What Is My Homework Today And How To Do It On Time?

Homework, one of the most dreaded terms by students of all time. It has troubled students since the beginning of the educational system. However, it is also a term that has not elapsed over the time. The educational system has changed as manner of teaching has evolved. But homework has stayed there since forever.

Whatever we are taught, needs practice and this is what the homework helps us to do. However, students dread even the thought of sitting for their daily homework or assignments. “What is my homework today?” This very question torments the students.

About Homework and its Importance:

As an educational counselor, I have frequently been asked by students as well as their parents, what is the need of homework? Well, to be specific, there are many! In simple words, homework is a task that is given to be completed at home by the students or the learners.

The purpose is –

  • To let the students go through what has been taught in the class
  • To help the students find out the areas that they find troubles in
  • To make the students think, delve deep into the chapter or topic and clear their doubts.

Students are often encouraged to use their free time or the time after school, wisely through their homework sessions. How to go through reference books, how to develop better learning and reading skills and how to use resources, libraries, reference books as well as study materials from the website and others, are also indirectly helped through homework.

How Much Homework is good for you?

One of the persistent questions of parents as well as students is how much homework is good for them. Well, there is a thumb rule that can make it easy for the teachers as well as students to understand this. Multiply the grade of the student by 10, and you will get the minutes that the student needs to do the homework.

Thus, a 1st-grade student will get only 10 minutes of homework, and 6th-grade student will get 60 minutes of homework, and this will continue till high school.

Now that you have known about how much homework is best for you, it is now time to understand the different types of homework, so that you can understand what is my homework today!

Different Types of Homework:

Homework can be of different kinds. Some of the common ones include –

  • Memorizing something (vocabulary, question, and answers)
  • Solving mathematical problems
  • Writing essays, reviews
  • Researching on a topic of history, science, etc.
  • Doing projects and experiments
  • Collecting items and other practical tasks
  • Practicing sums, grammar, and vocabulary at home.

These are the most common homework types. As you start thinking what is my homework today, you will find these types of homework most frequently.

How to do your Homework?

As soon as you have known, what is my homework today, you need to start your homework at once. I would personally recommend, plan your homework in advance. This will help you to work in an organized manner. Along with being an educational counselor, I am also a mother of a 5th-grade child.

When my son comes back from school, the first thing that I do as a parent is going through his homework. I do that on my own. It helps me to plan out when I will give company to my son to help him execute his homework. When he is done with his meal, we sit together and make a plan of all his homework due next day or next week.

My homework planner includes –

  • Subject
  • Chapters
  • Date of submission of homework
  • Time needed to complete
  • Time to start doing homework
  • Take breaks
  • Type of homework
  • Things needed.

With this chart filled, my son is only one step away from doing his homework.

“How To Get Homework Done Fast?” There are some easy tricks available.

Along with that, I prepare him to make his homework time easy and comfortable. For that, he checks what is my homework today and then follows some other steps. Here are they for your help.

  1. Make your study table:

A study table must have all the books and stationeries that the student might require while studying. It should not be a place to dump the books and notebooks; rather a place to find all things needed.

  1. Get reference books and study material:

While doing homework, one may need assistance from reference books or study materials that are available online. Hence, before starting the work, the student must collect them all, so that he/she doesn’t have to waste time in collecting them.

  1. Get assistance:

There can be situations when you might not be in a condition to complete your tasks. However, the deadlines are fixed and non-changeable. Even if you are failing to understand a problem and solve it, you might not be able to complete your tasks on time. In that case, you can get assistance from a skilled professional, who will be able to complete your homework on your behalf.

There are many professional academic help service websites that can guide you thoroughly regarding your homework. As soon as you know what is my homework today, you can get in touch with them. They will provide you with professional academic help that will be useful for the student to submit the homework on time.

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