from notes or from reference books are definitely an added advantage when preparing for exams, but there is another option too with whose addition you can make your preparation better. If you are preparing for your half yearly exams or your final exams, you can take the help of previous question papers.

Even if you don’t have one, you can easily find them out over the internet. Examination practices from these question papers help you understand the question format and even give an inkling of what to expect in your upcoming exams.

  1. Take a helping hand… group study!

Studying alone is a good idea as it gives you the chance to concentrate on your subject better. But studying in a group has its advantage too. When you study with friends, you can ask questions and clear your doubts. Also, it cuts the intensity of monotony that a student faces while studying alone.

  1. Be a teacher… Explain

From childhood, we have heard a fact that if we can explain an answer to others, we will never forget it. I believe this statement to be true… well, except the ‘never forget it’ part. But the main aspect of this statement is that explaining subject related term or answer to your fellow classmate or friends will help you to remember better. Apart from this, it will also help you by pointing out the areas where you need to focus more.

And if you want to know how to utilize your cent percent concentration during exam preparation, you can go through, “What should be the factors that you should avoid while executing your homework?”

  1. Take visual aid and of flowcharts

Have you ever realized that you could remember a song or mimic a fight movebetter than your subject? For most people, the answer would be yes. This is because reading a topic is considered to be a boring work. For those instances where you find that your brain can’thandle more of the study pressure or you feel that your mind cannot grasp more information, you can go for visual aid.

Take some rest and when you start studying, use markers or highlighters to call attention to the important facts which you think necessary for your exam preparation. You can do the same with the help of flowcharts and diagrams too.

  1. Gulp… Have some water

Taking a break is a good way to give your mind and body a break from constant subject preparation and study. But apart from it, you have to make sure that both your body and mind stays hydrated. Drinking plenty of water provide the necessary nutrients and minerals that will protect your brain from lagging.

The next time when you sit to study and prepare for your exam, try out these procedures. I’m sure that these procedures will help you in the same way it had helped me in my college life.

Till then, prepare and fare thee well!